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    Gold farming as fury warrior?

    Hi all,

    I didn't know if this was already posted, but i want to know how to farm gold as a fury warrior, i have other classes at max lvl but i wanted to farm as a fury warrior.
    I do know about Asmongold but i haven't seen what i wanted yet.
    Also i do know about doing raids, dungeons, pet farming and such but is there any other way to get a lot of gold in a decent short amount of time. except for buying wow tokens.

    Anyone got any idea? all is welcome.

    Again, if this is posted, i am truly sorry for double posting but i didn't find it so i thought i'd create a topic about my question.

    Thanks in Advance

    P.S.: my character is named "Asmodia" on EU-Silvermoon

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    Same as every other character. Nothing unique about Fury warriors with regard to farming gold. Basically everything you already said: Garrisons, old raids, crafting, play the auction house, buy tokens.

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    So nothing special for a fury warrior then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakthart View Post
    So nothing special for a fury warrior then?
    No, why would there be?

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    Really the only reliable fast way to make consistent gold over a period of time is through profession and ah work. Even profession work has time gate limitations on how much an be earned effectively in a given period.
    If you enjoy old raids run them on as many characters as can do it to build up the start wealth needed to work with the ah.

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    And of course, the investment of your own time doing these things.

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