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    [6.2] Fury - "I just spent 10 seconds mastering Arms, now what?"

    Updated 2015-06-28 - Honestly not too many changes. The only thing that has changed is the trinkets/tier bonuses.

    Important changes:

    1. Furious strikes is no longer an acceptable talent, too much wasted rage.
    2. Avatar is useful, don't completely ignore it.
    3. T18 bonuses are still pretty bad, but they have been buffed enough that you won't completely ignore them, just wait until everyone else has tier.
    4. Use T17 4P until you have 4 pieces of 720~+ ilevel gear to replace those slots. Keep it in your bags because it's better than T18 gear on heavy-aoe encounters. I will eventually put together a list of encounters to use T17 4P on.
    5. Technically, Heroic T18 4P is better than Mythic T17 4P, but the difference is not worth taking tier from other people, especially since that assumes a single target encounter.
    6. Class Trinket + Cleave trinket are your best trinkets. Empty Drinking Horn (Fel Fire Debuff) is competitive, but is ever so slightly worse than both of those.
    7. Stat weights haven't changed much, the only change is that the haste/crit breakpoints are vastly easier to hit now. I did increase the crit threshold to 30%, as with higher amounts of mastery having enrage downtime at all kinda sucks.

    If the thread title has crossed your mind, you've come to the right place.

    This is going to be the TLDR of guides, no bullshit, just the stuff you need to know. It may seem a bit sarcastic/silly, but the information is accurate. Obviously this is not an extensive guide, there are things you can do even better, but this will get you started.

    detail on stat weight interactions

    General Best Talent Setup:

    Acceptable Talent choices:
    Level 15: Double Time - Juggernaught
    Level 30: Enraged Regeneration - Impending Victory
    Level 45: Sudden Death
    Level 60: All talents, for the simple fact that they are extremely underwhelming damage wise. If you need a stun, pickup shockwave without feeling bad.
    Level 75: Vigilance
    Level 90: Bloodbath on single target, Bladestorm on any type of aoe/cleave, Avatar is basically equal to Bloodbath and should be used on encounters where the cooldown lines up better.
    Level 100: All Talents - Unfortunately this is very fight specific. AM and Ravager are both decent options on a few fights. Anger Management will likely be the default choice, but if adds come out every 30 seconds (or 60) then use ravager. Anything in-between 40-60 seconds will generally be better for anger management + bladestorm.

    Ranked glyph order:

    Glyph of the Blazing Trail - Non negotiable.
    Glyph of Crow Feast - Someone in your raid playing the game on a toaster? Add more pixels to render!

    1: Unending Rage - Fuck you Bloodsurge, always proccing when I'm sitting at 90 rage.
    2: Rude Interruption - If there's something to constantly interrupt, why not?
    3: Raging Wind OR Wind and Thunder - Required on AoE/Cleave nowadays. Pick Raging Wind if the targets are relatively clumped up, pick Wind and Thunder if 1-2 targets are always slightly out of range.
    4: Enraged Speed - I have a mancrush on this glyph, very underrated. It eliminates awkward situations (usually due to lag) where you're just 1 step behind the mob while the tank is pulling it away.
    5: Heroic Leap - Solid glyph if heroic leap is used to actually go places often.
    6: Bull Rush - Useful default glyph if you don't know what else to use.

    'Look guys, he's using that glyph! What a idiot!'
    1: Recklessness - Every month a poor noob posts a thread asking if he should use this glyph. I feel bad every time. Also, it doesn't work with T17-4P.
    2: Raging Whirlwind - Every time I try to think of a scenario where this would be useful, I can't. I really can't.

    How do I hold my weapons?

    After consulting with a certified psychic, I have divined the following as being the best priority:

    When a gcd is available start at #1 and work your way down. Hit the ability that fits the expression, then restart from #1 on the next gcd.

    1. Berserker Rage whenever enrage is down
    2. Execute immediately when sudden death procs, almost no matter the situation.
    3. Wild strike/Execute if rage is greater than 100 or if bloodsurge is cockblocking your rotation.
    4. Raging Blow if you currently have 2 stacks of it and are above execute range
    5. Bloodthirst if enrage is down or rage is below 90.
    6. Siegebreaker
    7. Execute if the target is below 20% HP while enraged.
    8. Raging Blow
    9. Wild Strike if enraged and the target is not below 20% HP.
    10. Level 60 Talent Filler
    11. Bloodthirst

    Note: You WILL delay bloodthirst quite a bit, especially with better gear.

