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by Published on 2018-08-15 12:03 AM

Patch 8.0.1 Hotfixes - August 14, 2018
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Temple of Sethraliss
    • Fixed a bug that caused Avatar of Sethraliss to sometimes become inactive.

  • Dune Scavenger is now usable by both Horde and Alliance characters.
  • Terrified Pack Mule is now learnable and usable by Alliance characters.

  • The Nazmir quest "Poisoning the Brood" will now share credit to party members.
  • The Targets for "A Wall of Iron" will now respawn more frequently.
  • Players that were in the vicinity of, but did not get credit for killing Vilank'dor, will once again be able to complete the quest "To Sacrifice a Loa".
  • Fixed an issue where too many enemies were participating in "Mojambo".
  • Players should now be able to advance and complete "The High Thornspeaker".
  • “Adapting Our Tactics” can now be abandoned and re-accepted after selecting an upgrade to pursue
  • Players who disconnect during “Rodrigo’s Revenge” can now continue the quest.
  • “The Last Witch Doctor of Krag'wa” will no longer talk to nearby players who are not on the quest.
  • Crawgs in "Crawg Free Zone" will now respawn more frequently.
  • Adjusted the range of the Seaforium Smoke Grenade on “Boom Goes the Bomb” so that it can better go boom.
  • Interacting with the Mysterious Brew during "Enforcing Fate" should now reliably grant credit.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to select their second or third War Campaign Footholds. Players who had previously been stuck in this state may now interact with the scouting map near Halford or Nathanos to choose a Foothold.
by Published on 2018-08-14 10:21 PM

Battle for Azeroth - Embers of War Trailer
To go along with the release of Battle for Azeroth yesterday, Blizzard unleashed another cinematic trailer!

Mythic 0 Dungeons Now Available
Regular Mythic Dungeons are now available in live! Make sure you complete all 10 dungeons weekly. They reward item level 340 gear baseline.

  • Rewards item level 340 gear baseline.
  • There are 8 dungeons to do up front on a weekly lockout.
  • As you progress through your War Campaign and earn 7,000 + reputation into honored with the 7th Legion you will unlock 2 more Mythic only dungeons to add to your weekly lockout farms.
  • The Azerite Armor from Mythic 0's include the 4th band (role specific traits).

World First Level 120 - Gingi of Method
Gingi, a balance druid from Method, was the first person to reach level 120 worldwide. He managed this feat in less than 5 hours and leveled with two other people. Congrats to him on his accomplishment. Check out his Twitch to see his stream of the achievement!

Poll - What Level are You?
How goes leveling?

by Published on 2018-08-13 10:04 PM

Battle for Azeroth Cinematics
The launch of Battle for Azeroth has unlocked more cinematics!

by Published on 2018-08-13 10:00 PM

Battle for Azeroth is now Live!
The moment you've been waiting for is here, Battle for Azeroth is live!

WoW Companion App Update
The WoW Companion app has been updated for Battle for Azeroth! Grab it from the Google Play store or iTunes now.

Battle for Azeroth - The Music of Warbringers
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Warbringers animated shorts present the tales of iconic leaders Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas Windrunner during pivotal times in their lives. Now you can relive these moments with their haunting musical compositions.

Add it to your Battle for Azeroth playlist on Spotify or iTunes now.

VG247 Interview with Gary Platner and Terran Gregory
VG247 did a Battle for Azeroth interview with Gary Platner and Terran Gregory.

  • High end cinematics have limitations to how many characters can be created and the Battle for Azeroth cinematic was far more than the CGI team has created before.
  • Terran Gregory was personal disappointed that gnomes didn't make it into the cinematic, but thinks that as they grow their capabilities they will be able to showcase many more Alliance and Horde races.
  • The Legion epilogues were the "return to the shire" moments of an expansion that ended with a world shattering conclusion. They wanted to bring the story back to terrestrial Azeroth and foreshadow that something will go wrong.
  • The story team always discusses how to service both factions and it ultimately comes down to telling a compelling and emotional story.
  • You can't set out with a goal to make sure everyone enjoys the story in the same way. That is unattainable.
  • The team admires the passion of the fanbase and knew that bringing the story back to a faction conflict was gonna see bold decisions not yet done in WoW.
  • They knew that there would be strong reactions to the burning of Teldrassil, but it has exceeded expectations! Alex Afrasiabi was quoted as saying "all those feelings mean we’re doing our job as storytellers, and that the community cares about what we’re doing."
  • This single moment got extremely passionate and Blizzard still needs to make sure they make sure their people are being treated with respect, but they admire the passion.
  • They enjoy watching the reaction videos to the content, good or bad.
  • Storytelling involves highs and lows. Old Soldier would not have had as much impact without the Sylvanas Warbringer short.
  • The team still has a lot of work to do to improve the new player experience.
  • If something doesn't work the team will come back and refine it.
  • They plan to support the game for as long as the player base supports them.
  • From today's perspective, the team does not see World of Warcraft coming to an end. The game is evergreen and constantly attended to.
  • Gregory says that Alex Afrasiabi designed this expansion like it would be the last. He said not to hold back.
  • The team is committed to keeping WoW powerful and relevant as long as they can.

XGN Interview with Gary Platner and Terron Gregory
XGN interviewed Gary Platner and Terron Gregory in Amsterdam!

  • Boralus is the shining gem of the expansion in terms of art. The city reflects in the water and so it basically had to be signed twice.
  • Terran is most proud of the Broken Shore cinematic.
  • Terran is an Alliance Draenei Paladin player while Gary is a Horde Undead Warlock.
  • Terran wants to be a gnome paladin.
  • Not everyone on the team knows how Battle for Azeroth will end. They don't keep secrets; it's just only having time to give people the information to do their work.

PCWorld Interview with Dusty Nolting
PCworld interviewed Lead Character Artist Dusty Nolting on Battle for Azeroth's Heroes.[/b][/size]

  • Dusty loves Saurfang and seems him as a very important character this expansion.
  • Allied Races allow the team to take the traditional aspect of an existing race like orcs and draenei and play around with adding cool and new features such as tattoos and horns and such.
  • The team comes up with a huge story and the expansions allow them to further this story. It is not necessarily episodic like a television series.
  • Exploring the new cultures in Battle for Azeroth has been the most fulfilling part of creating Battle for Azeroth for Dusty.

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