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by Published on 2021-01-21 02:22 AM

Patch 9.0.2 Hotfixes - January 20, 2021
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • Service In Stone (General Draven Soulbind) will now correctly trigger when the Death Knight dies due to Purgatory (Talent).
  • Druid
    • Druid Form sounds should now always match the visual when shapeshifting. No more cheetahs with a deep dinosaur voice running around out there.
  • Warlock
    • The Fatal Decimation (Necrolord Conduit) will now properly increase the damage of Decimating Bolt (Necrolord Ability) at Item Levels 213 and above.
  • Warrior
    • Arms
      • War Banner (PvP Talent) will no longer rarely persist on players after the banner has despawned.
      • Fixed an issue causing the second Mortal Strike from Mortal Combo (Conduit) to deal 20% less damage than intended.


  • Kyrian
    • Fixed an issue during the scenario "The Greater Good" where players who disconnected during the flight with Chyrus would not receive aid from Kleia, Pelagos, and Mikanikos, and would be unable to take a new flight to Elysian Hold.
    • Fixed an issue where Athanos could fail to activate during the scenario "The Greater Good."
  • Night Fae
    • Fixed an issue for level 60 Night Fae players who were eligible for the Threads of Fate quest "Return to Oribos" where the quest start location would appear in the wrong area.

WoW Classic

  • Naxxramas
    • Kel'thuzad will now reset if any creatures walk past the encounter door.
by Published on 2021-01-20 09:49 PM

WoW Classic Version 1.13.7 PTR is Now Available
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Today, we’ve opened the WoW Classic Public Test Realm (PTR) to test version 1.13.7 of WoW Classic. In this upcoming version, we intend to reduce the spell batching delay.

There are numerous class abilities and spells from Original World of Warcraft that were re-implemented in WoW Classic with spell batching in mind, and we initially expect bugs or adverse consequences with spell batching reduced. In this PTR, testers have an opportunity to join us in finding such issues. Raids and battlegrounds are available in this PTR to facilitate testing in a wide variety of game content.

  • Initially, the spell batch window is set to 10 milliseconds on the 1.13.7 PTR, a reduction from the 1.13.6 live window of 400 milliseconds.

Please use the in-game bug reporter (default hotkey: mouseover+F6) in the PTR to submit your bug reports or feedback on abilities with spell batching reduced.

When logged into the PTR, you can mouse over any item, spell, or talent and press the assigned hotkey to initiate a bug report for that item or spell. Bug reports created in this way include valuable metadata about the spell, your talents, and your player-state when the bug is submitted.

If you’ve unbound your “Open Bug Report” hotkey, you can rebind it in Keybindings -> PTR.

If you wish to discuss class issues related to this update with other players, we’ve opened a new discussion thread in the WoW Classic Bug Report forum here.
Thank you for testing WoW Classic with us!

by Published on 2021-01-20 02:34 AM

Patch 9.0.2 Hotfixes - January 19, 2021
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Fixed an issue where Meatball would become unavailable if he is on a mission while changing covenants.


  • Paladin
    • Protection
      • Fixed an issue where Reign of Endless Kings (Legendary Effect) would not trigger Guardian of Ancient Kings that’s under the effect of Glyph of the Queen.
      • Fixed an issue where Reign of Endless Kings (Legendary Effect) would not trigger on the correct target while talented into Guardian of the Ancient Queen (PvP Talent).
      • The Ardent Protector's Sanctum (Legendary Effect) will no longer cause other Protection Paladin's Ardent Defender to be placed on cooldown.
  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • Clarity of Mind (Legendary Effect) will now properly extend the caster's Atonements with Spirit Shell (Talent) when other Discipline Priests also have Atonement active.
  • Warlock
    • Destruction
      • Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar's (Legendary Effect) damage debuff can no longer be reflected.


