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by Published on 2018-01-23 04:39 PM

Bone Ringer Re-Enabled & Challenge Rift 31

Deathwing Needs a Friendwing - Phase 2 Voting! Class Creation Competition

Greater Invasion Boss - Sotanathor
Sotanathor is up this week, rewarding item level 930 loot!

World Boss - Ana-Mouz
Ana-Mouz is up as this week's Broken Isles world boss.

Weekly Event - Burning Crusade Timewalking
Burning Crusade Timewalking is back this week. Don't forget to check out Black Temple Timewalking during the event!

PvP Brawls - Deepwind Dunk
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Can you even dunk? If you want to win this brawl, you’re going to need to work on your skills because Dunkball has come to Pandaria. You’ll race to claim balls from the map’s center, or northern, or southern mines, take them to your enemy’s base, and then go for a magnificent long range shot or go all in for the dunk.
by Published on 2018-01-23 07:19 AM

Changes to Recruit-A-Friend - Now Live

Patch 7.3.5 Hotfixes - January 22
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Addressed a graphical error with characters who have markings such as tattoos.
  • Uuna will now react to her surroundings when taken to Suramar, for both Horde and Alliance characters.


Dungeons and Raids
  • Deepholm
    • Fixed a bug where Aeonaxx would fail to drop loot.
  • Return to Karazhan
    • Attumen should once again properly respect tank threat for his Mounted Strike and Stamp attacks while astride Midnight.
  • Shadowfang Keep
    • Some enemies will now properly benefit from damage scaling when attacked by high-level players, in Normal difficulty.
  • Vault of the Wardens
    • Fel Furies that spawn in the Mythic Tirathon Saltheril encounter will no longer evade.

Mounts and Pets
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom pet names to sometimes partially disappear.
  • Mailing the Vicious War Fox will no longer cause it to become the other faction's War Fox.

  • Skinning
    • Noxious Whelps can again be skinned for Green Whelp Scales.

  • The Dragonblight quest "An End and a Beginning" can now be completed normally.
  • The Huge Boulder for the Redridge quest "Saving Foreman Oslow" has been returned.

January 19 - Build 28675

  • Addressed tuning issues with enemy health in leveling content.
  • Fixed framerate and client performance issues on mid- and lower-capacity hardware, especially when coupled with the use of certain addons.
  • Fixed an Archaeology bug preventing players from being able to survey in appropriate locations.
  • Restored a large number of missing transmogrification items to Collections.
by Published on 2018-01-22 10:15 PM

Changes to Recruit-A-Friend - Now Live
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In Patch 7.3.5, we made significant changes to the level 1–100 experience to ensure players can better enjoy the stories, quest lines, and zones they want to at their own pace. Because of this, we are adjusting the XP bonus on the Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) program to ensure it reflects the updated pacing of the game as new players level their characters and explore Azeroth.

Dynamic Leveling in Patch 7.3.5
As you may have heard, Patch 7.3.5 significantly overhauled the level-up experience in World of Warcraft so that zones from 1–100 will dynamically scale to your character’s level. Why? Over the years, we’ve made multiple changes to adjust the leveling curve—and as a result, the pace of characters’ progress has become significantly out of sync with the content. Players often out-level areas long before they’ve had a chance to complete key stories and quest lines, leading to a less-than-ideal experience.

With this significant update to pacing, the existing Recruit-A-Friend program would no longer provide the best experience for players new to World of Warcraft. Even with scaling zones, triple-speed leveling would mean new players going into dungeons could find themselves overwhelmed by multiple new abilities gained over the course of a single instance run, and might still outpace storylines that help the world make sense and make players feel like they’re part of it—and we want new players to feel at home in Azeroth.

To align the Recruit-A-Friend XP bonus with the upcoming leveling changes, we have reduced the XP boost gained from the Recruit-A-Friend program when playing with a linked friend down from 200% (300% XP vs. base XP) to 50%* (150% XP vs. base XP). We are making these changes to ensure the XP boost doesn’t upset game balance and undermine the experience, while still giving a significant XP bonus to you and a friend as a thank-you for being part of the Recruit-A-Friend program.

Recruit-A-Friend Changes in Full
  • The XP boost has been reduced from 200% bonus to 50% bonus*, effective today, January 22, 2018.
  • If you’re already actively participating in the program, fear not! If you either sent or received an invite before the change went into effect today, once the invite is accepted you and your friend will still receive triple XP* (200% XP bonus) until the link between your accounts expires (90 days from the date the new recruit’s account was first created). Please note: RAF invites expire after seven days.
  • Heirloom gear XP bonuses will no longer stack with the RAF boost (i.e., the maximum XP boost you will see from today onwards is 50%). If you were already on the program, Heirloom gear will still stack.
  • All other rewards are unchanged and yours to enjoy:
    • Summon your friend once every 30 minutes.
    • 10% bonus reputation from kills that grant reputation.*
    • Level granting: for every two levels your friend gains while the accounts are linked, they can grant one level to one of your characters.
    • Recruiter rewards, including game time and epic mounts.

