Sepulcher of the First One Tuning - May 17, 2022
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With scheduled maintenance in each region (earlier today in this region), we’ve made the following tuning adjustments to the Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid:

  • Anduin Wyrnn
    • Blasphemy duration increased to 12 seconds in all difficulties.
    • Lost Soul duration increased to 40 seconds in all difficulties (was 35 seconds).
    • Wicked Star now targets one player at a time in Mythic difficulty.
    • Players are now invalid targets for Blasphemy for 20 seconds after the effects of Lost Soul expire (was 10 seconds).
    • Reduced the health of Grim Reflections by 15% in Mythic difficulty.
  • Rygelon
    • Rygelon’s health has been reduced by 5% in Mythic difficulty.
    • Collapsing Quasar Fields now last 8 seconds (was 6 seconds) in Mythic difficulty.
    • Dark Collapse damage has been reduced by 25% in Mythic difficulty.
    • Unstable Quasar radius reduced by 25%, and damage reduced by 20% in Mythic difficulty.
    • Cosmic Ejection damage-over-time reduced by 33% in Mythic difficulty.
  • The Jailer, Zovaal
    • Azerite Radiation increased Arcane damage is now 80% (was 100%) in Mythic difficulty.
    • Meteor Cleave damage decreased 10% in Mythic difficulty
    • Torment initial explosion damage decreased by 10% in all difficulties.
    • Shattering Blast damage over time decreased by 33% in Mythic difficulty.
    • Chain Breaker damage decreased by 10% in all difficulties.
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  1. Jasper Kazai's Avatar
    Not saying I agree with any single person's argument in this thread, but I've often thought they need a difficultly between Heroic and Mythic. (Back when I was raiding) My guild would get through Heroic in a timely fashion, but we constantly had trouble fielding enough people to get into Mythic consistently. We were always hovering around about 21 people on the roster, and so just a couple of absences (which are quite common) was enough to prevent us from doing Mythic that night. Heroic was a little too "easy" to keep us occupied for the entire tier, but Mythic's roster requirement was always a bit out of our reach.
    I don't know. Could be as simple as finally making Mythic flex like the other difficulties, but then only count 20-person Mythic for the world first race and hall of fame and all that. Or perhaps making Heroic harder - it can be the end goal for those guilds like mine that are technically capable of running Mythic, but don't have enough people.
  1. Stornholio's Avatar
    Why even nerf so much? It's not like mythic raiding is meant for everyone. There are THREE other difficulties to play. If you cant clear mythic, then oh well - too bad? No matter what system they would implement, people would complain the SECOND they realize there is a feature meant for only the best and most dedicated people out there. Not everything is for everyone. If you need nerfs over nerfs, months into the content, it's probably also a "you" problem. I get that the RWF difficulty was quiet insane, but didn't blizz nerf and retune encounters already during and after that? It's good that there is at least ONE feature, designed for the very best out there, because MOST of the content is designed for a very casual/casual+ audience these days anyway.
  1. Millluy's Avatar
    Took you a while

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