    What about Furious Strikes?

    The rotation is literally the same, except you no longer have sudden death procs. With 700+ ilevel gear you are going to rage cap constantly, as you just cannot get rid of rage quickly enough, especially with the Fury class trinket. Just follow the priority and it will (sort of) work itself out.

    What about Unquenchable Thirst? - 6.3 note: Please don't use this talent, it's very bad nowadays.

    With UQT, there is 1 change. On Priority #4, change that to "Bloodthirst if enrage is down". You will use bloodthirst until enrage procs, and then use all of your abilities that you can until rage/procs run out, and then you continue spamming bloodthirst until you can hit other abilities.

    Cooldown Usage:
    1. Macro trinkets to bloodbath, save up 70~ rage a few seconds before bloodbath is ready.
    2. Use bloodbath on cooldown, but only after bloodthirst/berserker rage have procced enrage. You don't want to use bloodbath and then sit there non-enraged for 12 seconds... it... just...*sob* breaks a man, ... *sob*.. you know?
    3. Drop ravager with bloodbath.
    4. Use recklessness with bloodbath, save the last recklessness for execute.

    Aoe Rotation:
    1. Bloodthirst on cooldown
    2. Execute whenever sudden death procs and there are less than 5 targets. Do not use whirlwind if there are only 2 targets and one of them can be executed.
    3. Whirlwind once if there are 2-3 targets
    4. Whirlwind again if there are 4+ targets
    5. Raging Blow

    Use cooldowns with bladestorm.

    Advanced Tactics:

    Stat Weights

    Strength: 1.0
    Crit Below 30%: 0.77
    Crit Above 30%: 0.67
    Mastery: 0.62-0.80~ (Depends on how much crit you have)
    Haste below 11% - 0.85
    Haste inbetween 11-18% - 0.75
    Haste over 18%: 0.50
    Multistrike: 0.65
    Versatility: 0.5

    A few generalizations for people who want the tl;dr

    11% Haste > 30% Crit >= 14% haste ~=> mastery ~=> 18% haste > more crit > multistrike > more haste >= versatility

    (~=> is my way of saying it's technically better, but it really doesn't make a damn difference.)

    Explanation of the haste numbers


    What should I set my Latency Tolerance at?

    Mega post here

    Quote Originally Posted by Lokrei View Post
    SMF better now than TG?
    Go with your higher ilevel weapon set. TG is generally 1~% better in all scenarios, but not better enough to use lower ilevel weapons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirbynator View Post
    with the massive WW nerf im wondering which fights we should just stop meat cleaving...
    With whirlwind, it needs to be compared against Wild Strike.

    Wild Strike:
    285 WD * 0.625 / 45 Rage = 3.95 DPR
    Furious Strike: 8.90625 DPR
    Total WD: 178.125

    56 WD + 56 * 0.625 / 30 Rage = 3.033 DPR
    Total WD: 91

    150 WD + 150 * 0.625 / 10 rage = 24.375 DPR
    Total WD: 243.75

    WW + RB = ( 91 + 243.75 ) * 2 / ( 30 + 10 ) = 16.7375 DPR

    So even in the worst case scenario, you will still meat cleaver.

    More targets at level 100:
    3: ( 91 + 243.75 ) * 3 / ( 30 + 10 ) = 25.106 DPR
    4: ( 91 + 91 + 243.75 ) *4 / ( 30 + 30 + 10 ) = 24.328 DPR
    5: ( 91 + 91 + 243.75 ) *5 / ( 30 + 30 + 10 ) = 30.410 DPR
    6: ( 91 + 91 ) * 6 + ( 243.75 * 5 ) / ( 30 + 30 + 10 ) = 33.010 DPR
    7: ( 182 * 7 + 1218.75 ) / 70 = 35.610 DPR

    13 targets is the point where DPE for just whirlwinding becomes better than attempting to meat cleave. So if there are 13+ targets, and they need to be burned down quickly, spamming whirlwind is the way to go. Although, in such a scenario you'd likely just save bladestorm for it.
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    This is just as sarcastic as I wanted it to be.

