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    Help with Glad PVP

    haven't come across too many gladiator pvp threads but I need some help.

    I'm having a hard time staying alive, constantly using shield wall, enrage regen shield barrier and any other CD, and I am having a really hard time killing a target, one on one almost any class has be beat, hunter just stays out of range when charge, shield charge, HL are on CD, pally will out heal / out dps me, same for healers in general and other ranges.

    Thats another thing too, having issues closing the gap and keeping it closed, I use hamstring, thunderclap, and bloodbath every chance i get, they always seem to get out of range and stay out.

    I don't know if its my gear or talents / glyphs, or what, but i need pointers and incite from people with more experience with Gladiator than I do.

    Can't link my armory, character is Devilskeeper - Hyjal

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    they gutted their damage and they removed their only utility they had. so its probs better to just go fury for now.

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