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    Would love your support

    Hey guys, I started making some minecraft videos for Youtube after taking quite a break from the game.

    I'm loving it again, it's all fresh and exciting and I still have much to learn about the new releases.
    What I'd really love is your opinion on my videos. What you enjoy, what's not-so-good, what you'd like to see and maybe some ideas for buildings.
    Even some tips on interesting mechanics I can take advantage of.

    My youtube channel is www.youtube.com/user/HawesyEU. It was created only a few days ago so I am going to be uploading more and more content as I go along, but for the moment i'm sorting some problems with SonyVegas and Fraps.
    I am very aware that my 4th video is missing sound, it's an error I have fixed with the footage I just havn't yet uploaded the fixed video due to poor internet speeds, and I will most likely have it done by the end of the day today.

    Again, any support is apreciated and I will truely love you all for it but please keep un-needed flaming to a minimum, I am trying my best to mix my experience in game with interesting and enjoyable footage for the average viewer. So nothing too technical is going on at the minute.


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    Very nice vids ! Keep it up!

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    Please, don't resurrect old threads like this.
    This thread - and this thread, which you resurrected too - are almost 2 months old...
    I can see that you recently joined MMO-Champ and you're eager to participate in the discussions on the forums, but do not resurrect very old threads like this.
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    Pretty good vids. If you want a "lets play" partner let me know, i have fraps and a youtube channel of my own

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