    10/10, reported for sticky.

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    I just woke up, lazily getting ready for work, and this had me giggling uncontrollably

    Advanced tactics...lmao!

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    Well written Col.

    Many depth
    Such rotation

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    collision for president
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    Best the world.

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    I think you can save this forum another thread and include the 10 seconds it takes to master Arms in its own section, no? Otherwise exactly what one needs to come back to WoD, thanks
    €: A question, what is the usual cooldown reduction of Anger Management in a Patchwerk fight?
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    But.. but.. why go through all this trouble if I already spent 10 seconds mastering arms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CollisionTD View Post
    Haste to 11% > Crit to 50% > Mastery > More Haste > More Crit

    All raid buffed numbers, so 6% self-buffed haste, 45% self-buffed crit.
    Don't we need now 70% crit to cap Bloodthirst crit chance? Or am i missing something ?
    Though no idea if we can achieve it.

    edit: Or is it cause it's possible to have enrage up for 2 BS cycles? It would still feel too RNG.
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    This is beautiful.
    HolgerDK Stærkodder Shocknorrís
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    Quote Originally Posted by CollisionTD View Post
    Trinkets to use at level 90:
    Use cleave in place of Thoks on the fights that you do now. Otherwise, roll with Thok's Tail Tip + Galakras.
    >cleave trinket
    Is that real?

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    10/10 would read again to cry again.

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    Once again Fury is overly complicated for the sake of being complicated, sticking with Arms this expack I guess.

    /s /s /s /s /s

    - - - Updated - - -

    Serious post: At 90 are we sticking with TG or swapping SMF for the next month? Assuming equivalent ilvl weapons.

    edit again: Looked at the updated lvl 90 sims, they're so close together I guess it's just whatever you want/whichever has better weapons. Within 300 dps on the sheet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djouga View Post
    >cleave trinket
    Is that real?
    I updated this to be a little more clear. Also found out that the cleave trinket has a hilariously low proc rate on PTR, so it might not be worth using.

    Roll with Thok's Tail Tip + Galakras on most encounters. Use the cleave trinket in place of Thoks on Galakras, Fallen Protectors and maybe Spoils.

    The cleave trinket is bugged at the moment on Beta/PTR. It has a proc rate closer to 0.04%, instead of the 4% that it should have. I would avoid the trinket until it is fixed.

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    Awesome guide, thanks man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genzoo View Post
    Don't we need now 70% crit to cap Bloodthirst crit chance? Or am i missing something ?
    Though no idea if we can achieve it.

    edit: Or is it cause it's possible to have enrage up for 2 BS cycles? It would still feel too RNG.
    It's likely due to enrage uptime hitting 99%, so all more crit will give you is a few extra raging blows.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Anduryondon View Post
    I think you can save this forum another thread and include the 10 seconds it takes to master Arms in its own section, no? Otherwise exactly what one needs to come back to WoD, thanks
    €: A question, what is the usual cooldown reduction of Anger Management in a Patchwerk fight?
    There's someone else working on a TLDR guide for Arms. If they don't post it in the next few days I'll edit this to include a refresher course on Arms, just in case people forget how to play it while reading the Fury part.

    *edit* I slightly changed the aoe rotation, I accidentally put sudden death executes above bloodthirst.
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    Isnt skeers trinket to be taken over eye of gala because of the changes to the cd reduction in 6.0?
    Great guide by the way thank you very much.
    Bring back pandas!

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    Thank you very much Collision for all your work for the community warrior, but how you say, need a small nerf fury it's true.

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    This guide is confusing I keep hitting my heroic strike button as fury and it's not doing anything. Please fix Collision.

    Serious question though do you have a recommended garrison buildings we should be getting for gearing up quicker at 100?
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    Quote Originally Posted by superslim View Post
    Isnt skeers trinket to be taken over eye of gala because of the changes to the cd reduction in 6.0?
    Great guide by the way thank you very much.
    I thought the same for a while, but after some simulations and trying out both on beta for a while, the Skeer's proc is just really awful when we're already at 50%+ crit. The strength proc alone on Galakras is really strong, too.

    Plus, the CDR trinket is actually reduction now, not "Recovery Rate". Heroic leap had a 13 second cooldown with death from above, dragon roar was 27 seconds, recklessness was 85~ seconds.
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