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Beta Key Giveaway Week 2: Winners have been selected!

by Published on 2018-06-21 09:19 PM

Character Services Sale and Australian Price Changes, Free Welcome Back Weekend

Battle for Azeroth Preview - PvP Rating Updates
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion, we’re overhauling the game’s PvP progression and reward systems. Today, we wanted to take some time to break down those changes and provide some information on what Rated Battleground and Arena participants can look forward to.

New Tiers and Rating Bands
For years, participants in World of Warcraft’s Rated PvP have received numerical Elo-based ratings based on their performance, but what that number means to a player is fairly opaque. Participants currently have to wait until the very end of a PvP season for us to review the full standings and assign titles like Gladiator or Rival based on their relative standing.

In Battle for Azeroth, we want to increase clarity and offer a more structured progression that recognizes players’ accomplishments in real time as they climb through the ranks. As players reach the following rating thresholds, they will enter formal brackets:

  • Combatant: 1400–1599
  • Challenger: 1600–1799
  • Rival: 1800–2099
  • Duelist: 2100–2399
  • Gladiator: 2400+

The specific rewards available in each of these brackets which will be clearly shown in the game’s interface so players can work their way toward earning the items they want most.

Skill and Participation Rewards
We’re focusing on two things as we delve into how players earn rewards for taking part in Rated PvP. One focus is refining and clarifying how we reward skill, and the other focus is providing clarity around how we reward participation at varying levels.

Participation Matters
The feedback we heard around Legion’s PvP rewards pointed toward players’ desire for a more controllable and predictable gearing path. To that end, we’re bringing back Conquest points as a measure of Rated PvP activity; we’re also offering a specific piece of raid-quality gear each week, adding up to full sets of increasing quality over the course of a season. This will make it so players have better visibility into how much time and effort they’ll need to put into earning a specific item and will counterbalance the random nature of rewards elsewhere in the system.

We’re also changing how players can earn Vicious mounts. In the current Legion system, you need to win 100 Rated 3v3 Arena or 40 Rated Battleground matches. In Battle for Azeroth, Rated play in any bracket—including 2v2! —will count toward earning these mounts. And in line with our philosophy around making cosmetic rewards account-wide, your PvP efforts account-wide will count toward earning these rewards for your collection.

In for the Skill
With these updates, we want to make sure we’re providing PvP rewards that are commensurate with someone’s level of play. To this end, we’re adding an end-of-the week reward along the lines of the weekly Grand Challenger’s Bounty chests you can earn for doing Mythic Keystone dungeons. These weekly rewards can be collected from a chest in the Dueler’s Guild PvP hub in either Zuldazar (Horde) or Boralus (Alliance).

If you’ve filled up your Conquest bar for the week, you’ll receive a reward in the chest of an appropriate item level. The item level of the reward will be based on the highest bracket in which you won at least one game last week. For example, if you played and won at Duelist in 3v3, expect to receive a reward with an appropriate item level for your ranking at the end of the week. However, if you were rated as a Duelist in 3v3, but only participated in 2v2, you wouldn’t receive a Duelist level item unless you had won a game in 3v3.

Who’s the Greatest?
To help provide even more transparency, we’re adding regional tracking so that once you’ve reached Gladiator, you will be able to see where you rank in your region right within the interface. For those aiming to make your way to the very top of the rankings, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on just how far you have to go to get there, or even brag to your friends about just how far you’ve gone.

End of the Season?
We’re still in the process of working out the possible end-of-season rewards, but for now we can say we’ll be keeping the special seasonal Gladiator titles for the very top players at the end of each season. Those who get the Gladiator title will also need to win an additional number of games to earn the mount as their reward.

We have more in store for PvP beyond Rated play, so be sure to check back here for more!
by Published on 2018-06-21 07:17 PM

Character Services Sale and Australian Price Changes, Free Welcome Back Weekend

World of Warcraft Character Services Sale
World of Warcraft character services are currently 25% off at the Blizzard store and in-game shop. Currently, this affects Appearance Changes, Character Transfers, Race Changes, Name Changes and Faction Changes.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Battle for Azeroth™ is approaching fast, and everyone is needed back on the front lines. This weekend, we’re upgrading all inactive World of Warcraft accounts to grant returning players full access to the game* and all their characters—without a subscription—through June 24.

Spread the Word!
As the heroes of Azeroth prepare for war, they look to their in-game friends for help. Whether it’s leveling up for experience, gearing up for combat, or mounting up to explore Azeroth, World of Warcraft is best enjoyed in groups, however big or small. If you have guildmates, friends, or family who haven’t been seen in Azeroth for a while, let them know they can play for free this weekend!

Need Help Logging Back In?

25% Off Game Services
Alongside the Welcome Back Weekend for returning players, we’re offering 25% off select game services**.

  • Appearance Change
  • Character Transfer
  • Faction Change
  • Name Change
  • Race Change
  • Character Transfer / Faction Change Combo

Learn more about the Welcome Back Weekend and game services sale here.

*Offer available through June 24, 2018. Player is responsible for any online connection fees. Game access will be granted at the last expansion purchased, or Warlords of Draenor, whichever is greater.

