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    Leveling a priest

    What spec should i level as? Shadow or disc?

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    Disc. Dps and healing.
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    if your gonna level through dungeon finder, then do a healing spec, but if your questing, id say shadow. but im not sure because i never quest on my priest

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    shadow till dual spec

    you can heal as shadow in dungeons for quite a while

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    Questing is the best way to 60 and after 60, dungeons. Use shadow for 1-60 and roll dps on some dungeons for extra quests.

    Quests in Outland are annoying, dungeons are you best friend
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    Quote Originally Posted by vazar-da-priest View Post
    shadow till dual spec

    you can heal as shadow in dungeons for quite a while
    Exactly this. Shadow is just too fun not to play as, anyway.

    Rule of Thumb: If the healer's HPS is higher than your DPS, you're doing it wrong.

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    Thanks, and Disc sounds pretty good, Dps and healing. But shadow sounds more fun to play as. I don't like doing dungeons that much. So healing i might not get.

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    Leveling a priest is sooo long but its very worth it in the end, for me id say shadow to speed up the process as much as possible, hooray for another priest!

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    Eh, shadow can be rough at low levels while disc is completely OP at low levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    Eh, shadow can be rough at low levels while disc is completely OP at low levels.
    indeed. Trust me level as Disc untill level 32 when you can get the SWD glyph and will have less mana problems. shadow after that is golden.

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    If you're just going to be questing I'd say go as shadow. But if you go shadow and want to do some dungeons and pvp then be prepared to go oom faster than any other caster. Even when you get the spirit tap glyph you won't always manage to snipe the killing blow and you'll need to drink. I probably wouldn't even bother with shadow until you can put both talents into Masochism.

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    Disc is superior to Shadow until Masochism, it's simply far more mana efficient while providing similar ability to kill quest mobs, better self healing, and the ability to heal LFG dungeons with ease.

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    disc first then when should i go shadow??

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    Disc until 70-80, then shadow, unless you're doing dungeons.

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    I'm fairly certain disc kills incredibly faster than shadow does up to a point. I'd say disc 'til you get shadow form, try doing shadow with it and see if you kill faster. I wouldn't be surprised if disc proved a potent leveling spec all the way to 85.

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    Honestly you get duelspec at a pretty low level (lvl 20 iirc) and it is only 10g so you can do disc and shadow pretty easily.

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    Penance hits harder than Mind Flay until Shadowform. Just Sayin'.

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    I leveled my priest with shadow as main spec for questing, and a holy spec for dungeons.

    Since spirit now gives hit, this is very easy to do.

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    I'm leveling a priest right now actually. I started as Disc, I was able to kill things really fast. After I hit 30, I got dual spec and picked up Shadow.

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