World Map (Cataclysm)
World Map (WotLK)
Screenshots (Beta)
These screenshots are from late builds of the Beta. Some of the content might be missing but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on live servers!
Lvl NameRewards Objective
1Report to the Labor CaptainReport to Labor Captain Grabbit at the Orgrimmar Rear Gate in Azshara.
9Runaway Shredder!Attack one of the runaway shredders near the rear gates of Orgrimmar and hop inside once it's been significantly damaged.
9The Captain's LogsUse the Reprogrammed Shredder to collect 6 piles of Azshara Lumber. If you lose your shredder, another can be attacked and reprogrammed.
9Up a TreeUse the shredder's buzzsaw to cut down Azshara Saplings, and kill 9 Talrendis Snipers as they emerge.
9Defend the Gates!Labor Captain Grabbit needs you to rush back to the Rear Gate of Orgrimmar to slay 20 Night Elf Raiders.
9ArborcideUse the shredder to destroy the Talrendis Ancient. Emergency Backup Shredders are available at the Orgrimmar Rear Gate if you lose yours.
8The Eyes of AshenvaleKill 8 Talrendis Scouts.
8Venison for the TroopsCollect 15 Slabs of Venison from Weakened Mosshoof Stags.
8Return of the Highborne?Deliver the Scout's Orders to Ag'tor Bloodfist at the rear gate to Orgrimmar.
8Return of the Highborne?Deliver the Scout's Orders to Malynea Skyreaver at the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange.
9Basilisk Bashin'Kill 10 Greystone Basilisks in the Mountainfoot Strip Mine.
9Report to HorzakFind Horzak Zignibble at the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange in Azshara.
9Stone ColdCollect a stonified Mountainfoot Miner from the Mountainfoot Strip Mine and bring him or her back to Horzak Zignibble at the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange.
9The Perfect PrismAcquire a Crystal Pendant from a Talrendis Saboteur in the Mountainfoot Strip Mine.
9PrismbreakTake the Crystal Pendant to the Weapons Cabinet in the Mountainfoot Strip Mine Headquarters.
9RefleshificationUse The Refleshifier to de-stonify eight Mountainfoot Miners within the Mountainfoot Strip Mine.
9A Quota to MeetGather 20 ingots of Mountainfoot Iron from the Mountainfoot Strip Mine in Azshara.
9Warchief's Command: Azshara!Report to Labor Captain Grabbit at the Orgrimmar Rear Gate in Azshara.
10A Thousand Stories in the SandCollect 5 Recovered Artifacts from the ruins around Lake Mennar in Azshara.
10Memories of the DeadTake Kalytha's Ring to the shores of Lake Mennar. Touch the Spirit of Kalytha to relive her memories. Speak to the other spirits until you've learned the secret of Lake Mennar.
10Mystery of the Sarcen StoneRetrieve the Sarcen Stone from the bottom of Lake Mennar.
10Survey the LakeshoreEscort a Goblin Surveyor to the three pieces of Surveyor's Equipment that surround Lake Mennar, and defend her while she takes readings. Another Surveyor can always be summoned with your Surveyor's Beacon.
10Gunk in the TrunkInspect Clubnik's Dozer and collect a sample of the Ectosplatter that's gumming up the engine.
10DozercismUse the Blessed Flare Gun near Clubnik's Dozer to summon in help, then 'Exorcise' the bulldozer.
10Useless quest record
10Mortar the PointCollect 5 Goblin Mortar Shells from the Secret Lab complex in Azshara.
10More Mortars, More!Collect 5 Goblin Mortar Shells from the Secret Lab complex in Azshara.
10Kill Cultists/Dragonflight
10Another Warm BodyReport to Commander Molotov on Forlorn Ridge.
10Hand-me-downsRetrieve 12 Military Supply Packs from the central minefield.
10Military BreakthroughKill Warlord Krellen and recover the SFG.
10First Degree MortarUse a Goblin Mortar to slaughter 60 Spitelash Attackers
10In The Face!Use an SFG to kill an Enslaved Son of Arkkoroc in the southern minefield.
10Profitability ScoutingUse the stealth field generator to infiltrate the Ruins of Eldarath and identify the Heart of Arkkoroc.
10Private ChatSpeak to Private Worcester at the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange.
11To Gut a FishSlay 6 Spitelash Stormfuries and 6 Spitelash Seacallers.
11Investigating the Sea ShrineInvestigate the Naga shrine for Torg Twocrush.
11The Keystone ShardFind the Keystone Shard nearby.
11Report to TwocrushReturn to Torg Twocrush at the Southern Rocketway Terminus in Azshara with news of your discovery.
11Sisters of the SeaKill Lady Silisthra and Lady Vesthra by disabling their power stones.
