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    Ranged weapon enchant

    I just saw a hunter in Lodge with mongoose on his Wolfslayer. Anyone know how or I'm missing something?

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    well there was a bug like that in the past but it was fix'd


    maybe it's back somehow

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    I assume because this is a harmless bug you can talk about it.

    Get any transmoggable melee weapon, the green 2h spear you can buy at the lodge is good for this. Put it on. Select a weapon illusion. Switch to your ranged weapon and quickly hit accept before it updates. You should now have an illusion on your ranged weapon. Only shows up on a select few skins (the ones linked above plus the Impaler Xbow from HFC).

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    It also shows on the Rimbane Rifle The Boomstick and the Felfire munitions launcher it would be neat if we could just use these enchantments on any weapon

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    Has anyone found out how yet?

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    It still works, but only on a selected few weapons. Wolfslayer beeing one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfgard View Post
    Has anyone found out how yet?
    Quote Originally Posted by Keny View Post
    Its a bug dont think you can do that anymore
    See my post just above.

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    Pretty damn cool, thanks dudes. Now between Mongoose & Executioner...

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    Still works, just used it myself. :P
    I wish they'd just make it possible for our ranged weapons to have enchant mogs all the way. Some weapons look amazing with added effects!
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    Anyone can confirm if this still working???

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