**Sale does not include Guild Services, WoW Token, Character Boost, pets, mounts, or transmog items.

World of Warcraft Free Welcome Back Weekend
All inactive WoW accounts have been upgraded to Warlords of Draenor and made active for free until June 24th. This means that you can currently play the game up to Warlords of Draenor (or the latest expansion purchased) content without a sub until June 24th.

Upcoming Australian Dollar (AUD) Price Changes for Select World of Warcraft Services
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
World of Warcraft is played in many regions around the world, and we regularly conduct reviews of the prices of our games and services in all currencies. From time to time, it’s necessary to make changes to certain pricing based on a variety of factors, including global and regional market conditions. Following a careful evaluation, we wanted to provide notice that we’ll soon be adjusting the Australian dollar (AUD) prices of some of the select services available for World of Warcraft.

The new AUD pricing, reflected in the table below, will go into effect on 26 June AEST. Subscription prices will not be affected.

New Zealand dollar pricing will be unaffected by this price change, and players in New Zealand will continue to purchase digital game software, virtual items, subscriptions, and optional game services at the current NZD pricing.

We know that people have a lot of options for entertainment, and we never take pricing adjustments such as this lightly. We appreciate that players choose to spend their time with World of Warcraft, and we’re committed to ensuring the game continues to provide Australian players with a great entertainment value.

New Price Starting 26 June (AUD) -
  • Name Change - $13.50
  • Appearance Change - $20.00
  • Helms - $20.00
  • WoW Token - No change
  • Character Transfer- $34.00
  • Race Change - $34.00
  • Pets - $13.50
  • Mounts - $34.00
  • Warforged Nightmare - $40.00
  • Pet & Mount Bundle - $47.00
  • Faction Change - $40.00
  • Guild Transfer - $47.00
  • Guild Faction Change - $54.00
  • Guild Name Change - $27.00
  • Character Transfer & Faction Change - $74.00
  • Character Boost - $80.00
  • Guild Transfer & Faction Change - $88.00
by Published on 2018-06-21 06:56 AM

Challenge Rift - Week 52

Hearthstone Tavern Talk: Class Rewards, New Players, Alternate Card Art, Card Reprints

Reduced Battleground Pool, Mid-Season Brawl Grand Finals Recap, HeroStorm Episode 42

Arathi Highlands Updates - Battle for Azeroth
With the introduction of the Stromgarde Keep Warfront there have been some updates to Arathi Highlands.

Before the Storm Novel Graves
Those who have read the Christie Golden Battle for Azeroth prequel novel Before the Storm will recognize a small graveyard north of Stromgarde. You can click each grave to see who is buried there.

Faction Warfront Bases
Stromgarde is the hub for the Alliance while Az'Gorok is the hub for the Horde.

Stromgarde Keep
Stromgarde Keep has received many visual updates.

The Horde now have their own hub in Arathi Highlands called Az'Gorok. It is situated slightly Northeast of Stromgarde.

Azerite War Machine World Boss
To the East of Az'Gorok and North of Refuge Point is an empty field. An Azerite War Machine world boss spawns and is Horde or Alliance themed depending on which faction controls Arathi Highlands.

Refuge Point
The Alliance hub of Refuge Point has received a face lift.

The Horde city of Hammerfall has also received some visual updates.

Witherbark Village
The troll village in the Southeast of the zone has received upgrades in the form of Zuldazar art.

Official Forum Maintenance - 6/20
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The forums will be undergoing maintenance on Wednesday, June 20th starting at 10:00 PM (PDT). We expect this maintenance to last until approximately 5:00 AM (PDT). During this time, the forums will be in a Read-Only mode.

FinalBossTV - Mages in Battle for Azeroth
FinalBossTV made a few videos recently on Mages in Battle for Azeroth!

by Published on 2018-06-20 04:26 AM

Battle for Azeroth Beta - Build 26871

Druid Artifact Transmog in Battle for Azeroth
The latest beta build added the Artifact transmog system:

  • When transmogging your weapon, there is an option under the weapon type drop down menu called "Artifact Pair."
  • When you select this, you see your basic artifact weapon and the different versions of each weapon.
  • When you right click the version, a list of the different forms and color options is able to be selected to apply to your character.
  • The form is still linked to your artifact weapon and so your weapon will appear as the claws or daggers (based on spec) regardless of what weapon you have equipped. (ex - your equipped polearm would still turn into the dual daggers).
  • A similar system is in place for other classes.

Uther's Tomb Updates
Uther's Tomb received some more updates in Battle for Azeroth. His statue has been upgraded and two locked doors have appeared on either side of the stained glass window. If you look through the bars, you can see stairs leading down into an unknown location.

Dark Iron Racial - Mole Machine
The Mole Machine allows you and your friends to travel to Stormwind or right outside Ironforge.

Warfront and Island Expedition Queue Menus
The menus that allow you to queue for Warfronts and Island Expeditions were recently added to beta.

Battle for Azeroth Timewalking Quest Reward
The quest available whenever a timewalking event is active returns in Battle for Azeroth and has been updated to reward a normal cache from the new raid and 400 artifact power for your Heart of Azeroth. The new quest giver is a tortollan named Chronicler Toopa and is found in the Tradewinds Market area of Boralus and Little Tortolla in the docks area of Zuldazar.

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