Blizzard Announces New Survival Game
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Blizzard is embarking on our next quest. We are going on a journey to a whole new universe, home to a brand-new survival game for PC and console. A place full of heroes we have yet to meet, stories yet to be told, and adventures yet to be lived. A vast realm of possibility, waiting to be explored.

Every story needs a teller. And every world needs builders. What if that could be you?

For thirty years, Blizzard has been creating universes for millions of players around the globe. This requires a diverse team of developers willing to lend their voices, to listen and to be heard. That is our mission.

Do you like survival games? Do you want to join a collaborative team of experienced developers at the early stage of a new project in a new world...and help write the next chapter in Blizzard's story?

This is your call to adventure. Will you answer it?

Apply here:
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  1. saixilein's Avatar
    Is this the News Mike wants to share with us this week? Disappointed as fck.
  1. Kyanion's Avatar
    Little late to this genre.
  1. AwkwardSquirtle's Avatar
    Are we still doing survival games? This feels like when Konami chased Kojima out and then released a Metal Gear Zombie game, because Zombies were all the rage 5 years beforehand.
  1. stifledmind's Avatar
    Is the survival game a job at Blizzard?
  1. Nerraw's Avatar
    So I guess this is what most of the remaining Heroes devs have transferred to over the past 12 months.
  1. Bwgmon's Avatar
    Nice to know they're trying new things, I suppose. I feel like announcing it before there's much to show might backfire though, even if the intent is to draw in people to work on the game.
  1. vizzle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyanion View Post
    Little late to this genre.
    Eh I wouldn't say so. There isn't really one "survival game" that stands out as a real cultural icon, unless you count Minecraft as a survival game (which I don't). There's definitely room for a giant to come in and shake up the genre.
  1. Biomega's Avatar
    Survival game?

    Yeah, no. Hard pass.
  1. Danenglish's Avatar
    Is the title of the game "Cubicle Crawl"?
  1. Mumba's Avatar
    An office work place survival game were you have to maintain your productivity while not letting your harassment tolerance falling below the "suicidal tendencies" line?
    Sign me up!
  1. Shadowmatrix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyanion View Post
    Little late to this genre.
    Most games are late to their genre, does that means those games should be cancelled?
  1. Mojo03's Avatar
    Kinda surprised there announcing it this way. Seems like they might be having trouble recruiting.

    Also that it’s a new IP.

    Feels like they could do it in the Warcraft universe.

    Guess we’ll see how it turns out in 5 years.
  1. Sugho's Avatar
    Love the comments, we know nothing about the game. Just wait.
  1. Orby's Avatar
    I already have Valhiem in my life that I am kinda addicted to. Unless its got a theme that will capture me as much as that game. (which I doubt it)

    If there's a solo mode survival with the option to bring in friends that would be great too, forced open world multiplayer survival I am not a fan of.
  1. Scroolooseuk's Avatar
    Had loads of fun on the Conan Exiles offical servers untill my base that took me months to build was destroyed by hackers and Failcom did f**k all about it.

    No thanks.
  1. Appelgren's Avatar
    Sounds awesome. Survival games are awesome.
    Got a good laugh from people saying the genre is dead because they don’t play it. I guess shooters/fps is a dead genre too by that logic
  1. saixilein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sugho View Post
    we know nothing about the game
    and thats the disappointing part about it.
  1. cantrip's Avatar
    Oh yeah. How innovative. What will be their next big thing? Battle Royale?

    Please, Blizzard.
  1. Arrashi's Avatar
    Here are my hopes:

    Lots of crafting
    Early access on steam
    Made on Unity
  1. Konteil's Avatar
    hmmm. something new.....cant wait to see what it is. i like survival games. lets see what they can do with it.

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