Race to World First: Sanctum of Domination
Sanctum of Domination has been cleared on Mythic difficulty by Echo! Congratulations to them!

World First Mythic Sylvanas Windrunner by Echo - Raid Composition

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  1. chiddie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    I am neither. But I have a guild. If you don't want a guild, join a community.

    If you don't want to socialize, then don't complain if people don't care about you, because you play the wrong class.

    Relying on others is the only reason to even play an MMO imo.
    Socializing is nice but unfortunately does not help when you have sessions of roughly one hour and not even all days.

    Since I just can’t login, decide what to do and be able to do it in minutes (I mean just do it, succeeding is not mandatory to me), I simply quit.

    I spent half of my time in S1 waiting for Godot, it’s probably time for me to finally admit to myself that this game has nothing more to give to me.

    Will go back to my beloved sp games where I was before Vanilla came out.
  1. bbr's Avatar
    no rogues in their roster,.. that's just.
    Aww man.
  1. deepjazz's Avatar
    if limit would do little more damage bla bla, if eu had the reset on same day as usa limit would never ever stand a change of getting world first.
  1. WaltherLeopold's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gaidax View Post

    If Limit would do legit 0.4% more damage that pull half a day before Echo, you'd be having "Limit" in title.

    It was giga CLOSE race, that's the reality. Echo, IMO, were better overall, but this shit was much closer than any race in recent memory.
    What, how short is your memory lol

    Dazar'alor was 24h apart, Crucible of Storms 4 hours apart, Eternal Palace was 9 hours apart, Ny'Alotha is an exception of 2+ days, Castle Nathria was 16 hours apart, and now this tier Sanctum of Domination was 12 hours apart. Pieces was 22 hours after Limit and BDGG 6 hours after that.

    All in all this was a pretty typical tier, where one side stomps the other one and the runner up won't clear the raid for an entire day after the winner, except in this case Limit, Pieces, BDGG needed a full week to clear it, while Echo didn't.

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