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by Published on 2020-03-29 02:08 AM

WoW Classic - Burning Crusade Official Blizzard Survey
Yesterday, players on Reddit began reporting that they received an official survey from Blizzard asking questions about a hypothetical Burning Crusade Classic Server. The questions asked are listed below. Thanks to soramac on the classicwow subreddit for the photo!

  • How interested are you in a "Classic" version of Burning Crusade?
  • Thinking about the potential ways a player could start a character in "Classic" Burning Crusade, which of the following would you prefer most?
    • Continue playing my current Classic character on my existing server as it progresses to the Burning Crusade expansion, with the option to transfer to a Classic server that will never progress past level 60.
    • Continue playing my current Classic character on my existing server that will never progress past 60, with the option to transfer to a Burning Crusade server.
    • Start a brand new character from Level 58 on a new Burning Crusade server.
    • Start a brand new character from Level 1 on a new Burning Crusade server.
    • None of the above

Diablo Community Manager Brandy Camel Leaving Blizzard
Diablo Community Manager Brandy Camel, also known as Nevalistis, is leaving Blizzard to take on the role of Dungeons and Dragons Community Manager at Wizards of the Coast! We wish her all the best!

Originally Posted by blizzard (Blue Tracker)
This is, undoubtedly, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write. Not gonna lie, it took me a few tries.

March 27, 2020 will be my final day as Diablo Community Manager, and at Blizzard Entertainment. I’m not leaving for any ill reasons; my team here has always been understanding and kind, every developer I’ve had the honor of interacting with has been delightfully passionate, and the decision to leave was ultimately mine alone. I have an opportunity to explore a new and very different adventure, and if you’re curious about that, I’ll share more about it on my personal channels. Sometimes, opportunity presents itself and you just gotta roll the dice.

What I want to focus on is expressing my gratitude to this community. For welcoming me when I stumbled in at the announcement of Reaper of Souls. For making me feel at home as I was trembling on livestream, fighting stage fright while introducing the expansion to the world. For all the smiles, high-fives, hugs, and selfies at conventions (especially BlizzCon). For the absolute conviction and passion for Sanctuary that I see in every player’s post, whether it’s excitement over the latest Season or constructive criticism for your favorite class. Regardless of highs and lows, this is one of the best communities out there, and the heart of it is warm, caring, and filled with people who just want more Diablo.

Thank you for permitting me to be a part of your community. Thank you for reading my weird blogs and tolerating my terrible puns and memes. And thank you for staying awhile to listen. I’ve had an incredible opportunity learn and grow as person that I’ll carry with me the rest of my life, and I can’t wait to delve the depths of the Burning Hells and face down the mother of Sanctuary alongside the rest of you.

Lastly, rest assured that the Diablo community will be left in good hands. I’ve spent a fair amount of my final weeks here preparing to pass the torch to those who will follow in my footsteps and working with the team here to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. You won’t be left unheard or unacknowledged, but please be understanding while the next folks get settled in. We’re all here to battle the demons of Hell together, after all!

I’ll see you in Sanctuary, adventurers.

DLC #719 has been released!

by Published on 2020-03-27 03:15 AM

Next Reset - Legacy Loot Coming to Legion Instances
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With scheduled weekly maintenance the week of March 31, we’re enabling Legacy loot rules in Legion raids and dungeons.

We’re reached that point in an expansion where the content from the previous expansion no longer requires a full group, and the rewards are primarily sought by transmog collectors. With this change, Legion raid and dungeon encounters will drop a fixed quantity of class-agnostic loot. Today, if you and one other player enter Emerald Nightmare on Mythic difficulty and kill Nythendra, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive any loot, since drop rates normally scale to the number of players. After this change, Nythendra will always drop 5 items from her loot table, regardless of your group size.

Dungeons and many of the lower-difficulty raid bosses in Legion are already soloable by well-equipped Battle for Azeroth characters, though some bosses, especially on Mythic difficulty, may still require you to bring a few friends. Nonetheless, this should amount to a great increase in the availability of Legion transmog gear.

See you there!

Ashes of Outland and Demon Hunter Class - Full Card List
Ashes of Outland introduces 135 new cards, including 15 cards for the brand new Demon Hunter class, as well as Primes, and Imprisoned Demons! Check out the complete Ashes of Outland Card List, with release date and expansion details. All new Demon Hunter Cards have also been revealed, you can check them out and the full overview of Hearthstone's 10th class on HearthPwn.

by Published on 2020-03-26 06:27 AM

Patch 8.3 Hotfixes - March 25, 2020
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Battle Pets

  • Black Chitinous Plate should now drop more frequently from Skikx'traz in Uldum while the Aqir Assault is active.


