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    [Music] another EDM thread

    yep i know. im on the bandwagon. after hours of research and trying to understand the 50 sub genres(who made all these up, really?). ive determined i mostly like electro and electro house. Daft Punk is too vanilla for me. from sampling some stuff, i like :

    Martin Garrix
    Knife Party
    The Prodigy
    Rob Zombie EDM remix stuff

    would be cool if anyone could suggest stuff like it would be great! thanks in advance
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    Probably the best set he's done so far, but I don't follow Hardwell, couldn't get into Ultra 2014 and Tomorrowland 2014. Even Armin was pretty shit in comparison to Ultra 2013 where Armin smashed it.

    But Hardwell is mainly EDM, and some of Tiesto's recent mixes/sets are very "EDM-y"

    David Guetta aswell, although his stuff is mainly shitty club music.

    Just look at festivals such as Ultra and Tomorrowland, alot of EDM/Electro house artists go to them.
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    The Jack Ü album that Skrillex and Diplo released recently is quite nice. I'm usually not a trap fan but it works surprisingly well with this release


    My personal favourites

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