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by Published on 2019-03-22 06:56 PM

WoW AWC - Spring Cup

Future Transmog Update - Hide All Slots Except for Pants
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
They said in the Q&A that we will be getting a “Hide Chest” option soon!

Once this change hits we will be able to hide cloaks, helms, belts, shoulders, chests, and shoes! (If you have Griftah’s authentic Troll shoes)

So why not let us hide EVERYTHING!

Okay! Done.

Except for the pants.

I spoke to the development team just now, and they are determined to make this a set of changes that give players ways to hide every slot.

Except pants.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have details on how that’s going to come about in a future update to the game.
by Published on 2019-03-22 04:12 PM

Loot Trading in Classic
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
At BlizzCon 2018, we talked about how we plan to keep loot trading in World of Warcraft Classic. We added loot trading in Wrath of the Lich King to solve a common problem: a player could accidentally loot an item meant for another player or give it to the wrong person using Master Loot. They would then have to contact Blizzard to get the item moved to the intended recipient, which might take days. We wanted to keep loot trading in WoW Classic because the end result is the same – the correct person gets the item – and it’ll save everyone time.

But we heard your concerns about the potential for abuse of the loot trading system in parties of five. It’s possible that abusive play could take the form of a group of four players colluding to deny loot to a stranger who joined their party as a pick-up. Raid groups, being much larger, come with more understanding on the part of solo players that loot distribution can depend on the whims of the many players and raid leaders who know each other.

Taking that into consideration, we’ve decided that the two-hour loot trading system in WoW Classic will only apply to soulbound gear that drops in raids. Soulbound loot that drops in five-person content will not be tradeable at any time. What we hope to do is to strike a balance between saving players time and minimizing the potential for abuse of the system. We think this approach better addresses the concerns we’ve heard from players on the subject.
by Published on 2019-03-22 02:36 AM

Live Developer Q&A with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas

Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - March 21st, 2019
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Allied Races
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Kul Tiran characters from using the ferry system in Boralus if they skipped the Battle for Lordaeron scenario or used a Level 110 Character Boost.

Brawler's Guild
  • Players who purchase a Rumble Card should now be automatically added to the queue for the upcoming rumble.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving credit for "Solving the Mystery" after killing a mystery boss.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Mindbreaker Gzzaj from dealing damage to Alliance players when casting Mind Break.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being awarded victory if a player defeated Ro-Shambo playing the Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

  • Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Light of the Protector’s global cooldown to be reduced more than intended by haste.

Player versus Player
  • Honor gained within Battle for Wintergrasp has been increased, putting it in line with other Epic Battlegrounds.
  • The Ivory Feather can be used once again in battlegrounds to gain Marks of Prey.

by Published on 2019-03-21 05:53 PM

Live Developer Q&A with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas
Ion Hazzikostas is sitting down for another question and answer session on Battle for Azeroth!

  • RNG
    • There are a lot more viable loot acquisitions in the game outside of raiding than in the past.
    • The team is working on tech to make the mythic + cache at the end of the week less random.
    • The team is actively trying to figure out how to lessen moments that feel bad without making everything a vendor.
  • Gear Reset and Catch Up
    • The team has experimented with many different ranges for item level increase between raid tiers and have found the current 15 item levels is the minimum that they can do to make the jump from tier to tier feel relevant.
  • Fun and Enjoyment
    • The team has no incentive to create content that is not fun just to pad subscription numbers.
    • People tend to fixate on the Activitision investor lingo but this is not what the team focuses on when creating content.
    • The team values how engaged the community is and how often they are logging in to do content. They want to create content based on feedback and community response.
    • There are many different play styles and ways people enjoy the game. What works for some people doesn't always work for others.
  • PvP Rewards
    • Conquest rewards are not as high of an item level as raids and other harder content because it is a participation award just for engaging in PvP.
    • Playing at higher levels of PvP offers more relevant rewards comparable to other harder content.
  • Stat Importance
    • Starting in Legion, the ratio of stats on gear shifted more to primary stats as you progress further into the end game.
    • The team doesn't want secondary stats to be perfectly equal for classes so there is some decision making and enjoyment from seeing good stats on gear, but they want the gaps between secondary stat importance to be narrow.
  • Portal Removal Feedback
    • A Caverns of Time portal is being added to the portal hubs in the next update.
    • A UI update in the next update will add pathfinding directions to quests that take place on other continents.
  • Transmog
    • The ability to hide the chest slot will be added in the next update.
    • A long term project is to loosen some restrictions over time so players can have more self expression.
  • Character Customization
    • The team wants to increase customization options such as eye color in the near future.
    • A height option is more complicated and most likely not happening.
  • Allied Races
    • There are no new Allied Races in Rise of Azshara.
    • The team is listening to community feedback for what people want to play and will announce Allied races where it makes sense with the story.
    • There could be the ability to repeat Allied Race quests in the future.
  • Leveling
    • Leveling needs help. 120 is a big number and giving a reward at every level would be overwhelming and impractical.
    • The team has heavily discussed a level squish lately. They want community feedback on if losing levels would feel bad even if they could give more valuable rewards at every level in the leveling process.
  • Classic and Old Design Philosophies
    • The team wants to put the emphasis of community back into WoW.
    • With that said, they also don't want to make people feel like they can't play without other people.
  • Role Playing Servers in Classic
    • There will be a role playing server option in Classic.
  • Guilds and Communities
    • Certain guild features were lost in the transition of integrating communities into the platform. The team is working and listening to feedback to bring back what is missed most.
  • Two Sides to Every Tale Achievement
    • The team thought it would be a cool reward for people who saw both narratives. It isn't necessarily starting a trend to play both factions.
  • Gold
    • The team did not like what Warlords and Legion did to the economy and tried to pull back in BfA. They have reintroduced gold rewards after some changes in the beginning of the expansion such as the emissary rewards.
    • The team wants repair and consumable costs to be easily done through normal game play.
    • Selling runs for gold has been going on since the game launched. It is much healthier for it to happen with in game currency over sketchy methods.
    • The team doesn't want the advertising of selling runs to dominate channels and group finder and have taken steps to try and stop it, but there is no way to stop it completely.
  • Demon Hunter Server Restrictions
    • No plans to remove the restrictions in BfA, but most likely in the future as they did with Death Knights.
  • Raid Composition
    • The team is pretty happy with the encounter designs in Battle for Dazar'alor.
    • Ideally there will be some fights that are more friendly to ranged and in turn some that are friendlier to melee.
    • Outliers are usually changed such as Mythrax and Mythic Fetid Devourer.
  • Reputation in Dungeons
    • It is unlikely that reputation will be awarded for just doing dungeons because it is mostly tied to the outdoor content. They don't want chaining dungeons to be the most practical method of obtaining reputation.
    • In the past they had reputation in dungeons because of the limited amount of dailies. With world quests, there are more ways to earn rep now.
  • Thal'kiel and Demonology Warlocks
    • Other Legion artifact personalities could return in the future. Hati was an outlier because it was a beloved companion specific to hunters.
    • Xal'atath was an interesting character and the team wanted to dive into her story more which is why she has returned.

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