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Beta Key Giveaway: Winners have been selected! Check here to see if you won.

by Published on 2018-05-23 08:50 PM

Beta Key Giveaway: Winners have been selected! Check here to see if you won.

Artifact Appearance Availability Change in Battle for Azeroth
Blizzard recently made an adjustment to what artifact appearances are going away in Battle for Azeroth. The appearance awarded for completing a Mythic +15 will now still be obtainable after Legion ends. This means that only the Mage Tower base artifact appearances will no longer be available to unlock in Battle for Azeroth.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As testing continues in the Battle for Azeroth Beta, and we specifically consider the transition from Legion to BFA, we’ve decided to make the existing Keystone Master achievement permanent. There will not be a new achievement for completing a Mythic 15 or higher dungeon in the new expansion.

The artifact appearance associated with Keystone Master will still be available in Battle For Azeroth. Players can earn the achievement in Legion through August 13, or players can complete a Mythic 15 BFA dungeon at level 120, once Mythic Keystone difficulty opens a few weeks after the launch of Battle For Azeroth.

This means that the only artifact appearance that will become unobtainable with Battle For Azeroth is the Mage Tower base appearance.

As always, thank you for your feedback!
by Published on 2018-05-22 08:42 PM

2018 Overwatch Anniversary Patch Live, The Brigitte Meta, and Dallas Fuel's New Coach

Battle for Azeroth Comic #1 - Jaina: “Reunion”
The comic we previewed yesterday is now available to view. This is the first of 3 prelaunch comics and features Jaina Proudmoore's return to the ruins of Theramore! You can find it here!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Join Jaina Proudmoore in “Reunion,” the first in a series of digital comics leading up to Battle for Azeroth.

As the Horde and the Alliance reckon with the aftermath of their war with the Burning Legion, Jaina finds herself doing some soul searching in the ruins of Theramore. Alone with the ghosts of the dead city, she reflects on a bitter past full of heartbreak and betrayal—and resolves to confront it with a return to her homeland of Kul Tiras.

We invite you to read and download the free comic here.


Written by Andrew Robinson and illustrated by Linda Cavallini and Emanuele Tenderini, “Reunion” is the first in a series of comics leading up to Battle for Azeroth.

Andrew Robinson is a senior writer on Blizzard Entertainment’s creative development team, where he helps build and expand upon the fiction of our universes through comics, cinematics, and more. He started at Blizzard in 2014 as a writer focusing on animation projects, and has written and consulted for more than 30 animated TV shows over the course of his full career.

Linda Cavallini is an Italian freelance illustrator who has worked on various children’s illustrated books since 2008. She is currently on working on the fantasy/sci-fi comic Lumina with Emanuele Tenderini through their publishing house Tatai Lab, which they established in 2015.

Emanuele Tenderini is an Italian comic book artist who began his career at various French publishers. He later worked with famed Italian comic book writer and publisher Sergio Bonelli before forming Tatai Lab in 2015 with Linda Cavallini.

Clarification on Battle For Azeroth's Pathfinder Achievement
The recently datamined Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One stirred up some controversy recently when it included both Kul Tiras and Zandalar questing achievements. The good news, however, is that it only requires one continent and not both!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Looks like the requirement to level characters from both faction to max and run quest lines with each is staying (not a bug). It's still an after patch and the devs won't respond for clarification on it on the forums or on twitter. Looks like you're gonna have to have to max level grind out achievements on 2 characters (different factions) in order to get flight in bfa. Kinda sucks for those who pre-ordered and used that character boost already.
Just some clarification on this, you do not need both factions for Pathfinder Part 1. You will only need either Horde or Alliance side.

North American Arena World Championship Recap
Blizzard posted a recap of the North American Arena World Championship and what played out!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
North America Can't Bust The Move

With the Spring Finals in the books the teams from North America are looking to regroup and take on the challenge of the summer season in the Arena World Championship. The first North American Cup would set the tone.

