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    humble question

    Hello guys this is my hunter
    Zyphree / draenor EU server ( sorry not allowed to post any kinds of links, images or videos until i post a few times.)

    Im running on my weapon these relics
    Moonglaive dervish (mythic 8 warforged)
    Exhaustive Research (Legion season 3 titanforged ) increases kill command
    Lionhead Lapel Clasp (heroic) increases kill command

    Now today it dropped me Arcing Static Charge Mythic 10 titanforged(storm relic, BW increases dmg to me and pet by 6%)

    Arcing Static Charge gives me more 3 itl on the weapon, although Exhaustive Research gives more 5% dmg on my Kill command, what should i choose? sorry for not linking the relics but i dont know how to do it.

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    Not worth at least until 7.2.5 comes around when they nerf the shit out of Jaws/KC relics.

    Just keep it in your bag and use it on patch day.

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    Right, just dropped me the Leg boots and the first thing i did was to swap them for the Leg Legs that i had, although the Leg Legs have way better stats than the Leg Boots, shall i equip wearing the Legs or Boots?

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    For me Legs were much better than Boots. Best to sim it

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