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    I would like to check this server out if there are still available slots!
    MC Username is Branden024

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    Looking for an invite also. Thanks! MC name = WrongKind

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    Um just wondering what the sever ip so i can join it or if it isnt a server then why am i reading this forum thread?

    Ive really got to rethink my life

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    Oh and MC name is Demon5491

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    Is it still possible to get an invite for Cursecraft? I tried joining but didn't have permissions to do anything.


    MC username is justinbuster1. Please!
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    I wonder if this world still excists? Was once a builder on it, and would dream of returning with my freidn but the cursecraft website only speaks of PvP servers. There is no view of survival (unless you changed survival to PvP now, don't know.) nor creative mode on their site.

    Any admin to fill with an update of what is going on?

    NOTE: Seems I was on, not com.
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    Neeto, invite please

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    So are the curse servers still up and running?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Difuid View Post
    So are the curse servers still up and running?
    I bought the game a few days ago and I'd love to come and take a look as well!
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    If it's still up I'd like an invite.

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    Same question. However i wonder how the sever looks like after 3 years running

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    I would like an invite if possible. I joined a MP server a while back but ended up leaving after some kids got on and wiped out a build I spent 4 weeks on cause it was "funny".

    MC: Pmcd84
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    Well, i would want to hop on the invite train here.

    MC: W1shm42ter
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    I would like an invite!My minecraft username is SovietRyan
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