Season of Mastery Patch 1.14.3 Development Notes - March 28, 2022
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We’ve just updated the Season of Mastery PTR to a new build 42926 and the realms should be available shortly.

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

  • The damage dealt by the Prophet Skeram and its clones’ Lightning Bolt ability has been increased.
  • There have been numerous adjustments to the Prophecy of Chaos effects in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj:
    • Tentacles now briefly telegraph their appearance on the ground before spawning.
    • Shadowy Orbs now spawn when a tentacle is destroyed. Are you brave enough to touch them and discover their secrets?
      • Please note that the Shadowy Orbs and their related effects are very much a work in progress and will see additional changes and fixes in future PTR builds.
    • Fixed some issues that caused the extra Prophecy of Chaos effects to not clean up properly when encounters ended.

Additionally, we’ve made some adjustments to the AQ40 Character Templates and Cap’n Placeholder’s vendor list on the PTR:

  • Newly Created character templates now have Engineering trained to max level.
    • Please note that existing templates will not have Engineering fully leveled up. You’ll need to create a new template character in today’s build if you wish to use engineering.
  • Cap’n Placeholder now sells Goblin Sapper Charges and various consumables used to remove poison effects.
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  1. crusadernero's Avatar
    These are cool and interesting changes. Something they should do alot more of in future seasons.

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