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    ok i went to the training dummy in hunters hall i did 1.20m over 4 mins
    That's more decent. It's not horrible, so as long as you stay alive you shouldn't be gray parsing.

    Now based on your talents and legendaries (Qa'pla / AoTB) you really need a lot more crit. Also less versatility. Your bloodthirsty instinct is pretty low item level. You would probably do better with a relinquished crit statstick. I'm also not a fan of that versatility ring. Maybe try using Sephuz (it gives more crit and haste, which you need).

    I'm not entirely sure why you have so few casts overall. Your best pull is Sisters, but you only threw 62 kill commands and 140 dire beasts in 7 minutes, when I do about 90 kill commands and 180 dire beasts in the same time. The log shows some sections of time where you don't cast Kill Command for mor than 20 seconds. The resources show that you're overcapping focus, so it's getting wasted. You should try to keep your focus below 60 at all times if possible. You can let your focus bar fill a bit more maybe 3 seconds before you activate Bestial Wrath but that's the only reason. Are you not hitting abilities while dodging glaives or something? You don't even need to be in line of sight to use Kill Command. And BM has full mobility so you can't stop attacking for anything.

    The only thing I'm sure you're using wrong is Titan's Thunder. The effect of Titan's Thunder on Dire Beasts takes into account the Tier 19 2-piece 50% damage bonus during Bestial Wrath, so you waste a big portion of its damage if you don't line them up perfectly. You need to cast Dire Beast first (preferrably two of them), then Titan's Thunder, and NEVER use Titan's Thunder outside of Bestial Wrath. However, doing this correctly will only raise your dps by about 2%, so it's not something that makes or breaks your entire dps.

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    ok thank you

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    Hi guys,

    I've been afk for a year or so, but haven't really paid much attention to wow in a few years (RL stuff) and i've just managed to pretty much wipe my guild run on KJ. Feel like rubbish for it! :/

    So, I need some help. My DPS is rubbish and so is my knowledge of the bosses / raids / everything else. The knowledge of raids i can work on. But i need help with my char. Talents, spec, shot rotations, maximising dps, pots, enchants i think im ok with, there's only like 4 now (i think) and anything else you think il need to look at. ??

    I've looked at and tried loads of different talent specs, my max dps was 1.25m on a world boss thing, but it averages at around 500-700k, which isn't good. 927 ilvl.

    I'd like to stay MM and focus my char on raiding. I don't want to be spoon fed, but there's not much info (that i can find) for hunters returning to wow after missing so much content.

    Any advice or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    - EU - Kazzak - Horde -

    P.s. I've said to my guild to give me 1 week to catch up, not to be amazing, but at least be better. I want to do this.

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    Hi all,

    Beast Mastery

    Item Level
    928 - 930 depending on fight.

    75-80% ranking of my spec and ilvl. I don't have decent t19 pieces so i'm using only t20 pieces. I'm more interested in what i'm doing wrong. Thanks.

    Armory Link:

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