*For a full list of the rewards and the in-game criteria for receiving them, visit our RAF In-Game Bonuses page.
by Published on 2018-01-21 11:24 PM

Lore Loose Ends: Kormac's Torment

The Legendary Level of Token Appreciation Card Design Competition

Call of the Scarab Micro-Holiday
The Call of the Scarab holiday event remembers the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj world event from Vanilla. This event is an Alliance vs Horde showdown, with the victorious faction flying their faction banner for the next year.

This year you will need to talk to Zidormi in Silithus to see the old version if you have killed Argus and can see the Wound in the World.

The Call of the Scarab quest will send you to Silithus so that you know where the vendor and world quests are. From there you can complete quests and defeat bosses to earn Commendations for your faction. Whichever faction has the most Commendations at the end of the event wins.

Cultist Camps

World Quests
There are several world quests associated with this event, all rewarding Commendations that contribute to your faction's total.

Material Turn-In Quests
These materials can be turned in to the NPCs near the banners to earn Commendations (Field Marshal Snowfall / Senior Sergeant Kai'jin).

Mini-Boss Quests
These quests are started by items dropped from the Wind Stone and Greater Wind Stone bosses at the Cultist Camps.

These mounts only last for a few days and are bag slot items much like the Magic Broom from the Hallow's End Event.

Level Type Name Cost
1Quest Twilight Cultist Ring of Lordship1000 x Abyssal Crest
1Quest Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station250 x Abyssal Crest
1Mount Ruby Qiraji Resonating Crystal1 x Abyssal Crest
1Mount Sapphire Qiraji Resonating Crystal1 x Abyssal Crest

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
*1/21- The Call of the Scarab Micro-Holiday is now live. Players who have completed Antorus, the Burning Throne and who are in a different phase can speak to Rhonormu near the gong to enter the correct event phase.

On January 23, 2006, a bloody war was triggered by a simple sound: the banging of a gong. No rallying fanfare, no bloodthirsty yell; just an eerie silence. Those long, uneasy seconds of dread. The calm before the storm.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder before the Scarab Wall, no one could have predicted what would happen—an epic ten-hour battle that claimed the lives of thousands of Azeroth’s bravest—or fully comprehended the effect it would have.

Action First, Faction Second
That’s not to say the battle at the gates of Ahn’Qiraj came as a surprise. When the menace of C’Thun turned into an urgent threat, leaders across the world pored over plans and forged unlikely connections as pressure mounted. Both factions knew war was coming and personal glory was a hubris no-one could risk. Any notion that one army could defeat General Rajaxx and his colossal battalion was soon abandoned as fantasy.

It was a unique time: scattered armies with varying allegiances were thrown together and faction pride was put aside. Let’s be clear: the battle at Ahn’Qiraj was won purely on the principle “united we stand, divided we fall.”

Warmongering vs. Gold Hungering
This uneasy alliance was not without its critics. Some showed their disapproval by shunning the war effort altogether, but others expressed opposition through acts of aggression. Rogue elements on both sides, unwilling to stomach this perceived betrayal of their faction, did not sit idle. Just as neutral auction houses became a tool for factions to share resources, they also became virtual battlegrounds. Crucial resources were picked up for next-to-nothing and sold on for personal gain. As with all wars, those who profit aren’t always the brave.

The sheer scale of that war effort is almost unimaginable when we live in a time of extended storage and fast mail. But back then, backpacks and cloth stacks were smaller. Getting precious resources gathered, sorted, and sent took many hours. And it took several weeks to source bandages, food, and equipment—resources that were in high demand and would soon dwindle.

The Importance of Remembrance
There are parallels with current events that are impossible to ignore: once more, we Azerothians stand united against the Burning Legion as they wreak havoc across the Broken Isles. We attempt to put aside a complex, bitter history in order to defeat a common enemy. We eye each other suspiciously, even as we fight side by side.

We would do well, in these dark times, to remember the courage and spirit of those who were there at the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. We must have long memories if we’re to make quick work of the demon forces we now face.

From January 21–23 we ask that you join us as we remember the fallen and celebrate the victory. All of Azeroth are invited to a special holiday, ‘Call of the Scarab,’ where we will gather to perform acts of remembrance and share our factions’ pride.

