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    I didn't learn about coal/making torches right away; I just new that bad things came in the night, and could climb in/shoot through windows and such. And there weren't beds in the game yet, so I dug myself a little cave, blocked the entrance in with dirt, and made a little hole in the ceiling over a pit so I could see when the sun came up. Then I spent a long and desolate night hiding from the bad things while I willed the sun to rise!

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    My first day I remember cutting down trees and stuff, I built the smallest house ever (probably about 2x2 space to walk around in). After I built it I was really happy with it and went exploring, I lost my house but found a creeper pretty obvious what happens after that. After that I built a new house and spent a couple of days on it, then I came across my old house on the beach.

    Fun stuff ^^
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    Minecraft should be labelled a Horror game.

    I found an underground cave, filled with delights such as Gold, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, and even Diamonds! Just one problem: Skeletons. Zombies. Endermen. And fucking Creepers.

    At one point I was digging quite contently, mining some coal, when a Creeper drops right on my fucking head. You can guess what happened next. I literally screamed so loud. D:

    I have since put the game on Peaceful and have no intention of bringing the monsters back. :<

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    to not get lost:

    - build high 1 block towers to top of the world if you go out for exploring
    - make a compass, needs 4 iron and 1 redstone dust (it will point to spawnpoint)
    - build a bed asap and use it so the next time you die you will spawn in your house
    - make a map ( 8 paper and a compass in middle)

    when in caves:
    - always put torches on your left side of the room only. When you return only follow torches on the right side of the room.
    - bring blocks that are not generally seen in caves, like glass, and use them to mark your way.
    - use signs (1 stick with 6 wooden blocks above)

    on my first day i mainly remember the endless options i thought there were to build things. When i made a crafting bench i thought there had to be larger ones too with like 5x5 building places, and that i could build very very many things. :P
    It ruined a bit of the fun when i discovered the minecraft wiki.

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    My first day I spent on a friend's server, who had some type of mod that could spawn items for you. I spawned myself a diamond shovel and pick axe, and went to town. I found a lake, and made a building mostly of glass down to the bottom...them kept digging and clearing. I built an entire underground 'castle' of sorts in one night. Next morning I log in, and everyone's freaking out at the place. I'd apparently built more in one night than the server mods had done the entire time they'd played lol. I eventually made TNT and blew out all of the blocks between my place and the water, so I had a nice underwater city.

    The first time I played single player, I think I died at least 3 times every night >.> The map I spawned didn't have a large body of water readily available from the start, so I decided to build on solid ground for once. I didn't survive long.

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    I spent my first Minecraft day out on some plains with a few trees and nothing else. I was talking to someone on MSN at the time and asking what the heck I needed to do. So he guided me through the basics of chopping down some wood and whatnot. I seemed pretty pleased when I'd cut down a few trees, but then I noticed it was getting dark and I freaked out a bit. I asked what to do and I was told to hide, so I ran off to find a place I could indeed hide.

    Eventually I found a darkish cave with some coal, managed to make some torches and lit the inside up as instructed. I hid in my little cave, but I had no door, so eventually I had to watch in horror as a mob of zombies marched into my cave, trapped me and mauled me to death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleggy View Post
    I kinda spoilt my 1st day because i watched a few yogcast video's.
    same here, watched some yogscast and looked up most of the crafting recipes so I wouldn't spend my first week trying to craft items that didn't exist.

    I spawned on a desert, wandered a bit and came to a comfortable looking grassy with trees biome, the problem being that every time I wandered out to go find something I'd get lost and have trouble finding my home again. eventually I built this huge cross shape over my house that extended in all 4 cardinal directions to make my home more of a landmark (a dirt cave with a cobblestone roof counts as a "home"...)

    as I realized that place I was at had absolutely nothing worth staying for, I moved on and stumbled upon a sweet spot for a cave-by-the-sea, built into the side of a mountain. I built several large mines near there and still didn't find a single diamond. maybe one stack of iron, yea this place sucks, but I finally got the material for a map, I venture forth to a bizarre red dot sticking out on my map. I see a large pool of lava there and instantly think "lava moat!" and construction of my current castle began.

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    it annoyed me so i stopped playing.

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    That was pretty awesome

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    I think I spent my first night running around killing shit. Hiding's for pussies. Just LOS Skeletons using trees and terrain and kill them when they get close. Zombies and Creepers aren't a threat as long as you slash them before they get in range. I think I saw an Enderman but didn't attack it.

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    I watched Toby Games doing some Minecraft, so I kinda cheated too...but the first I created a base, I quickly realized; DON'T USE A CAVE FOR A BASE!!! I turned around and there were like 3 zombies and I for some reason didn't have a door, I had just blocked myself I died.

    Try #2: So this time I created my own cave. Though it doesn't work that well when you leave the door open and you turn around and a creeper blows up the entrance, and a dang archer finds me.

    Try #3. Learned another lesson the hard way; DON'T DIG STRAIGHT DOWN!! I had gotten a wooden mining pick finally, and wanted to dig. Well I was in the middle of nowhere, and it got night time and I started seeing these purple sparkly things holding blocks, freaked the hell outta me, and my base was really far away, so I did the only thing I could think of, I dug straight down. Well besides one falling on my head and giving me a heart attack, I was okay. Until I dug and I fell into a cavern full of lava....

    Try #4: I am still on this try, I'm pretty successful, I have Iron armor and picks and even a sword now. My base is in a mountain and I explore in a nearby canyon. I found one gold block, and even this little cage thing that I think was a zombie spawn point. I explore everywhere now, night or day, now with a plentiful supply of swords, picks, axes, and torches (god I love torches). I am thoroughly addicted, and am not sure why, just all the possibilities are endless. I think for me, I'll never build some of those amazing things I see (like peopling building a replica of kirby or other things like that), I'll just create a new world and give myself challenges like (don't do anything until it gets nighttime) or, create your first base in a tree...or use creepers to carve your base to start...idk, I will keep myself entertained.

    Edit: Can someone tell me how to get redstone? Do I actually mine it or what? And I found one block of gold after exploring this canyon for 3 hours, and a good bit of iron, but not enough (I enjoy having 2 or 3 sets of armor, and many many picks) and about the same amount of coal. Quite a bit of lava in there, ate first I thought the redstone might be under lava, I dug around it a bit and it wasn't there, even fell in it once. But my base is a mountain and I have torches all around the top. And what are the Enderman things? I think that's their names. The purple things that can pick up blocks? I love to explore for ever, until I run out of wood (I re-make the crafting table and picks and armor and torches), and I don't want to come back to a third of my base being there.

    Edit #2: K so I actually found some redstone, and lapis azuli or w/e it's called, thought it was diamond at first...and found a lot of gold, enough to make pickaxes and armor and swords, enough to find out iron is way better
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    back when i watched yogscast 10 or 11, i remember seeing them mine redstone. don't know much else though.
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    Yeah i remember my first day... I spammed left click on a tree for like 5 minutes. Then i gave up and figured i needed tools to chop trees. My friend comes online 30 mins later and tells me i have to hold the button.

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    Sort of wandered around for a bit. Made my first house in a cave. Yea that didnt end so well.

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    I watched few Seannaners videos and then i watched X's tutorial and then started up (illegal however at that time) my first Minecraft world.I remember it was awesome,i built a hole in a wall,and got so sick of looking for coal,i made another world.And so my adventure begins,at it is still going,8 months from then.Now i know big part about vannila Minecraft (except some redstone contraptions),and im exploring some mods.

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