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    dps spec

    what spec is best when lvling up? i guess both are good but are any of the two better then the other like aoe? talking about 90-100 btw. another question being. what spec are am to start with at 100? arms seems to be bad dps frome what i read here. so i thought maby fury but aint it lacking crit at early stages? and havent read much about gladiator but heard its only good it then worth gearing up for that?

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    I started leveling as prot. It was pretty slow, especially when fighting the rare elites. I went fury and haven't had any trouble at all. things die really quick and I don't take any damage, even when AoE pulling. victory rush and enraged regen are enough to keep me going without any downtime. I tried arms for a little while, and there wasn't much of a difference between fury and arms, but I found fury to be much more fun.

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    ah ok=) how are your experiance at 100 =)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqira91 View Post
    ah ok=) how are your experiance at 100 =)?
    Warrior's not 100 yet. halfway through 98 though.

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    I would say Arms, simply because you only need the one weapon, which is easier to keep up with than two weapons. I cannot really think of any other meaningful criteria, since, lets face it, the discrepancies between fury & arms are absolutely meaningless until you start doing serious content .. which leveling is not. Warriors in general, or all shapes and sizes, also don't lack any aoe, that's for sure so that isn't an argument either.

    Back in cataclysm leveling as fury was kind of annoying, due to the dependency on crit. But not sure if that is relevant anymore.

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