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by Published on 2024-07-24 06:56 AM

Warband Warbanks are Temporarily Disabled
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Along with the launch of the pre-expansion patch (11.0.0), we’ve temporarily disabled the Warband Warbank while we work on a critical issue.

This is a top priority and we intend to enable the Warbank as soon as possible.

Thank you!

User Interface Action Bar Issues
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We have a couple of known issues with Action Bars that we’re working to quickly fix.

  • For some players, upon login, action bars 2-8 are unintentionally disabled on all characters. Players in this state will have to manually re-enable any of your extra action bars through Options > Gameplay > Action Bars. Pre-existing keybinds and spells should display with the re-enabled action bars.
  • New characters’ (level 10 and below) spells on the Action Bars may not save on logout. The same issue may cause some existing characters to have all spells wiped from their Action Bar on logout if they do not create a new loadout.

We intend to fix these issues as soon as possible.
by Published on 2024-07-24 06:52 AM

Wield Otherworldly Weapons with the Cosmic Weapon Cache
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Gain five armaments forged from the primal fabric of the cosmos when you procure the Cosmic Weapon Cache through August 30, 2024, from the in-game shop! Whoever assembled this collection and why remains a mystery, but wielding any one of these mystifying weapons will draw the eye of those who covet such power.

Add these otherworldly weapon Transmogs to your Collection through August 30, 2024:

  • Taesavir, Sword of the Grand Design
  • Seetheras, Broadsword of the Sunderer
  • Gorridar, Darkblade of the Sunderer
  • Voidsong, Stave of the Harbinger
  • M’thos, Dagger of the Grand Design

Weapon Transmogs are not available as standalone purchases. This offer requires a World of Warcraft® subscription or Game Time and is not available in World of Warcraft Classic progression games.
by Published on 2024-07-23 09:24 PM

The War Within Pre-Expansion Patch 11.0 Live This Week
The War Within pre-expansion patch is launching this week in both NA and EU!

Update: NA and EU servers are now up!

What is Releasing This Week?
Major new content additions are coming in the War Within Pre-patch.

What is Releasing on July 30?

Official War Within Pre-patch Notes
Here are the Official Patch notes for the War Within Pre-patch 11.0.

Expand the potential of all your World of Warcraft characters with account-wide progression across your account, regardless of faction—including shared The War Within renown, a Warband bank, achievements, collections, and more!

Visions of Azeroth Questline
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Strange visions are calling to the heroes of Azeroth. Players who have reached level 70 and have completed the final chapter of the Dragonflight questline will be called to take their next steps into the story leading into The War Within with the first part of the "Visions of Azeroth" questline.

Dragonriding is here to stay and available for many flying mounts in all flyable areas. Players can also toggle between Skyriding (previously known as dynamic flight) or the flying style introduced originally in The Burning Crusade (TBC) called Steady Flight.

User Interface Changes
Blizzard has updated or changed several user interface aspects going into The War Within.

Leveling Changes
Blizzard has decreased the amount of experience to level from 1-70 going into The War Within.

Miscellaneous Changes
Here are some other changes and additions coming in the War Within pre-patch.

Coming on July 30
The War Within Pre-Patch event starts the following week on July 30.

Radiant Echoes Event
Confront the memories of Azeroth during the new pre-expansion event and collect Residual Memories to purchase new items to add to your Warband collection.

by Published on 2024-07-23 07:25 PM

Pre-Purchase The War Within for Some Colorful Extras
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Add a zap of color to your Collection with additional color variations for the Stormrider's Attire Transmog set and Squally pet when you pre-purchase the Heroic or Epic edition of World of Warcraft®: The War Within™.

Upgradable Stormrider’s Attire Transmog Set

With the The War Within pre-expansion content update launch, players who upgrade to the Heroic or Epic Edition of The War Within can accept the quest "The Stormrider's Bond" from Kurdran Wildhammer in Valdrakken.

Completing this quest will reward three new Transmog armor sets in addition to the Stormrider’s Attire Transmog set.