Method Orange Falter Early and Regroup

Method Orange were the top seed in North America at the Spring Finals but the road to the top was cut short in the first round where they dropped to Reformed and XRB. Coming into the summer, Method had a lot of work to do to retain their crown in NA, and got off to a poor start, falling to Super Rejects 3-1 in the upper bracket of the double-elimination tournament. Method then went on a lower bracket run beating everyone to get to the final versus The Move, a run that included overcoming Super Rejects.

The Rejects Can’t Keep the Spring Finals Level

The Rejects, now known as Noble were the most improved team at the Spring Finals and finished with the silver medal. Coming back to North America, the question was whether the Spring Finals were a fluke, and Noble did nothing to disprove that theory. With a first round loss to Method Orange followed by an elimination at the hands of Super Rejects, Noble have a lot of work to do to recapture the form they showed at the Spring Finals. Noble came in with a variety of compositions including a slower RMP as well as some more aggressive cleave compositions. This is in stark contrast to the RMP that the then-The Rejects used during most of the Spring Finals.

Sneakier Snakes are Still Sneakily good

The Sneakier Snakes were one of the bottom teams at the Spring Finals, going two-and-out just like Method Orange. Now playing in the summer season as Kaska’s Angels, they wanted to show they had what it takes to stay at the top of North America, with their only losses coming at the hands of The Move and Method Orange. Losing 3-0 to both might not be inspiring but Kaska’s Angels are looking to stay in the top four with that third-place finish and quietly hang around the top of North America.

The Move Back With a Vengeance

The Move did not make the Spring Finals, finishing eight points below Sneakier Snakes for a disappointing 5th place. Coming back from that disappointment, The Move showed a dominant performance in the first North American AWC Cup of the summer season. With a 3-0 win over Plot Twist, Super Frogs, and Kaska’s Angels, The Move ended up facing Method Orange in the grand final. In an incredibly tight game that included taking a nail-biting series to Game 7 in the Blade’s Edge Arena, The Move took the series 4-3 and secured their first win of the AWC as they look to tighten up the rankings with an eye towards BlizzCon.

Whether The Move can sustain this level of play will be up in the air for the next two weeks with the AWC moving back to Europe for the second European cup. Method Black and Reformed will be looking to stay on top of those regional standings and supercharging the debate over which team is the world’s best.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Mage Tower Quest Line
So i have completed the Gift from the six quest line as a demonology but my gear is for affliction is it possible to get the affliction mage tower quest whitout completing demonology's quest first.
Each spec will have it's own questline, and you can have all three in progress as long as you meet the criteria for them (having the base 35 traits unlocked in that specs Artifact)

You actually have the Affliction questline already, "Message from the Shadows"

Carry on with that one and you'll be able to get through to the Mage Tower Challenge for this spec too. (Official Forums)
by Published on 2018-05-22 03:44 PM

Battle for Azeroth Beta Key Giveaway - Week 1: We Weren't Prepared!

A New Streamer Showdown Later Today ft. Hearthstone's Peter Whalen! 2 PM EDT

Overwatch League 2018: Stage 4 Week 1 Recap

Greater Invasion - Matron Folnuna
Matron Folnuna is up this week!

World Boss - Drugon the Frostblood
Drugon the Frostblood is up this week.

Weekly Event - Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking
Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking is back this week. Don't forget that also means players can attempt the Ulduar timewalking raid!

by Published on 2018-05-22 06:21 AM

Challenge Rift - Week 48

Interview with our Class Competition Winner - McF4rtson & the Sea Witch Class

Battle for Azeroth Reunion Comic Kotaku Preview
Kotaku AU posted a preview of Reunion, the first of three comics that Blizzard is releasing to tell important characters' stories leading up to the new expansion. Renuion details Jaina Proudmoore's return to the ruins of Theramore. It was written by Christie Golden and Andrew Robinson with art (including the following art Blizzard provided Kotaku to preview) done by Linda Cavallini and Emanuele Tenderini.

