World of Warcraft: Dragonflight - UI Revamp
Dragonflight will finally update the World of Warcraft UI after 18 years!

  • Technology has changed a lot since the default UI was created back in 2004
  • People now have bigger monitors and the team has better dev tools to work with, so it makes sense to finally update the UI
  • The game art evolved over the years, but the UI has been frozen in time
  • The team wanted to allow players to customize the new UI moving things around and adjusting them to fit their needs
  • Addons do a lot for player customization today, but not everyone uses addons
  • It's about time that everyone has the chance to gain the functionality of addons in the base UI
  • The team added new functionality and improved accessibility in a lot of areas, as well as improving the art
  • The art update is a big part of the project. The current art has a lot of charm and personality and players have been using that for 18 years.
  • The new UI is a modern take on the old one, removing the clutter and giving the player more visibility for their gameplay.
  • The new minimap and health bars are larger and the action bars have less framing around them.
  • The team wants to bring back the iconic pieces of the old UI in a nice way
  • The action bar gryphons have been updated and the Horde will get their version too
  • There is an edit mode that will allow players to move elements around the screen
  • Each of the components will have various options, allowing you to save, edit, copy, or name it.
  • You'll be able to save layouts by spec, so that the UI will automatically change as you change specs.

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  1. DarkAmbient's Avatar
    I'm liking the new UI, nice and clean. I used Shadowed Unit Frames so I can hide my health bar out of combat, hopefully Blizz will implement that too otherwise I'll just stick with the addon.
  1. Gloriandus's Avatar
    One thing I'm not seeing (with the limited shots so far) is better font rendering, tighter kerning, and drop shadows on those fonts. I see they're staying with Friz Quadrata and Arial Narrow; however I wonder if they'll move from the current Morpheus font to the newer variant featured on the Dragonflight website and as seen in the Grimore of the Shadowlands book.
  1. AcidicSyn's Avatar
    this bit I like. I eager to cut out even more mods.
  1. yyy's Avatar
    They are breaking classic style of wow ui that has been since classic. I dont like it.
  1. arthar77's Avatar
    can we keep the old UI, if wanted?
  1. GotNoRice's Avatar
    If I wanted change, I wouldn't be playing an 18 year old game. Hopefully they don't mess things up too much.
  1. cuafpr's Avatar
    if that's the final version of the new looks bad.
  1. Athredas's Avatar
    ELVUi is now an expansion feature, just lol
  1. BossManRoth's Avatar
    I guess people forgot it got an update with BFA. a small one, but it was updated
  1. Toby451's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Athredas View Post
    ELVUi is now an expansion feature, just lol
    So they shouldn't improve the base UI because addons already exist that improve the base UI? The stupidity of you people never ceases to amaze.
  1. bshoults's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by yyy View Post
    They are breaking classic style of wow ui that has been since classic. I dont like it.
    UI is literally old enough to vote now. Time for a refresh.
  1. uuuhname's Avatar
    I will be shocked if they make it as customizable as it is now with mods that already exist.
  1. yyy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bshoults View Post
    UI is literally old enough to vote now. Time for a refresh.
    Imo this ui was such a unique well known for everyone feature)
  1. HateTrain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by arthar77 View Post
    can we keep the old UI, if wanted?
    If you can't, you can bet your nipples that there will be a Classic UI Mod.
  1. lichbane's Avatar
    It sounds like they're taking a leaf out of FF14's book. I doubt it'll mean I get rid of all my UI overhaul addons, but if I can get rid of some, that's a bonus.
  1. Ragedaug's Avatar
    I'm happy for this change. I've never used the Default UI once I was introduced to Addons back in 2007, so that it to say I've always thought it needs improvement. One thing I applaud Blizzard for doing is implementing updates to the game that a large portion of their player base uses through Addons. If nothing else, if there's a majority of players all using certain Addons it a direct message to Blizzard that they want it in the game. Better to make include it versus forcing all the players to continue to run and maintain more addons.
  1. silverdragon234's Avatar
    Out with the old, in with the new.
  1. h4rr0d's Avatar
    And it's as ugly as any other UI redesign in the last 10 years or so. Flat design sucks. I really don't understand, why they keep shoving it down our throats everywhere.

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