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by Published on 2022-11-25 06:59 PM

Preach: "A NEW Era for WoW" - Inside Blizzard HQ
Preach has uploaded his trip to Blizzard HQ, featuring behind the scenes as well as interviews with Executive Producer Holly Longdale, General Manager John Hight, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and more!

by Published on 2022-11-24 03:19 AM

WoW Hotfixes - November 23, 2022
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Fixed an issue where Alliance players attempting to complete Pilgrim's Peril were unable to get credit for sitting in the Undercity Bountiful Table in past Tirisfal Glades.


  • Demon Hunter
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Infernal Armor's damage value from increasing with its second rank.
  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Fixed an issue where Orbital Strike and Goldrinn's Fang would always critically strike when affected by Balance of All Things.
  • Evoker
    • Quell can no longer be used while hexed.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed an issue causing Lightning Shield, Water Shield, and Earth Shield to be removed when logging out, entering instances, or when dying.
    • Lightning Shield now lasts 60 minutes (was 30 minutes).
  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • Fixed an issue where Fel Sunder could not be applied by multiple Demonology Warlocks.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where Evokers were not eligible to roll on many legacy items.
  • Adjusted the sell value of some items to better reflect their values before the recent item level adjustments.


  • Fixed an issue where Shadowlands enchants could not be applied to Enchanting vellums.
  • Developers' note: This fix will temporarily prevent enchants that were available prior to Shadowlands from being applied to Enchanting vellums. This new issue will be fixed shortly after the release of Dragonflight.
by Published on 2022-11-23 10:51 PM

Upcoming Class Tuning - November 29
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’re working on a slate of tuning adjustments for several classes that will be applied to the live game with scheduled weekly maintenance on November 29. Please note: this weekly maintenance period is a day after Dragonflight content becomes available.

Demon Hunter
  • Havoc
    • Burning Wound Immolation Aura damage bonus reduced to 40% (was 50%).
    • Know Your Enemy (Talent) critical damage bonus reduced to 40/80% of your critical strike chance (was 50/100%).
    • Any Means Necessary (Talent) damage bonus for affected skills reduced to 80% of your Mastery: Demonic Presence bonus (was 100%).

  • Of Dusk and Dawn has been adjusted:
    • Blessing of Dawn now increases damage and healing by 5% (was 6%). Duration increased to 20 seconds.
    • Blessing of Dusk duration increased to 20 seconds.
    • Seal of Order now increases healing the healing and damage of your Holy Power spending abilities by 8% (was 10%) during Blessing of Dawn.
  • Protection
    • Word of Glory healing increased by 40% for Protection Paladins.
    • Light of the Titans healing increased by 40%.

  • Discipline
    • The duration of the Harsh Discipline buff effect has been increased to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds).

  • Outlaw
    • Dispatch damage reduced by 5%
    • Dreadblades (Talent) duration reduced to 8 seconds (was 10 seconds) and Energy cost reduced to 40 (was 50).

  • Arms
    • Seasoned Soldier now also grants 10% reduced damage to area effect damage.
    • Battlelord now also increases the damage of Overpower by 25% at all times.
    • Martial Prowess increases the damage of Mortal Strike by 30% per stack (was 25%).
    • Exhilarating Blows chance to reset Mortal Strike or Cleave increased to 20% (was 15%).
    • Fatal Mark damage increased by 20%.
    • Fueled by Violence now heals for 65% of the damage dealt by deep wounds (was 50%).
    • Mortal Strike damage increased by 3.5%.

Player versus Player
  • Recuperator effectiveness is no longer reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
  • Echoing Reprimand damage is no longer reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
  • Reverberation damage is no longer reduced by 33% in PvP combat.
  • Outlaw
    • Killing Spree damage is no longer reduced by 20% in PvP combat.
    • Pistol Shot damage is no longer reduced by 16% in PvP combat.
  • Subtlety
    • Mastery: Executioner effectiveness is no longer reduced by 20% in PvP combat.
by Published on 2022-11-23 07:43 PM

Dragonflight Update Notes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The ancestral home of dragonkind—the Dragon Isles are awakening, and many long-forgotten secrets are waiting to be uncovered. Heed the dragons’ call as their ancient homelands are revealed once more, beckoning adventurers and treasure seekers to unravel the many mysteries waiting for them.

