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    Pokemon: Cobalt & Amethyst. Yes, an ENTIRE Pokemon game in vanilla Minecraft.

    This guy has been working on this project for over two years since I subbed to it and holy crap.

    Custom modelling out the wazoo, more command blocks than should be possible to fit in one world, but there's no mods in sight. I just hope that, being 1.8 based, the command block lag isn't too bad for me. I've heard upping your allocated RAM and lowering render distance can help that.

    Seriously, I've seen minigames built in Minecraft. Things like Space Invaders or Peggle. Never full scale GAMES. Is Minecraft even a game anymore or closer to a game-building platform?

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    I mean...

    Sethbling built a working Atari2600 (using ONLY DEFAULT ASSETS) in MineCraft as well as a WORKING CELL PHONE (with minimal mods) so...anything is possible at this point.

    Also I gave this Pokemon game a go already, and it is really well done. My only gripe is having to constantly hit a button to get into the chat so you can click on the forward arrows...wish there was an easier way for them to handle text.
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