Blizzard's Official Drustvar Zone Preview
Blizzard posted a preview and lore summary for Drustvar today!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
In the land of Drustvar, the stalwart protectors of House Waycrest hold fast along the western border, but recently all contact with them has been lost. Travel beyond the frontier to learn of their fate and battle the resurgence of an ancient and terrifying enemy.

Drustvar is a region known for the tenacity of the soldiers who protect it. Long after the defeat of the mysterious Drust who once dwelled there, the descendants of Arom Waycrest and his people continue to eke out a living in this unyielding land. They are known throughout Kul Tiras as being a hearty, stoic, and deeply superstitious people, and would make keen allies in the fight against the Horde—but now it’s up to you to discover why they’ve gone silent.

Welcome to Drustvar.

When first arriving in Drustvar, you’ll be greeted by a dark and foreboding shoreline on the eastern border. Drustvar is a rugged land plagued by superstition, and signs of witchcraft are everywhere. The pathways through Glenbrook to Fallhaven are fraught with danger, so you’ll need to stay on your guard. Dark rumors swirl as to what may have befallen the Waycrest family—and if the Alliance has any hope of convincing the Kul Tirans to join them, you’ll need to untangle the mysteries that lay ahead.

Verdigris roofs and awnings adorn buildings of brick and wood, their amber window panes alight from within. The sea’s intrinsic role in Kul Tiran culture is reflected in the architecture, and anchors and other symbols of the sea decorate doorways and awnings.

A stygian pallor looms over the town of Fallhaven, reeking of mystical meddling. A large and ominous construct stands as sentinel in the center of town, and the townsfolk are . . . unresponsive. You’ll need to work diligently to break the curse on the town before you can make any progress toward getting to the heart of the troubles in Drustvar.

Cobblestone paths wind through the region and in and out of the various villages and towns. History and culture are deeply woven into the fabric of Kul Tiras, but so too are the workings of dark witches. Cursed and hopelessly twisted townsfolk and creatures work in servitude to these mystics’ machinations, set to a task you’ll need to decipher and put an end to—if you have the stomach for it.

Visitors to this region will need to rely on their wits, solve a few not-so-small issues the citizenry faces, and hopefully make some inroads with the people along the way.

Dark rituals are afoot in these lands. Will you be able to unravel their bindings?

There are more mysteries to unravel, and an ancient enemy is stirring in the land, causing a tremendous slew of trouble.


Traveling westward will lead to a large chain of rugged snow-touched mountains running from the northern border of the region to the southern Iceveil Glacier, nearly bisecting the region in two. Along Highroad Pass, you’ll come across various wildlife and creatures, including Chillwind Yetis who find the cold of the mountains to their liking and food sources plentiful.

The road is fraught with danger, but you’ll eventually arrive in the town of Arom’s Stand, which overlooks a valley to the west. A tribute to Arom Waycrest stands vigil even as the people here struggle against the darkness that has swept over the land.

Did you Know? Arom Waycrest was the first Lord of Drustvar, who helped his people overcome great opposition from a powerful enemy: the Drust.
On the southwestern coast you’ll cross into the Crimson Forest. Various shades of red assail your eyes and bear witness to the veracity of the name. The town of Falconhurst sits on the coast, and as in your previous travels through the region, you’ll find this settlement is under siege by dark forces.

Things to Try: Need a small break from saving the people of Drustvar? Visit the Falconhurst inn and join the children as they are regaled by stories and songs of heroic deeds and adventure.


North of the Crimson Forest, the Ashenwood Grove bears witness to creatures adorned with fungi and strange creatures known as Fungarians patrolling the pathways. Farms dot the area and mines can be found dug into the mountainsides, but what should be bustling enterprises have ground to a halt as the witches’ special brand of pestilent creatures wreak havoc.

