Patch 9.2.5 Dungeon Accessibility Updates - Motion Sickness Elixir
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Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. Motion sickness was a concern when we first talked about the possibility of Grimrail becoming a Mythic+ dungeon. Fortunately, one of our designers came up with a clever solution which he was happy to share in the video below:

As mentioned in the video this is currently a one-off solution for places we’ve identified motion sickness as a concern due to background motion, but we hope it’s helpful for those affected and we’ll keep an eye out for any other places where it might be applicable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper Kazai View Post
    When I saw Grimrail was top of that poll, I was wondering if people played the same WoD as me. I absolutely hated Grimrail. (Remember when hunter barrage could pull half of the train? Fun times...) But I guess people liked it because it was "unique."
    There was thread here long ago... which could provide some of possible answers.

    On subject: if game really "knows how" to identify this or that effect as "problematic" now (and for sure, there checkmark "if this item is active" is simply inserted), then there is no particular problem to stick this with separate setting, and then replenish a list of places that will fall under this category every time it happens. In short, I don't see problem with creating such setting if players really experience such critical discomfort.

    ps. It's good that there is a solution, but it's a lame one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GratsDing45 View Post
    No, i'm saying you are comparing Diablo 4 to Poe and Grim Dawn. Games that have already been out for years, of course they are going to get constant updates and patch notes. Even so, those games having constant updates and huge patch notes and are made by lower budget studios doesn't make it a fact that they are better games. PoE is a convoluted mess with unappealing artstyle that gives me more of a headache than Shadowlands systems and I could never get into it, that's just my opinion. And I don't care about Grim Dawn, the world just doesn't appeal to me. Diablo 3 is just dead in your opinion because you don't like the game, just like people saying Shadowlands is dead. I think D3 does a decent job of keeping people who still enjoy it updated with Seasons while still working on Diablo 4. They gotta get Diablo 4 right or Blizzard will be stuck in this "Blizzard LUL" rut for even longer.
    And you said that Diablo 4 is delayed because of this motion sickness accessibility update in WoW... You really think 1 guy on the WoW dev team coming up with a solution to an accessibility problem is going to delay a game and slow down the Diablo 4 dev teams development time?
    While I agree PoE is also a headace, to much bloat and systems, at least their player base is respected and getting tons of updates. Same for Grim Dawn even. Grim Dawn is btw great, easy my top 3 ARPG of modern stuff. Anyway my point is broad...Blizzard is moving way to slow, spending time on canceling projects while indie devs can make a game before they update anything...Also please stop defending Diablo 3...There is nothing good about it - Since ROS its just paragon farming, with the odd changes to how gear effects your build...Or slight changes to how gear is gotten. Repeat paragon 1000 farm every time you play...Diablo 3 end-game is more boring than Grim Dawn even.

    Once you zone into a non-season public game and see some paragon 9000 guy...Like stop, whats the point. Pointless grind simulator.
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    Too much soy is probably the cause of the sickness.

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