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    What is Minecraft?

    Yes, I know what it is, but never know how to answer that question. So I always answer "It's like a cheap hooker, it'll be what you want it to be".

    Well it's a lot easier to say than...

    Minecraft is a building game that has monsters in it and you have to mine the materials to build things. Or you can have everything and no monsters, so you just build. It's a single person multiplayer game....... well you get the jist.

    So how do you answer the question, What is Minecraft?

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    It's a game where you mine and craft.
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    There's already a thread like this, might be worth having a look at it, quite a few replies there already


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    aye just seen it.... move along nothing to see here

    Please close or what ever mods do

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    i find it easier to say 'its like lego but with more features'

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