Each clue found and mystery solved only puts forth more questions as to what could be ultimately manipulating events in Drustvar. Perhaps you’ll find the source of the troubles within Waycrest Manor*—ancestral home of the Waycrest family who watches over Drustvar.

*Waycrest Manor is a 5-player dungeon in Drustvar.

A vast coastline surrounds Drustvar to the east, south, and west, where those brave enough can fish, boat, swim, and hunt for treasure. Inland, the mountains and forests provide a chance to hunt a variety of . . . interesting . . . creatures. To the north, the rolling hills and mountains of Stormsong Valley await, while eastward lies Tiragarde Sound—and even more opportunities to earn your way into the good graces of the Kul Tirans.

Battle for Azeroth Beta - Uther's Tomb Updates
Uther's Tomb in Western Plaguelands received some cosmetic and visual updates in the latest Battle for Azeroth Beta update. Uther's model also was recently updated.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
The 50% Rule
I have put a lot of thought into this an hours crafting this excellent new rule that I very much hope Blizzard will implement if not now then in the next expansion.

It is the 50% rule. Here it is: After one month of release, any and all content shall be completed by at least 50% of the players. In the event this is not the case, the content in question will be re-tuned so that 50% of the player base has achieved success in said content.


Just because content is not able to be completed does not mean it is necessarily broke or needs adjustment. Sure you can have things that function incorrectly and we usually respond to that pretty quickly when its current content and get it fixed.

If we haven't adjusted something like say the Mage Tower by now, that means we think its working fine, which for additional context we do if the previous wasn't clear enough. It's okay to have hard content that you cannot complete. To me the game feels bigger if there are things I've been unable to do yet. If everything was easy and you could get any reward without any sort of effort then there would be almost no desire to play. It's a balancing act of accessible versus hard content but it doesn't mean you cannot still have hard content.

Just because I can't do it doesn't mean it should be adjusted lower, that means I can do better to accomplish that goal. Sure it took me 140+ tries on my first mage tower appearance, but it was fun. Every death is a learning opportunity to figure out what not to do. It's intended for you to die and struggle but its designed so that it can be beat (Spoiler: All PvE content is designed so that you can beat it). With the increase in gearing, the Mage Towers are no longer as challenging as they were but that doesn't mean you get a free pass for a reward. You still have to pay attention to timings and learn how to do them. Mage Tower's are supposed to be difficult and the reward is considered a badge of skill with that spec, just like the Challenge Modes, and just like the original Proving Grounds.

Being bad is the first step to gittin gud, before anyone was gud, they were bad. Not everyone is as equally skilled at the start but everyone can learn to git gud.

Side Note: Your posts are irritating to read because of your random bolding of words. Let's cut that out or we'll start editing them in the future.

The OP has endured the flame war, and was most gracious when this blue ordered him too goose step into submission with threats of Orwellian censoring.

Everyone has an opinion about this game, the OPs is just an opinion, that is all. For a representative of Blizzard to threaten a paying customer with verbal throttling goes beyond the scope of reasonable conduct.

I am neither for or against the OPs suggestion. I could care less. What I do care about is a Blizzard employee marching into this forum under the pretense of monitoring and instead berates and abuses whatever small power base they give them.

Little hyperbolic don't you think? I asked Rastlin to please stop. They said sure. The discussion about it ended. Rastlin is totally fine to voice their opinion about content and what they feel should change about it, and there is nothing wrong about that. I suggested it because it is irritating to read because I see it in every post they make. You don't have to excessively bold, caps lock, asterisk, italicize, or underline to get your point across. If you can't then your point probably wasn't coming across well in the first place and you should start there. Rastlin doesn't need to do either, their point is coming across just fine. I may not agree with what they say but they're one of the better posters in that they make it clear what they're asking for. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

FFXIV - Patch 4.3: Under the Moonlight
FFXIV Patch 4.3 brings a new raid, dungeon, quests, mounts, hairstyles, emotes, and more!

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