  • Kyrian
    • Fixed an issue where the scenario "The Greater Good" could fail to end properly.
  • Necrolord
    • The constructs created by Necrolord players have had a few changes to their designs, and should no longer be as chatty as they were before.
  • Night Fae
    • Completing the Ardenweald covenant campaign will now result in a choice between a Castle Nathria Raid Finder main-hand or off-hand weapon instead of both, moving it in line with the other covenant campaigns.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Gormbore and Dustbrawl should now drop loot as intended.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Halls of Atonement
    • Echelon
      • The ground visual for Curse of Stone should remain visible with lowered Graphics Quality in the System Settings menu.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Anima Powers
    • Mage
      • Fire Juggler should no longer be able to knock enemies into locations where they can’t be looted.

World Quests

  • The Anima Collectors are now easier to find in the world quest "Tithe and Taxes."
by Published on 2021-01-19 10:34 PM

Mythic Dungeon International 2021 - Shadowlands Season 1
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With a truly global new structure, the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) is back for its most epic season to date!

MDI returns to YouTube this Friday, January 22, when top teams from around the world will face off to earn points towards advancing to the MDI Season 1 Global Finals and compete for their share of the $20,000 (USD) prize pool per cup. To make it to each cup, teams will need to prove themselves in Time Trials against more than 200 other teams, with the final eight teams advancing to each cup. Once all four cups have completed, the top six teams—based on total points—will advance to the Season 1 Global Finals where they will join with the top two teams from China to compete for the title of MDI Global Champion and their share of the $300,000 (USD) prize pool!


  • Venue: Online -
  • Dates: Every other Friday – Sunday, January 22 – March 14 (See calendar below)
  • Broadcast Start Time: 10:00 AM PT
  • Prize Pool: $20,000 (USD) per Cup
  • Format: 5v5, Best of 3
  • Seasonal Affix: Prideful
  • Dungeons:
    • The Necrotic Wake
    • Plaguefall
    • Mists of Tirna Scithe
    • Halls of Atonement’
    • Theater of Pain
    • De Other Side
    • Spires of Ascension
    • Sanguine Depths
  • Language Streams on YouTube:

Meet the Casters

Dan “AutomaticJak” Anzenberger: Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
Tristan “Dratnos” Killeen: Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
Caroline “Nagurra” Forer: Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
Peyton “Tettles” Tettleton: Twitter | Twitch | YouTube
Alex “Xyronic” Tatge: Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

When to Watch

The cups will run alongside the Arena World Championship (AWC) Season 1, on alternating weekends between the two events. This will allow teams for both AWC and MDI additional time to practice before the next cup, providing greater opportunity for new strategies to develop while enhancing the overall competitiveness of each program.

Stay Connected

Never miss a thing by subscribing to us on YouTube and check out the broadcast schedule on our esports page. Be sure to keep an eye on the WoW Esports Twitter page for live updates, recaps, and all the memes you can handle. We’ll see you in the Arena!
by Published on 2021-01-17 07:12 PM

Arena World Championship 2021 - Cup 1
Arena World Championship 2021 Cup 1 has started! Watch sixteen of the best teams from North America and Europe fight for their share of the weekly $10,000 prize pool, and points used to advance to the Season 1 Circuit.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Today – Friday, January 15, the first of four AWC Cups begins with teams from North America and Europe battling for their share of the weekly $10,000 (USD) prize pool per region, and to earn points towards advancing to the Season 1 Circuit.

  • Venue: Online -
  • Dates: Every other Friday through Sunday, January 15 – March 7
  • Broadcast Start Time: 10:00 a.m PT (1:00 p.m. ET)
  • Prize Pool: $10,000 (USD) per Regional Cup
  • Format: 3v3, Best of 5

Over 200 teams have signed up to compete in open tournaments each week, with the top twelve teams from each region making it into the Cup for a shot at the prizing and points. At the end of all four Cups, the top eight point-earners will advance to the Season 1 Circuit.

It’s a great lineup of casters:

And of course, we’ll have all the live updates, recaps, and memes you can handle on the WoW Esports Twitter feed.

Join us right here for all the action:

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