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by Published on 2020-10-30 05:28 PM

Shadowlands Arrives November 23

Shadowlands: Bastion from Above
Blizzard has released a video preview of Bastion, the paradisiacal realm inhabited by the steadfast Kyrian.

by Published on 2020-10-30 05:04 PM

WoW Classic Patch 1.13.6 and Naxxramas Release Dates
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Testing of the Naxxramas patch is wrapping up over the next few weeks, and WoW Classic Version 1.13.6 will go live on December 1.

The Naxxramas raid and Scourge Invasion content will unlock at the same time for all realms in the world on December 3. We’ll let you know the exact time in advance. With the content unlock, players can become attuned to Naxxramas by fulfilling Archmage Angela Dosantos’s requirements in Light’s Hope Chapel.

Keep an eye on the patch notes for version 1.13.6, which includes all of the new quest content and bugfixes coming with this patch.

We’ll see you there!
by Published on 2020-10-29 08:53 PM

Ion on Raid Release Timing, Activision Blizzard Q3 2020 Investor Call

Shadowlands Arrives November 23
The release date is here, along with a few other key dates!

  • November 10 - Pre-expansion launch events begin
  • November 23 - Expansion launch
  • December 8 - Castle Nathria releases and Shadowlands Season 1 begins
  • December 15 - Mythic Castle Nathria, Raid Finder Wing 1
  • January 5 - Raid Finder Wing 2
  • January 19 - Raid Finder Wing 3
  • February 2 - Raid Finder Wing 4

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Greetings heroes of the Horde and the Alliance,

On behalf of the entire World of Warcraft team, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank-you for your patience as we’ve continued to work on Shadowlands, and for all of the words of support after we made the tough decision to delay the game. Today, I’m happy to share that the expansion will be arriving November 23 at 3 p.m. PST (November 24 at 12 a.m. CET).

We’d like to thank everyone across the WoW community who helped us get where we are today, including players leveling up new characters in the Shadowlands pre-patch (and keeping Azeroth’s barbers extra busy), as well as all the beta testers who continue to provide us with invaluable feedback on the expansion.

Since we first told you about our decision to delay, we’ve used the time to further polish the expansion and shore up the endgame, including overhauling the combat and rewards in the Maw, and reworking the Covenant systems to make your choice more immediately impactful and have clearer long-term goals. Now the team is in a great position to get things the rest of the way to the finish line before November 23—and as always, we’re committed to working with you to improve the game for as long as you’re out there playing it.

Now that we have our launch date, we’re also excited to tell you that our pre-launch event will kick off November 10, so steel yourselves to take on a flood of the Scourge. In addition, we’ve set a December 8 date for the opening of our first raid, Castle Nathria—which takes players into the heart of Sire Denathrius’ lair in Revendreth—along with the start of Shadowlands Season 1.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone take their first steps into the Shadowlands and forging their destinies—but in the meantime, we’d like to show you just a little bit of what’s waiting for you beyond the veil.

See you on the other side,

-John Hight, Executive Producer of World of Warcraft

Release Times

  • Americas (PST) - 3:00p.m. November 23*
  • Europe (CET) - 12:00a.m. November 24
  • Taiwan (CST) - 7:00a.m. November 24
  • Korea (KST) - 8:00a.m. November 24
  • ANZ (AEDT) - 10:00a.m. November 24
  • UTC - 11:00 p.m. November 23

*To align with other regions, the Americas will launch slightly ahead of November 24 in local time.
by Published on 2020-10-29 08:52 PM

Shadowlands Arrives November 23

Castle Nathria and Shadowlands Season 1 Go Live December 8

Ion on Raid Release Timing
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
I think delaying raids til jan would be just as bad. would get even more hate “OMG, we hit 60 then have to wait 2 months to do content wtf blizzard”. It’s a no win situation. If they delayed ONLY mythic, then farming heroic for several weeks before mythic, will ruin mythic
Honestly, this pretty much nails it. We do "try to" avoid these conflicts whenever possible, and the ideal answer would have been to release the game, well... right about now, but it just wasn't ready.

Launching but delaying the raid further would ruin overall pacing; delaying the whole game to avoid the Mythic conflict wouldn't be right for everyone who's been patiently waiting. (Source)

Activision Blizzard Q3 2020 Investor Call
The Activision Blizzard earnings call is this afternoon. We've highlighted some of the written results below.

  • Activision had 111 million MAUs in the second quarter, down from 125 million in Q2 and up from 102 million in Q1 2020.
  • Blizzard had 30 million MAUs in the second quarter. This is down from 32 million Q1 2020 and Q4 2019.
  • World of Warcraft MAUs were stable year-over-year.
  • World of Warcraft franchise engagement is at its highest level for this stage ahead of an expansion in a decade, with Shadowlands presales well ahead of any prior expansion.
  • Hours played in Hearthstone grew year-over-year in the third quarter, with the Battlegrounds mode seeing sustained strong engagement since its release last November.
  • Overwatch continues to have a large and dedicated community, with 10 million MAUsD in the quarter, over four years since launch
  • Diablo Immortal will soon enter external regional testing.
  • The Shadowlands release date is the 16 year anniversary of the original World of Warcraft release!

by Published on 2020-10-29 05:07 PM

Shadowlands Arrives November 23

Castle Nathria and Shadowlands Season 1 Go Live December 8
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In just a few weeks after the release of Shadowlands, Season 1 will begin and the gates of Castle Nathria will open as the expansion’s first raid experience.

Castle Nathria

Infiltrate the iron-barred walls of Castle Nathria, a 10-boss raid located in the shadowy realm of Revendreth. Face off against unfathomable horrors in a race to uncover a sinister plot and save these lands from a dark and twisted future.

Raid Unlock Schedule (North America):

  • December 8 – Normal and Heroic difficulties
  • December 15 – Mythic Castle Nathria, Raid Finder Wing 1
  • January 5 – Raid Finder Wing 2
  • January 19 – Raid Finder Wing 3
  • February 2 – Raid Finder Wing 4

Shadowlands Season 1

Once the gates of Castle Nathria open on December 8, Shadowlands Season 1 will also begin which introduces a new seasonal affix in Mythic Keystone dungeons along with a new season of PvP action.

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