Head over to Stormwind or Orgrimmar to begin your journey into the Dragon Isles and experience the new content the expansion has to offer, including:

New Level Cap: 70
Ascend to new heights of power as you explore the Dragon Isles, earning new talents every step of the way to level 70.

Discover the Dragon Isles
Discover the Dragon Isles and explore four new zones—the Waking Shores, roiling with elemental power; the vast expanse of the Ohn’ahran Plains; the frosty peaks of the Azure Span; and the majestic spires and temples of Thaldraszus—each themed around and revealing more about the ancient dragon aspects.

Soar Through the Air With Dragonriding
Dragonriding is an all-new skill-based method of aerial movement that allows players to take to the skies on the back of their personal Dragon Isles Drake. Players will customize their drake as they progress through the expansion, collecting more appearance options and enabling them to fly farther and faster. [LEARN MORE]

Meet the Major Factions
Dragonflight ushers in a unique way to progress with Major Factions. Earn Reputation to unlock Renown ranks and access to rewards when you assist denizens of the Dragon Isles. [LEARN MORE]

Eight New Dungeons
Four new level-up dungeons and four maximum-level dungeons await players who venture into the Dragon Isles. Whether you’re looking for loot, a new challenge, or to learn more about this ancient land, you’ll need to gather your courage— and your allies— for the trials ahead. [LEARN MORE]

Level-up dungeons:

  • Ruby Life Pools
  • Brackenhide Hollow
  • The Nokhud Offensive
  • Halls of Infusion

Max-level dungeons:
  • Neltharus
  • The Azure Vault
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
  • Algeth'ar Academy

Vault of the Incarnates Raid
Venture into the ancient prison of the Primal Incarnates before their malevolent power can be unleashed against the Dragon Aspects. [LEARN MORE]

Raid release schedule:
  • Week of December 12: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic Vault of the Incarnates will open with the weekly maintenance for each region
  • Week of December 19: Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing 1 opens
  • Week of January 2: Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing 2 opens
  • Week of January 16: Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing 3 opens

An Eye on Professions
Become a Dragon Isles artisan and fulfill crafting orders for your realm. Hunt down rare ingredients and create ever more wondrous items as you unlock specializations for your profession.

Dungeons and Raids
  • Shadowlands raids and World Bosses have returned to their previous difficulties and are no longer Fated. Fated Raid quests, rewards, achievements, and the mysterious 3 vendors in Oribos are no longer available.
  • The following content will become available after the weekly maintenance starting on November 29:
    • Mythic Dungeons
    • Dragonbane Keep Strongbox from Siege on Dragonbane Keep (Epic quality)
    • Grand Hunt Spoils (Uncommon, Rare, and Epic quality)
    • The weekly quest “Community Feast”
    • The “Aiding the Accord” weekly quests
    • The “Show Your Mettle” weekly quest
    • Weekly Valdrakken professions quests of any kind
    • Weekly PvP quests rewarding honor
      • Developers’ note: We want players to level at their own pace without feeling like they’re missing out on a week of rewards if they fail to reach level 70 within a few hours after the expansion launch.

Items and Rewards
  • Sylvanas Windrunner and The Jailer mount drop rates have significantly decreased (was 100%), and the amount of dropped mounts will decrease to 1 (was 2).
  • The Shadowlands Great Vault has been sealed and no longer provides rewards for completing activities in the Shadowlands.

Pet Battles
  • A new questline has been added that helps new players learn about the pet battle system.

WoW Companion App
  • Players can view maps and world quests.
  • Players can view Major Factions tracks and rewards.

To view all content update notes, click here.

For World of Warcraft customer support, please visit our Support Site or our Customer Support discussion forum. If you’ve found a bug, please let us know about it in our Bug Report Forum.
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Dragonflight Survival Guide - Live on November 28
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Check out the latest Survival Guide for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Join CDew, Hazelnutty, and Naguura as they guide you on your first steps onto the Dragon Isles. You’ll learn more about mastering the skies with Dragonriding and outdoor progression with Major Factions. You’ll also get a dragon’s-eye view of significant profession and talent systems updates, new raid content, revamped UI and HUD, and more.

To learn more about Dragonflight, visit and check for updates.

See you on the Dragon Isles!

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