World of Warcraft 10.0 Expansion Reveal

  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is WoW's next expansion
  • New Race - Dracthyr
  • New Class - Evoker
    • Dracthyr can only be Evokers and Evokers can only be Dracthyr
    • 2 Specializations - Healer and Ranged DPS
    • Hero Class - Starts at 58 with new starter zone
    • Wears Mail Armor
  • Dragonriding
    • Dragonriding is a new flight system being added in Dragonflight
    • You will level up this skill over time to get new animations and abilities
    • The system utilizes momentum, physics, and gravity
    • Dragonriding is limited to the Dragon Isles
    • Dragon customizations include snout, horns, tails, armor, and more
  • Talent Tree Revamp
    • As you level, you get a new spell or ability that makes you stronger
    • There is now a Class tree and a Spec tree
    • The Class tree offers class utility and the Spec tree offers things that help you to perform your role
    • You'll be able to make your talent build, save it, name it, and load it up again later quickly
  • UI Overhaul
    • The team wanted to allow players to customize the new UI moving things around and adjusting them to fit their needs
    • Addons do a lot for player customization today, but not everyone uses addons
    • The new UI is a modern take on the old one, removing the clutter and giving the player more visibility for their gameplay.
    • The new minimap and health bars are larger and the action bars have less framing around them.
    • You'll be able to save layouts by spec, so that the UI will automatically change as you change specs.
  • Profession System Revamp
    • The team wants professions to be part of your identity as a player and be fun and relevant across all levels of gameplay
    • The Crafting Order system is the first major update.
    • If you want to have something crafted and don't have the right profession to do it yourself, you can use a Crafting Order.
    • Both Crafting and Gathering professions will now have stats.
    • Crafting specializations will be the biggest input of your ability to craft higher quality items.
  • The Dragon Isles
    • There are 4 leveling zones and 1 starter zone, and ducks are finally being introduced in the game.
    • The Forbidden Reach was fashioned by Neltharion the Earth-Warder to serve as a training ground for his ultimate soldiers, the Dracthyr.
    • In the aftermath of a terrible battle, the island has lain dormant and abandoned for ages--until the return of an ancient enemy causes the Dracthyr to stir.
  • New Storylines
    • The Dragon Isle are the broodlands for all dragonflights.
    • The Sundering during the War of the Ancients split the land and caused the magic of the Dragon Isles to go dormant, causing the dragons to leave the isles.
    • Much of the story will revolve around Wrathion learning to regain the power and respect of his flight. But is he the right leader to take over?
    • This is an opportunity for the dragons to regain their legacy as protectors, but the players must join them to help with the challenges of the Dragon Isles.
  • Cinematic Trailer and Press Kit
  • Dragonflight Beta Opt-In

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  1. MasterHamster's Avatar
    Another BFA/Shadowlands with a new coat of paint, let's go
  1. Sonkzor's Avatar
    Let's go! Something not absolutely horrible, please!
  1. ItsRainingMetal's Avatar
    Did they scrap Blizzcon? or maybe just saving some $$$
  1. Alubobz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Another BFA/Shadowlands with a new coat of paint, let's go
    I am thinking you join a dragon flight with unique abilities for some obscure reason and each has its own area... but changing flight them will cost you so its will make it an important choice. Some villain will appear but it will turn out they are not the big villain as there is some bigger evil behind them, and some drama with the old heroes which will resolve its self... oh and lots of reskins of the old dragon mounts

    Edit: Oh and a super grindy thing to get slightly more powerful which will be heavily time gates and reworked 3 or 4 times before next expansion
  1. Darknessvamp's Avatar
    I like how John just doesn't give a shit.

    Edit: Also Ion having to announce cross-faction play showing pain in his eyes.
  1. DarkAmbient's Avatar
    Damn, the last couple of years have been hard on Ion
  1. Zorachus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Another BFA/Shadowlands with a new coat of paint, let's go
    I'm afraid so. Shittylands 2.0

    We won't get a quality good expansion, until after the Microsoft buyout is complete, and they inject some fresh talent and new deign leaders into WoW. So the 2027 expansion will be the grand daddy reset, the best of WoW expansions.
  1. guisadop's Avatar

    >dragon isles
    >dragonkind race
    >level 70
    >dragon mount
    >Dracthyr Evoker (race/class combo)
  1. ItsRainingMetal's Avatar
    I sense 0 excitement or passion coming from any of those 3. That's Blizzard now a days.
  1. Sanguinerd's Avatar
    Ion, if you ever read this, it's okay man I went through the same thing. Just shave it, you'll feel better for doing so.
  1. Ladey Gags's Avatar
  1. Z3ROR's Avatar
    Wrong Ion. THe correct battle cry is: "Death to the Alliance!" :P
  1. Progenitor Aquarius's Avatar
    Enough chatter! I wont be sitting here and watching you talking, while you have probably nothing to show. So see you in a while! Grr…
  1. Darknessvamp's Avatar
    lol Mists again.

    Edit: "Age of Dragons" Oh how smart. /s
  1. ItsRainingMetal's Avatar
    This cinematic is ResidentSleeper AF
  1. OrangeJuice's Avatar
    shit looks like they copied eternals
  1. Chromeshellking's Avatar
    Ion "The team needs to do better" Bs all over again.
  1. rrayy's Avatar
    Dragonflight it is.
  1. Sluvs's Avatar
    not gonna lie, the cinematic was pretty cool
  1. BigAssBoy's Avatar
    now to find out if the rest of the leak was correct

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