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    My mage. Just to be different.

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    My mage. Just to be different.
    Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned Battlemage.

    This is mine, I've been tinkering for a while trying to come up with a decent set, because it's almost impossible when playing any cloth wearer.

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    Here's what i hope to transmog to when the new tier set comes into play.

    I call it 'You're a wizard Harry'


    Looks good for majority of races, apart from male orc and male Undead, the hood/cape thing (Anyone know what actual gear slot it is? I think the tier set helm but it shows up on the model viewer regardless with the cape selected) is quite dodgy there. I really like it on the Goblins, majority of transmog looks horrible on them but this looks and feels good to me, at least. With the new casting animations, this set looks more and more appealing if you're looking for that magic user feel for a transmog.

    Mantle of Prestidigitation Mythic also works for the shoulders if you don't have the challenge mode shoulders.
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    Well, conceived this Indiana Jones lookalike for the Trial of Style initially, but kinda stuck with it further on since it's kinda funny.

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    Hard to find a good shoulder look for a fire mage with Female Worgen that don't look stupidly over sized. But this is my current Fire Mage look:
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    Probably have to hunt for a better tunic in full black, but I kinda like the overall look for the arcane mage theme with blue and pink/purple.

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    Recently started playing my Mage a lot more, quite like this set

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    Can't find anything better than this. I hate robes on male human characters.


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