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by Published on 2022-06-30 09:33 PM

Patch 9.2.7 PTR - Build 44444
A new build is on the way!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
World of Warcraft Version 9.2.7 PTR

  • Auction Houses across all realms on a given region will now share commodity listings (gems, herbs, flasks, consumables, etc.). Items that aren’t commodities–like armor and weapons–will continue to be realm-specific.
    • Developers’ note: The Auction House you know and use today should look and feel exactly the same; it’ll just have way more buyers and sellers available to you for commodities. We’d love for players to hop on the PTR, copy over their characters, and help us test the Auction House across the entire PTR region. We might schedule a specific time in a few weeks for everyone to hop on at the same time to help stress it, details tbd.

  • A new chat channel for searching or advertisement of services like raiding, dungeons, or PvP activities has been added: Trade (Services).
    • Developers’ note: The trade channel that’s been in the game for 18 years will continue to exist, but we wanted to add a new channel to direct messages about the request and advertisement of services like raiding, dungeons, or PvP activities. If you’re looking to buy or sell these kind of services, this is the channel for you! If you’re not interested in those, you can leave the channel and avoid the noise, or move it into its own chat tab. We believe that with this new distinction, you’ll be able to keep Trade chat for the traditional buying and selling of items and professions, and not other chatter.

String Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • CALENDAR_ERROR_NOT_ALLIED - You cannot You can't invite players from the opposing alliance. faction.
  • ERR_ARENA_TEAM_NOT_ALLIED - You cannot You can't invite players from the opposing alliance. faction.
  • ERR_AUCTION_DOUBLE_BID (New) - You are already the highest bidder
  • ERR_GUILD_NOT_ALLIED - You cannot You can't invite players from the opposing alliance faction.
  • ERR_MAIL_TARGET_IS_TRIAL (New) - Recipient is a Free Trial account and cannot receive mail.
  • REPORT_PVP_SCOREBOARD (New) - Report Player
  • SOCIAL_CONTRACT_TEXT3 - We |n|n|cffffffffWe recognize that the Internet is not always a safe haven. With that in mind, please note that the following behaviors are not accepted in Azeroth:|n|n Azeroth:|r|n|n|cffffd200- Hate speech, including negative comments that target another player's identity, including aspects like race, gender, or ability|n|n- Harassment, threats, or abusive / derogatory language and behaviors|n|n- Spamming, advertising, or other disruptive behaviors|n|nIf behaviors|r|n|n|n|n|cffffffffIf you harm your fellow adventurers with any of the above behaviors, you are subject to punishment up to and including suspension of your account.|n|nIt's account.|r|n|n|cffffd200It's a big world out there, with all sorts of people in it. So please try to be respectful of each other, and if you ever feel like somebody is acting against this code, please report those behaviors so that our team can look into it. Together, you can help us make the World of Warcraft a safe home away from home for everyone.|r
  • SPELL_FAILED_LEGACY_SPELL (New) - The spell is a legacy spell and is unavaillable
by Published on 2022-06-30 09:16 PM

Blizzard Plans Additional Nerfs to Sepulcher Raid Ahead of Season 3 Ending
Blizzard clarified that Sepulcher of the First One achievements such as AotC and CE will be removed upon the start of Season 4 on August 2. Because of this, they are planning additional nerfs to the later bosses of the raid.

Originally Posted by blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Can you provide an update on the end of Season 3 Raiding? Will AOTC be going away, and if so when will this take place.
Yes, we intend to close the current raiding tier for achievements such as Ahead of the Curve with the weekly reset the week of August 2.

We have additional tuning in the works, with a focus on the end encounters of Sepulcher. We know that currently far fewer guilds are on track to get Cutting Edge in particular than in past tiers and we want to address that in the coming weeks, before Season 3 ends.
by Published on 2022-06-30 05:07 PM

Shadowlands Season 3 Ending Week of August 2nd
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Greetings Champions.

Shadowlands Season 3 is coming to a close, and our experimental Season 4 will begin with the weekly reset the week of August 2.

Here’s what to expect with the Season 3 end:

Shadowlands Season 3: PvP
  • The current season of Shadowlands PvP content will end at 10:00 p.m. the night before maintenance in each region (August 1 at 10:00 p.m. PDT for North America realms / 2 August at 22:00 CEST for European realms).
  • With the season’s end, it will no longer be possible to earn PvP seasonal rewards, titles, or Shadowlands Season 3 rankings.

Shadowlands Season 3: Mythic+
  • The current season of Mythic+ content will end with the start of regional maintenance on August 2. With the season’s end, ratings that qualify for the 0.1% “Cryptic Hero” title and achievement will be recorded.
  • The “Cryptic Hero” title will be rewarded during the following weeks after the season ends, so be to wait to change factions until after you have received the title.

Good luck battling to a glorious finish of the season!
by Published on 2022-06-30 04:20 PM

Building Azeroth - Northrend
Wrath of the Lich King level designers Ely Cannon, Sarah Boulian-Verrall, and Aaron Keller explain the process behind developing Northrend.

by Published on 2022-06-29 11:28 PM

Blizzard Acquires Spellbreak Developer Proletariat for World of Warcraft Team
According to Venturebeat, Blizzard Entertainment has acquired Proletariat, the studio behind the battle royale game Spellbreak, to add to its World of Warcraft team. This comes soon after Proletariat announced it would be ceasing development on Spellbreak.

Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak told Venturebeat that the company had a "very kind of open and transparent conversation" about how Blizzard has been trying to improve its workplace culture before deciding to go along with the deal.

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