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by Published on 2020-09-26 05:57 PM

Arena World Championship - BFA Finals
Arena World Championship BFA Finals has started. Watch four of the best teams from North America and Europe compete for $100,000 in regional prizing and the titles of Battle for Azeroth Regional Champions!

by Published on 2020-09-26 04:13 AM

Realm Connections planned for September 29 (NA)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Following regularly scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, September 29, the following realms will be taken offline. During this additional maintenance period:

  • The Exodar and Medivh realms will be connected to the Alleria and Khadgar realms.

As many players know, this connection was previously planned and ran into issues.

On Tuesday, we’ll begin the additional maintenance period for these four realms at 8:00 am. PDT (11:00 a.m. EDT), and the realms will come back online when the connection process is completed, which we’re estimating to be around 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT).

Khadgar Characters Update
The recent bug that caused characters to delevel and rollback in time several expansions has been fixed for most players. If your characters still have issues then you can make a ticket to get them fixed.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
UPDATE 9/24 4:35 PM PDT

Good afternoon!

The work on this issue is ongoing, so we don’t have much new information to share other than we continue to fix up characters. Thanks to everyone who has confirmed the return of their character so far. For those who still have characters affected, keep an eye on your character list for changes.

We’ll continue to share updates here as they become available. Thanks!
by Published on 2020-09-26 02:10 AM

Arena World Championship BFA Finals Trailer
Arena World Championship BFA Finals start this weekend, September 26th at 10 AM PDT / 7 PM CET.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Arena World Championship Regional Finals concludes this weekend, beginning Saturday at 10 a.m. PDT!

Following four intense weeks of the Arena World Championship (AWC) Battle for Azeroth, the top four Arena teams in North America and Europe are facing off this week to decide once and for all the best team in each region. The remaining teams are fighting for their share of $100,000 (USD) in regional prizing, and the titles of Battle for Azeroth Regional Champions! Watch the AWC Battle for Azeroth Regional Finals beginning on September 26 at 10 a.m. PDT, only on YouTube Gaming.


North America

  • Charlotte Phoenix
  • Cloud9
  • M2KC
  • ????


  • Diabolus
  • Coffin Dance
  • Wildcard
  • XSET

Language Streams

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by Published on 2020-09-24 05:05 PM

Shadowlands Preview: Character Customization
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With the Shadowlands pre-expansion patch, you’ll have hundreds of new character customization options available at your fingertips to make characters uniquely yours. Carve your human’s face with battle scars, adorn your blood elves in delicate armlets and wristbands skillfully forged by Silvermoon’s metalsmiths, and give your worgen glowing eyes or vertical-slit pupils to reflect the beast within.

New Character Selection Screen

One of the first things you’ll notice is the character creation screen has been completely remade, with race portraits on either side of the screen and class icons displayed along the bottom. When you select a class, the character displayed springs into action with a flashy animation that captures the essence of the class—Rogues Shadowstep across the screen and unleash a Fan of Knives, Shaman make the ground around them erupt with the fury of the elements, and Priests levitate toward the heavens to embrace the Light.

Across the board, races will have access to new character customization options including skin tones, hairstyles, and eye colors. Certain races will be able to enhance their look beyond the basics with unique options such as tattoos, jewelry, beards, scars, or flowers to ornament their hair.

On the character creation screen, you’ll be able to more intuitively navigate between different looks with new drop-down menus. Swatches displaying color choices for eye and skin tones will appear alongside the option number, so instead of needing to scroll between different appearances you’ll be able to quickly click between specific eye and skin tone options. All other cosmetic choices are tied to a name in the drop-down menu to give you a better idea of the selection before you preview it, and will make it easier for you to remember your favorite choices.

Your Name, Your Purpose
When you’re ready to finalize your character, you’ll need to pick out a name. Now you can see if a name is available as soon as you type it into the field at the top of the screen; a green checkmark means you’re good to go, while a red cross means it’s unavailable and you’ll need to try a new variation or new name.

Tip: Running into trouble finding an available name? Try adding an additional vowel or swapping a consonant for a similar-sounding one, or try your luck clicking the randomize button.

Many customization options are no longer dependent on other selections. Previously, a selected hair color would affect the color of facial tattoos or a hair color would determine eye color. Now, you can choose these independently of one another. Additionally, worgen will now be able to change the appearance of their worgen and human forms independently. Simply click on the portrait options at the top right of the screen to access your other half’s customization options.

Cut and Color Change

You can freshen up your look during your adventures at any time with the new customizations by visiting any Barber. In addition to customizing your appearance, you can also change the gender of your character at the barber.

Druids can change their shapeshift appearances at the Barber as well. Now you can choose between forms previously tied to cosmetic glyphs (now called Marks in Shadowlands) and forms previously were restricted due to your characters’ hair or fur color. You’ll also be able to choose between your unlocked account-wide Legion Artifact appearances and the fiery Cat Form from Fandral’s Flamescythe if you have collected the weapon from Firelands on Normal, Heroic, or Timewalking difficulties.

The new customization changes in the character creation screen and Barber will become available once the Shadowlands pre-expansion patch goes live. Which customization changes are you most looking forward to use to freshen up your current character or to make a new one?
by Published on 2020-09-24 07:42 AM

Shadowlands Beta - Upgrading Conduits and Adding Sockets to Gear
The latest Shadowlands beta update has added two new items to Ve'nari, the broker vendor tied to the Maw. Currency called Stygia is gathered by doing activities in the Maw and a weekly section of Torghast and used to purchase items from Ve'nari provided you have the necessary reputation with her. These additions make the Maw a much more worthwhile daily activity than it was prior to this update.

It was discovered in the past that Conduits would have 14 ranks, but this new Manifest Aethershunt now confirms a way to increase Conduit ranks. However, Blizzard stated in their conduit update post some time ago that the power of conduits will increase with item level, meaning that this new option in the Maw is probably a way to spend excess anima as an alternative means over time as your reputation increases with Ve'nari.

  • Spatial Realignment Apparatus - Costs 2500 Stygia. Add a socket to a Shadowlands item that does not already have one. Can be used on Helms, Necks, Bracers, Belts, or Rings.
  • Manifest Aethershunt - Costs 500 Stygia. Add a Conduit you do not have to your collection, or upgrade an existing Conduit by one rank. The upgraded Conduit will be selected randomly from your lowest-rank Conduits.

Super Squirt Day (EU)
Squirt the Wandering Trainer is up today in the Garrison on EU realms! The Pet Battle Bonus Event is also active this week, which means you can level pets very fast. If you have the Safari Hat or a Lesser Pet Treat then you can use the strategy below to level pets from 1 to 25 in just 3 minutes. Alternatively, you can use other setups highlighted on Xu-Fu's Pet Battle Strategies.



Dark Legacy Comics #743
DLC #743 has been released!

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