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    Game still alive

    Are there still people playing the game on multiplayer server? Is there an active community, where do I find these?

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    Planet Minecraft and the Official Minecraft Forums are pretty much the last bastions of an active public community you can find.

    Plenty of people still play Minecraft online, but usually they are secluded to private circles such as Zisteau's Mindcrack club and the likes.

    Game has been out for six years now, so it's not surprising that the community is going into sleep mode as had happened to Spore several years earlier.
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    I play with a group of 3-5 friends 2-3 times a week. We all are busy people though or else we would play more.

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    I think this game is very alive.

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    You will see a spike in people playing and posting about servers when 1.9 officially drops. Pretty big update, so many people will give the game some more time.
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    I don't play with a large community, more like a few friends on a private server like mentioned above. Most of the other communities (like Feed The Beast and Resonant Rise, and their ancestors) are rather dormant. It's a game that's fun to play for awhile, go do other stuff and then come back to in 1-2 months.

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    This game is VERY simple but powerful. I still play.

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    I always come back to it sooner or later (this game can be infinite if you are creative)

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    Been running a private server through my work just for me recently, for no reason other than allowing me to log in from any computer and play on the same world.

    It's good just running around and building random things to chill after work. Building a few large automatic farms now.

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    I put it down for months at a time, but there's something about Minecraft that always keeps me coming back to it.

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    This game is still very much alive. There is money to be made and so many people are turning towards minecraft to make a quick buck. Even after the EULA changed, there's still big bucks to be earned. As a builder, I can make a pretty penny when making high quality stuff for people.

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    Are people really still playing this game?

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    Lots of people still play this game. Though most play mod packs or modded game servers.

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    I play factions from time to time.

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    i still play
    it has its own forum for discussion so i don't think it would die. Good game

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    I love minecraft

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    Yeah, it always draws people back, I find...

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    I just finished a skyfactory 2 map. I did most of the achieves with the exception of a few of the insanity tier ones. I cba to build a 32/32/48 reactor or farm ender dragons just to check a box off.

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