Alternate sets: Champion, Stormrider's Attire, Deep Stormrider's Attire, and Shining Stormrider's Attire

After completing Kurden's first quest, he'll have another for you. Complete "A Sacred Connection" to receive upgraded versions of the Stormrider’s Attire sets.

Upgraded alternate sets: Sparking Stormrider's Attire, Frenzied Stormrider's Attire, and Shocking Stormrider's Attire

Players who have not begun these quests during the pre-expansion update of The War Within can pick up a quest from Stormrider Bruelda in Dornogal upon launch.

In Search of Stray Siblings

Seek out Squally's lost siblings to gain a group of fun-size gryphons as battle pets!

Players who upgrade to the Epic Editon of The War Within can summon Squally from their Collection and tackle the "Gryphons of a Feather" quest. Track down Squally's three siblings, Flash, Gale, and Thundo, within the Dragon Isles to add them to your bevy of battle pets.

Pre-Purchase World of Warcraft: The War Within

Become a part of a thrilling new story 20 years in the making!

Choose Your Edition

Epic Edition

Includes everything in the Heroic Edition. Plus, you’ll have guaranteed Beta Access and Early Access (3 days) to The War Within. You’ll also receive 30 days of game time, Squally, the Storm Hatchling pet, Sandbox Storm Gryphon toy, and Deepdweller’s Earthen Hearthstone effect. Also includes an additional 250 Trader’s Tender (1000 in total) to use in the Trading Post††.

Heroic Edition

Includes everything in the Base Edition. Plus, you’ll receive the Algarian Stormrider mount with Dynamic Flying and access to special racecourses, and the Stormrider’s Attire Transmog set. The mount has four color variants, with a slew of additional customization options available. The Transmog set can be upgraded to the Thundering Stormrider’s Attire upon completing the special racecourses available with the Algarian Stormrider. Also includes an additional 250 Trader’s Tender (750 in total) to use in the Trading Post††.

Base Edition

Includes the World of Warcraft: The War Within pre-purchase, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight***, an Enhanced Level 70 Character Boost with upgraded gear, reputation progress, and more, to prepare you for your adventures in the depths of the world. Also includes 500 Trader’s Tender to use in the Trading Post ††

Base Edition Heroic Edition Epic Edition
World of Warcraft: The War Within available at launch** X X X
Enhanced Level 70 Character Boost X X X
Trader’s Tender 500 750 1000
Algarian Stormrider mount with dynamic flying, dozens of customization options, and access to special racecourses X X
Upgradable Stormrider’s Attire Transmog set X X
Beta Access to The War Within X
3 Days Early Access to The War Within X
30 Days of Game Time X
Squally, the Storm Hatchling pet X
Sandbox Storm Gryphon toy X
Deepdweller's Earthen Hearthstone effect X

*Future expansions not included in WoW: The War Within purchase.
**Available on or before December 31, 2024.
***If you already have Dragonflight on your account, it will not be re-granted.
†Beta Access and Early Access dates subject to change. Early Access duration is 3 days. Limited time only. Play time subject to possible outages and time zone differences. Certain endgame features, including Mythic dungeons and weekly quests, not available during Early Access. Click for more details.
††In-game items not available in WoW Classic games. Boost only usable on the WoW® game account on which it was purchased or redeemed.

  • Upgrading to the Heroic or Epic Edition will not re-grant in-game items previously unlocked on your account.
  • Requires World of Warcraft, Internet connection, and® Account and desktop app.
  • Requires World of Warcraft Subscription or Game Time.
by Published on 2024-07-23 07:20 PM

Updated Character Screen and Character Services in The War Within
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With the release of the pre-expansion content update and Warbands, you’ll notice a difference in the character screen that will affect how you use Character Transfers, Level Boosts, Race Changes, and Faction Changes on your characters.

As the character selection screen shows all characters on the account in one convenient location, some may show up as “gray” in the listing and are not available to select to use a Character Service on. To use a service for that character, you will need to select the realm that the character is from first by clicking on the “Realm” selection at the top of the screen and then apply the service to that character.

You can also hover your mouse cursor over a character listed on the right side of the screen to see additional information including the realm it is currently on.

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