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    My background <3 I love my holy priest and this artwork is simply stunning
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    The All Blacks logo to support my team through the Rugby World Cup.

    Usually it's the Tardis

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    Because none of Windows 7 themes interest me, I'm looking, but currently I got this off someone here:

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    My cat, on all my computers =D

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    It's just a black opaque background.

    No worries, I am truly as dull as my background!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sotgar View Post
    Where did you get that image? Could you link it?
    Searched on google but I can't find it.
    Sorry for the late reply.

    Here you go:

    Edit: Fixed.
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    I think the easiest way to make people happy would be to nerf the target dummy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightc2k View Post
    Jesus christ you are at like extreme badass status right now. Im so jealous. Id use it, but i wont since it was somebody else's idea first. Anyways mine is one at this website artofgregmartin or something like that. Called Neptune Skies.

    On a side note, 150 posts woo!
    You get 500 internets from me.

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    Please use the already existing thread. =)!

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