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by Published on 2018-04-25 12:44 AM

Battle for Azeroth Beta Live

Class Development in Beta
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Being in beta now, how locked in are certain aspects of BfA class design? Are you still looking at class design as a whole or just addressing bugs or things that don’t function well? In the Legion beta many issues for class design were flagged by players but for the most part went unchanged for whatever reasons Blizzard had. This led to many severe class overhauls mid expansion. Can we expect that again?

I wouldn't call anything "locked" during testing and active development. Our development processes are as iterative as they've ever been, and we're always looking for places where we need to make further changes to meet design goals.

Having said that, we're close to finished with the changes to the rotations and the look and feel for most specs. We’ve still got a few changes coming soon in the Beta to Unholy Death Knights, Frost Death Knights, and Protection Warriors.

We used the Alpha timeframe to make some surgical changes to several other specs, and we're somewhat finished with that stage of development for this expansion.

In the days and weeks to come in the Beta, we're going to keep a focus on how every spec plays with regard to the new itemization systems in Battle for Azeroth. While it's certainly possible that feedback on how Azerite affects a certain spec could lead us to do further development on that spec's rotation, we don't expect to need any big changes to talents that would justify the words "severe" or "overhaul".

Beyond itemization concerns, there may be spots where we’ll do focused problem-solving around rotational issues (examples: “it turns out that simulations say never to use X, but X seems like it should be part of my core rotation” or “my spec is too feast-or-famine, and if I have bad luck with Y procs, I feel useless.”).

As always, thank you very much for testing the Beta and making your experiences testing inform your feedback. Focused feedback is super-helpful.

Patch 7.3.5 Hotfixes - April 24
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Dungeons and Raids
  • Well of Eternity
    • Fixed a bug that caused Peroth’arn to appear too early and block further progress.
  • Antorus, The Broken Throne
    • Aggramar
      • Aggramar now begins Stage 3 at 35% health in Mythic difficulty
      • All Embers of Taeshalach now spawn with 0 Energy in Mythic difficulty.
      • The damage of Empowered Flame Rend has been reduced by 25%.
    • Argus, The Unmaker
      • Argus’s health has been reduced by 5% in Mythic difficulty.

  • Fixed a bug preventing Burnnhildar Prisoners from respawning as needed for “Cold Hearted”.

User Interface
  • The S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera should once again hide your UI when taking screenshots.
by Published on 2018-04-24 07:27 PM

Battle for Azeroth Beta
Battle for Azeroth Beta is here!

  • All Alpha characters have been wiped.
  • The Alpha forums have been removed from the US forum index.
  • Character copy is being turned on in the coming weeks.
  • No more character wipes are planned for Beta.
  • "A lot" more people will get access soon.
  • A list of addon changes has been posted.

Live Developer Q&A Thursday 4/26
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Battle for Azeroth Beta has begun! Join us live on Thursday, April 26, at 11:00 a.m. PDT, as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A where he’ll be answering your World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Beta questions.

You can submit your questions here in this thread or on Twitter by using the hashtag #WarcraftQA.

As a reminder, please keep your questions short (40 words or less) so that we can get to as many questions as possible. We look forward to you joining us live on Tuesday!
by Published on 2018-04-24 05:31 PM

Challenge Rift - Week 44

Most Popular Witchwood Decks of the Week From HearthPwn for April 22

Weekly Hero Rotation/Sales, Blue Posts, HeroStorm

Overwatch League 2018: Stage 3 Week 3 Recap

Greater Invasion Boss - Inquisitor Meto
Inquisitor Meto is up this week, rewarding item level 930 gear.

World Boss - The Soultakers
This week the World Boss is The Soultakers! Death Knights can get the hidden appearance for their Frost Spec.

Weekly Bonus Event - Pet Battles
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
An extra weekly quest and rewards are here— the Pet Battles bonus event is underway!

This Week
All week, get out there and fight with your mighty minions. When the time comes to take on other players, open your Pet Journal and hit the “Find Battle” button to be matched up with an opponent whose team is competitive with yours.

Look for the following all week long:

by Published on 2018-04-24 11:15 AM

Challenge Rift - Week 44

Most Popular Witchwood Decks of the Week From HearthPwn for April 22

Weekly Hero Rotation/Sales, Blue Posts, HeroStorm

Overwatch League 2018: Stage 3 Week 3 Recap

Tomb Stalker Mount - Battle for Azeroth
The Mummified Raptor Skull (Tomb Stalker) mount is a reward from the Challenger's Cache / a drop from King Dazar in Mythic Kings' Rest.

Mount and Pet Dressing Room - Battle for Azeroth
In Battle for Azeroth, if someone links a mount or pet in chat, you can now Ctrl + click it to preview it in the dressing room window, similar to the current functionality for armor and weapons.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Feedback: Island Expeditions
Fixed an issue where you probably weren't seeing the two new Islands, please try again! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

FinalBossTV - Guardian and Restoration Druids in Battle for Azeroth
FinalBossTV made a few videos recently on his first impressions of Guardian and Restoration Druids in Battle for Azeroth!

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