Patch 7.3.5 - Broadcast Text
Patch 7.3.5 added some new interesting broadcast text.

Auction House Dance Party
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
They may come from Highmountain, but they sure can get low. It's the Highmountain tauren!
The moose is loose! Highmountain tauren, GO!
Adventurers by day, dancers by night... borne. It's time to cheer for the nightborne!
An illusion!? Nope... it's just the dancing nightborne!
Just because you're an avatar of darkness doesn't mean you can't get funky. Hit it, void elves!
Get down with your bad self, void elf!
Turn off the disco ball and these lightforged draenei will still light up the stage!
The lightforged draenei came here to dance and kill demons. And we're all out of demons!

Trial of Style
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Frighten the fashion out of us with your creepiest costumes. Oooh... I'm getting chills already!
Pandarian fashion just SCREAMS harmoniousness. Show us your inner peace!
Show us your sparkles with your most wizardly wear! And don't forget the enchantments!

Azerite / Seething Shore
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
When mixed with natural gas, liquid Azerite can harden quickly making it easy for us to obtain. Keep your eyes peeled down below for unstable activity on the surface. With these tremors happening recently... its bound to spout out of cracks or fissures you find.
We've observed strong geothermal energy readings around this uncharted island.
Azerite, for sure!

This island is ripe with thermal activity. After a geyser plumes, azerite is sure to spill out of the fissures. This has got to be worth a fortune!

Yeah? Whaddya want?
Hey! Mind yah business!
I ain't got time for this. Spit it out already!
Time is money!
Hand over all of the azerite you've pocketed!
I ain't gonna let you take my azerite!
I stole it fair and square! It's mine!
Oohh... Now you're gonna pay!
You're messin wit' the wrong goblin, bub!
It's mine! MINE!
Ow! Enough! You can keep it!
I give up! Here, take it!
I give, I give!!
Mercy! Here take it, I didn't want it anyway!
Uncle! Take all of it! I don't want it anymore!

The Horde has gathered over 1200 Azerite and is near victory!
The Alliance has gathered over 1200 Azerite and is near victory!

It isn't often one gets the opportunity to study a new mineral! Who knows what mysteries the azerite holds!

Void Elves
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
What do you know of Telogrus?
This is a very old place. Broken by rage, yet sculpted by the threads of fate.
There is much to be learned here. I believe I might linger a while.

Remember, control demands sacrifice. Power never comes without a price. You risk losing those closest to you in order to save them.
This is the bargain we have made.
< Alleria looks away. >

With Alleria's teaching, we can avoid the fate suffered by those on Mac'Aree.

We need no longer fear exile for the pursuit of knowledge.
A path long denied to us is open at last.

The voices never stop. They push, they bully, they plead. They will not relent, not even for a moment.
But you are stronger than the voices. You can glean their secrets and draw upon their strength.

We need no longer fear exile for the pursuit of knowledge.
A path long denied to us is open at last.
Be wary of unstable void rifts and their spawn. This place is not entirely safe.

Pristine void energy is soaked into this space... Magnificent.
The Voidstorm is growing. It might even consume the big island entirely.
Unchecked void energies ravage the other islands. It remains too dangerous to navigate.

The void energy released when the ethereals attacked left the other islands unstable. No one is allowed beyond this point.
The last people who ventured beyond this space were consumed by the shadows.

One portal, coming up!
You have learned basic control. Mastery, however, can only be attained through practical application.

Calm yourself and it will pass.
Your emotions expose weakness. The Void will exploit that if you let it.
Remain in control of your thoughts. The void cannot sway that which is immutable.
What are you waiting for? Concentrate and banish this creature!

Although broken and scattered, this rift holds many secrets. It will teach us much about the nature of the shadows.

Studying this rift has value, but we cannot neglect our duty.
Azeroth must be defended. Our place is out there, fighting for our world.
The power that flows through us is a weapon. And weapons must be wielded.

Locus-Walker is an intriguing fellow.
Alleria seems to trust him... to a point.
I think we can learn much from him, so long as we remain wary of his true intentions.

Void Elves - Cathedral of Light
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Oh! Hello there... fellow member of the Alliance. I mean no disrespect, but... I'm just not entirely sure the cathedral is the most... appropriate place for... for... For someone who indulges such... unique proclivities.
The Light does not treat with the Void, elf. You should leave this place.
This place is not meant for you.
I can sense the shadow in you. Though it is diminished in the presence of the Light.
Thank you, but I do not require your aid.
Have you come to supplicate yourself before the Light? If you are here to speak with Archbishop Benedictus, I am sorry to inform you that he has left on a mission.
I will help in whatever way I can, but I suggest you do not linger too long here.
I commend your dedication. However, I fear you walk a dangerous path. You would best serve the Alliance away from the cathedral.
Tread carefully, $c. Lady Alleria's name will only carry you so far.
Perhaps is it as Alleria Windrunner says, and the whispers of shadow can be controlled. Be on your guard, friend, and may the Ligh--Hrm. Well... May fortune favor you.

