CurseForge Official API & Standalone Client Now Live
Today, in a blog post shared on Medium, Overwolf has announced their new CurseForge Official API, as well as a new standalone client to manage addons without the Overwolf app - something the community has requested for a long time.

To download the standalone windows client from the CurseForge website, simply click the drop-down from "Download" and choose the CurseForge Standalone application.

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The Road to Releasing The Official CurseForge API

We are excited to announce that the official CurseForge API is now available. Docs can be found here. In October 2020, prompted by community feedback, we explored offering an official well-documented API for CurseForge mods and we addressed three core concerns in a Medium post. The three areas where we needed to find sustainable solutions in order to move forward with the API were:

  • Authors’ consent when it comes to third party distribution of their creations
  • How to address the impact on Authors’ earnings
  • How to lessen the impact on CurseForge’s servers and CDN

We’re excited to be giving back the control of project distribution to the authors through the new API. Authors’ consent and the impact on earnings were solved by releasing a toggle that enables creators to choose whether or not they want to allow distribution of their mods outside of the CurseForge ecosystem.

Downloads originated from 3rd party services rely on CurseForge servers and CDN, incurring substantial costs and bypassing monetization which is used to fuel the Authors Rewards Points system. As a workaround, along with the official API, we created a Terms of Service (TOS) agreement with the goal of providing stabilization and allowing us to scale. The TOS enables essential community projects, like Discord bots, mod managers, updates, news and stats to access the API in order to grow and support gamers.

So far we had a total of 170 approved applications including:

  • 62 Mod managers
  • 35 Bots
  • 23 Analytics tools
  • 30 Server related tools
  • 9 General modding tools
  • 11 Modpack creation tools

Standalone Version of CurseForge App is Available

We take community feedback seriously. Many of the community members voiced their preference for a leaner approach to managing mods. We’ve taken this into consideration and developed a standalone version of the CurseForge app on Windows, based on Electron, which you can download here.

As with the Linux version, it currently supports World of Warcraft only. We plan to keep this version in feature parity with the Overwolf version in the future. Please note, this is fresh from the oven and currently on Alpha.

If you have any questions or feedback about this, please join our Discord and let us know.

We want to thank the community for helping us push this through and improving the CurseForge experience for everyone! The API is, at heart, a service that empowers the community to create more tools and expand the modding workspace. As always, we would love to hear if there are any issues encountered with the new API that require our attention. Please let us know via a support ticket or in our Discord.
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  1. m4xc4v413r4's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ElDoorO View Post
    Details! is still working on it
    On what? Putting his stuff on Github? No idea but I did say most authors.
    Quote Originally Posted by ElDoorO View Post
    If you're writing Addons in WoW for money you're going to have a bad time.
    I'm not, but I can guarantee to you that half of the "must have" addons most players use need said money because those addons are a full time job in many cases. You literally have addons with entire development teams.
  1. Stickiler's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ElDoorO View Post
    Hashtags are probably the only (practical) method. This particular topic is something I spent a fair amount thinking on and that particular problem is difficult.

    Personally I'd be ok with Blizzard hosting the model for addons via git repo's. It'd make discoverability easier as well as many other things but WoW's dev's don't seem interested in resolving those particular problems. Who knows, maybe doing that would cost us a tier or something.
    I'm hopeful that Blizzard is working on a system for managing and installing Addons themselves, to avoid all this rigmarole and bullshit.

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