  • Malevolent Drone should now drop more frequently from Corpse Eater in Uldum while the Aqir Assault is active.
by Published on 2020-03-25 12:30 AM

Patch 8.3 Hotfixes - March 24, 2020
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Dungeons and Raids

  • Atal’Dazar
    • Priestess Alun’za
      • The ground visual for Tainted Blood should remain visible when Projected Textures is disabled in the System Settings menu.

  • Temple of Sethraliss
    • Spark Channeler
      • The ground visual for Call Lightning should remain visible when Projected Textures is disabled in the System Settings menu.
by Published on 2020-03-24 04:18 PM

This Week in World of Warcraft

Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker World Boss
Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker is up in Uldum!
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker
Plumbing the forgotten depths of Azeroth, Prophet Skitra unearthed a devastating aqir known as Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker. Now freed from its subterranean slumber, Vuk'laz turns its destructive power against those who oppose N'Zoth.

  • Overview - Vuk'laz is a living weapon of war that attempts to overcome its enemies with devastating physical attacks. As the battle rages Vuk'laz summons scarabs to its aid from beneath the Writhing Sands.
  • Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker -
    • Tremor Wave - Vuk'laz unleashes a mighty tremor, knocking back all players in a 40 yard frontal cone and inflicting 50 Physical damage.
    • Writhing Sands - Vuk'laz summons a horde of Aqir scarabs from beneath the sands.
      • Aqir Scarab - Aqir Scarabs emerge from the sands to swarm and overwhelm players.
    • Razor Spines - Vuk'laz shoots razor sharp spines from its carapace, inflicting 30 Physical damage to all players within 0 yards.
    • Crushing Claws - Vuk'laz lashes out with both claws, inflicting 90 Physical damage to its current target.

LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
445FingerFingerBand of Insidious Ruminations
445ClothLegsBreeches of Faithful Execution
445LeatherLegsGrotesque Mutilator's Leggings
445MailHeadPsyche Tormentor's Visage
445PlateHeadGreathelm of Indiscriminate Brutality

N'Zoth Assaults in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Assault: Aqir

Assault: The Black Empire

To learn more about the N'Zoth Assaults in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms, click the banner below for an in depth guide.

Island Expeditions for the Week of March 24, 2020
The Island Expeditions for the week are:
  • Rotting Mire with Saurok
  • Crestfall with Dragons
  • Snowblossom Village with Virmen

The Salvage Crates available for purchase this week are:

Click the banner below to learn more about Island Expedition Rewards and Loot Tables.

PvP Brawl: Classic Ashran
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Classic Ashran is an open-ended tug-of-war battleground with special events around the zone, including quests and events.

Arena Skirmishes Bonus Event
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Sharpen your swords and reinforce your boards, because you’re called to the PvP Arena for the hectic mayhem of Skirmishes.

This Week: Arena Skirmishes
All week, from anywhere in Azeroth, open the Group Finder (default hotkey: i), select the Player vs. Player tab on the bottom of the window, and then under Casual, choose Arena Skirmish and JOIN BATTLE. You’ll be matched up with teammates and provided with opponents to kill in the Arena. You can also queue for a Premade group or create your own group within the Premade tab.

Look for the following all week long:

  • Chronicler Shoopa in Zuldazar and in Boralus has a quest for you–The Arena Calls. Or, if you forget to pick it up there, you can start it from within the Adventure Journal.
    • Quest requirement: Win 10 Arena PvP Skirmishes
    • Reward: A PvP loot box
  • Passive buff: +50% honor gains from Skirmishes

If you’ve been looking to make some Honor gains, this is the week to do it!

Call to Arms: Uldum, Nazjatar and Vol'dun
This week's Call to Arms is Call to Arms: Uldum, Call to Arms: Nazjatar and Call to Arms: Vol'dun.

Head to Uldum, Nazjatar and Vol'dun with warmode enabled to kill players of the opposing faction. This will reward you with Quartermaster's Note, Aspirant's Equipment Cache, Honor, Conquest and Reputation with either The Honorbound or 7th Legion.

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