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    Blood Elf or Goblin

    Hey guys, Padawan here. Thinking about Race changing from orc, i just don't like it anymore. My character was born on 8-15-2005 when i was 10 so i dont really like the big hulking behemoth anymore.

    I like Blood Elves, and i think that Arcane Torrent would be highly beneficial so that way i can keep my two points in Thunderstruck. (a 3 stacked Shockwave hits harder than shield slam for me (without shield block) non critical so i love this talent for threat.) But on the otherhand everytime i do pulls with caster mobs, unless i go up to his face and pummel him which takes way too much time where im not gaining threat on the rest of the mobs, then i am not successfully tanking the casters because they dont come with the groups.

    Or i can go Goblin, and gain the Rocket gloves (extra threat) with which i would make a macro so i can rocket gloves one target and toss another, if its off GCD. and the Rocket jump (so i can be like spiderman and be suuuper mobile) ALso i think Goblins have a slight aesthetic advantage with the higher polygon models. but i dunno about the short factor.


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    Blood elves look awesome in Warrior gear.
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    I'd say goblin cause you also get a nice mobile bank and discount on stuffs plus their mount is cooler they are cooler themselves and rocket jump is awesome. it's also just fun to be small and still own people.

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    Blood elf!

    Fabulous hair
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    I'd go goblin personally. Even blizzard is saying their racials are slightly more "powerful" than the other classes, and I think they look better than BE's anyways. BE's look nice, but eh, if I played horde, I'd rather not be... pretty.

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    rocket gloves are, sadly, on the gcd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scalebane View Post
    rocket gloves are, sadly, on the gcd.
    True, but... How many ranged attacks do warriors have?

    On the GCD or not, it's still more ranged threat/dps than they had before. And if it saves their taunt for a few more seconds, it could come in pretty handy.

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    Have you considered Tauren? You said you don' like the big ones, but war stomp is a godsend. Its better than arcane torrent in that it stuns but has a short cast time. Plus they get a little bit more health.
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    Being a goblin or gnome warrior is a truly unique experience. You get to not be as large as most of your weapons! Goblins have way better animations than blood elfs imo, they're such a fun race.

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    i'd do blood elves cause they're so much better looking, but goblins wud be better for ur needs.

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    Blood elf. I've yet to meet a nice goblin player since Cataclysm beta. Its like all the dbags migrated from their undead rogues to goblin anythings.
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    Blood elf because they're Xxtehehehe^_^xxQTpies.

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    I'd say blood elf because goblins are just way too short. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffyjimbob View Post
    I'd go goblin personally. Even blizzard is saying their racials are slightly more "powerful" than the other classes, and I think they look better than BE's anyways. BE's look nice, but eh, if I played horde, I'd rather not be... pretty.
    haste for a prot warrior? mobile bank, meh, jeeves ftw :P not great anyway, best deals anywhere is the same as being exalted with every faction, which is possible, the rocket jump is nice movement utility though, or the rocket belt for pulling, but i'd hardly personally say their racials are all that special

    on topic: i'd prefer a female blood elf of those 2 races (my own warrior is forsaken)

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    female tauren because they are sexy

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    Thanks for the input, and i went with Blood Elf. More people were saying Blood Elf, and i know there are not many Blood Elf Warriors and a lot of Globins out there. Thanks for the positive feedback and not any of the "IDIOT STAY ORC! ORC COOL!" posts.

    Also, I am an engineer and do have jeeves, so i dont need the bank, not that i ever use the bank anyway. Im exalted with Org so my repairs are always cheap, which is what i only really spend gold on now, with the exception of the auction house, but i wish i could get a discount there.

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    Goblins = cool
    Belfs = ga...sexually confused

    In game wise the rocket jump will benefit you much more as tank than the silence (shockwave is gud for that too for non bosses, as i know, dont have warri)

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    If you're min/maxxing, Goblin > Blood Elf. Goblin's 1% attack/casting speed is pretty good as far as racials go - probably not better than Blood Fury (or even Berserking), but whatever. Arcane Torrent is only marginally useful in PvE.

    If you plan to PvP, I'd expect both races are a decent choice. Rocket Boots (or w/e they're called) are great, but I wouldn't expect them to be so crucial for a warrior since you already have a lot of gap closers.

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    If you care at all about racials, go Goblin.

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