Lightforged Draenei - Cathedral of Light
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Greetings, Lightforged! Know that you are always welcome here in the Cathedral of Light.
To have given yourself wholly to the Light... you are an example to us all.
You will always have steadfast allies here.

May the Light ever guide you, $n.

Silithus Flight Paths
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
I need a flight to Southwind Village.
These goblins are so busy with their extraction equipment that they haven't set up a proper flight station.
< Urok grumbles and kicks the dirt. >
If you're lookin' for a flight outta this place, you're on your own.
I guess if the world's ending I might be able to figure somethin' out...

Looking for a lift? Going someplace special I hope!
I need a flight to Staghelm Point.
All our attention is focused on foiling the Horde's efforts. We can't spare resources to make this flight network fully functional.
If you need to fly away from this wretched desert, you'll have to manage it yourself.
Should you be facing a dire emergency, I suppose I could cobble together resources for a single flight...

Lightforged Warframe
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
These machines are fantastic! How could they operate with no anomalies or chance of failure?
Oh, excuse me. Did you need something?
We have learned much from our fight against the Legion. In truth, these warframes are the culmination of many years of research.
If you wish, I can train you to craft similar devices.

Non-magical devices are for mana-starved whelps, they said. Non-magical devices serve no purpose, they said.
Orgrimmar practically runs on such creations!
Time for me to show those palanquin-addled wretches back home the perfection of machinery!

Nightborne in Suramar
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
The Legion nearly took everything from us... while I blindly trusted Elisande.
I am relieved that Suramar is back in our hands.
I suppose I should thank you.
< Anarys dips his head slightly at you. >
I stood by and watched as Elisande led us astray. I was wrong... about everything.

Vigilant Quoram
The Vigilant Quoram has a few lines.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Oh, you made it.
Why have you returned?
It is designed to kill you.
I imagine it is quite painful.
I am told power comes from unlikely places.
For now.
I am afraid I cannot allow that.

Twilight Hammer Cultists
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
This drink is green! Why is it green?
There are no heroes in oblivion!
None shall oppose the Twilight's Hammer!
We are the harbingers of destruction!
Cry for help... none shall answer you!
The twilight is upon you!
None shall withstand the power of our master!
I am your destruction!
You will kneel before our master!

Goblin Workers
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
I used to be a famous pirate! They dig me up, hand me this tophat, then tell me I have to greet all of you newcomers with a smile on my face...
Do you have any idea how much it hurts to try to crack a smile? This is ridiculous!
I really hated this tophat at first. What does a guy have to do for a good tricorne? But I must say... this fits real nicely on my skull.

Sure hope the boss knows what he's doin'.
Ain't easy ta meet my quota with that giant sword loomin' overhead!
You're in the world savin' business, ain't ya? Maybe you should get ta work!
Should be earnin' hazard pay for this!

Psst... Yeah, you, $r. Hey, can you put in a bad word for me with the Warchief? I need to get fired. Being a jerk to everyone isn't working!
What do I have to do to get myself out of this job? I try to leave, some orc picks me up and plops me right back down here.

Downsized? I'm already about as downsized as you can get!
Boss Mida says I'm bein' discharged. The only things that oughta be discharged are guns and explosives!
I've been downwardly promoted.
We're here as part of a "workforce adjustment."
I used to have a cushy office job in Orgrimmar.
My position has been eliminated... feels like early retirement.

Ambassador Blackguard Survey
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
We have a forsaken ambassador, which makes sense given our Warchief, of course.
But I can't help asking myself, "What has it cost us?"
If you have a moment, can you please tell me of your experience with Ambassador Blackguard?

Thank you for taking my survey, $n.I shall present the petition after I have enough signatures. Good day to you, $r.
He was rude and blatantly offensive.
His appearance was off-putting.
He should be replaced immediately!

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Oh, goodness me! Did you slip?
Best be careful close to the edge, $n.
Did you fall, or was that a graceful jump designed to look like a clumsy fall?
Watch your step! I can't do this all day! Actually, I suppose I can.
Are you conducting some kind of dangerous experiment? I like it!
If you're going to fall to your death, do it somewher else.
Mind the gap.

Dark Legacy Comics #617
DLC #617 has been released.

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