11When Science AttacksUse the Fireliminator X-21 to extinguish 8 fires and to rescue 6 Research Interns from the inferno at the Secret Lab.
11Segmentation Fault: Core DumpedActivate the Reactor Control Console and escort the Azsharite Core back to the Southern Rocketway Terminus. Use the Fireliminator X-21 on the Core if it starts to overheat.
11Bad Science! Bad!Kill 8 Static-Charged Hippogryphs.
11Mysterious AzshariteCollect 5 Azsharite Samples from the nearby cliffs.
11A Gigantic SnackCollect 8 Mutilated Mistwing Carcasses from Mistwing Cliffdwellers.
11Befriending GiantsTalk to Gormungan outside of the Southern Rocketway Terminus and discover the secret of azsharite.
11Azsharite Experiment Number OneGrab a giant-sized laxative from the gnomish tower in the Ruined Reaches. Try to feed the laxative to Gormungan the giant.
11Azsharite Experiment Number TwoSpeak with Assistant Greely to be shrunken down to rat-size. Mount a Rocketway Rat and use it to terrify Gormungan the giant.
11The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined ReachesSlay Bingham Gadgetspring in the Ruined Reaches, along with 4 Netgun Gnomes and 6 Zapper Gnomes.
11Need More ScienceLocate Assistant Greely at the Southern Rocketway Terminus. The Goblin Rocketway can be used to quickly move around Azshara.
11My Favorite SubjectLocate Subject Nine somewhere near the Secret Lab complex in Azshara.
12Nine's PlanAcquire the Secret Rocket Plans from the Laboratory Archives building at the eastern end of the Secret Lab. You may have to kill the lab director.
12Raptor Raptor RocketRelease five Experimental Raptors from their cages in the Secret Lab and deliver them to the rocket beside Subject Nine.
12Operation FishgutReport for active duty to Commander Molotov under the main cannon in Bilgewater Harbor.
12Rapid DeploymentReport to Captain Desoto in Bilgewater Harbor for deployment.
12There Are Many Like ItUse a rocket to reach the Shattered Strand, and then report for duty to Lieutenant Drex.
12Mop UpKill 12 Spitelash Naga on the Shattered Strand.
12ExterminationKill 30 Spitelash Naga in the Ruins of Eldarath.
12Head of the SnakeKill Lord Kassarus in the Temple of Zin-Malor.
12Ticker RequiredBring Ticker into the ruins and cover him as he sets up bombs at 3 of the Spitelash Runestones.
12Handling the GoodsCollect 12 Highborne Tablets from the Ruins of Eldarath.
12Still Beating HeartRecover the Heart of Arkkoroc from the center of the Ruins of Eldarath.
12Halo DropsCall in Airborne Priests at the bodies of 8 Wounded Soldiers on the Shattered Strand.
12First Come, First ServedPlant Ruckus' Territorial Claim Flag next to the prime real estate locations along the Shattered Strand.
12Field PromotionReport to Captain Tork at the forward post in the Ruins of Eldarath.
12Shore LeaveBring the Heart of Arkkoroc to Uncle Bedlam in Bilgewater Harbor.
13A Hello to ArmsDeliver the Armed Azsharite Core to Bleenik Fizzlefuse at Bilgewater Harbor. Speak with Friz Groundspin for a free airlift.
15Friends Come In All ColorsLocate Ergll on the coast of the Ruins of Arkkoran.
15A Little Pick-me-upCollect 10 Kawphi Beans from the plants in the Ruins of Arkkoran.
15That's Just Rude!Kill 10 Makrinni in the Ruins of Arkkoran.
15The Way to a Mage's HeartAsk Ergll about Azuregos.
15Wash OutSpeak to Sorata Firespinner at the Northern Rocketway Exchange.
15Trouble Under FootUse your Personal Arcane Assistant to turn 12 Legash demons into insects and then squash them.
15Manual LaborRetrieve the Abjurer's Manual from the Lagash Encampment.
15Shear WillObtain 80 Pristine Thunderhead Feathers from the Hippogryphs near the Ruins of Nordressa.
15Renewable ResourceUse the Arcane Charge to retrieve 5 Animate Basalt from Balboa near the Ruins of Nordressa.
15Ice ColdUse the Cryomatic 16 to freeze and kill 8 Sable Drakes.
15Waste of ThymeCollect 8 bundles of Living Ire Thyme near the Ruins of Nordressa.
15Watch Your StepReceive 6 Energized charges from the Energy Conduits as you ascend to the top of the Arcane Pinnacle.
15Pro-liberationUse Ironwrought Keys from cultists and dragonkin to free 4 Goblin Workers in Sable Ridge.
15Xylem's AsylumTake the portal to Archmage Xylem's tower and seek out Joanna inside.
15Wasn't It Obvious?Use the portal behind Joanna at Xylem's tower to find Anara the Spirit Healer and--hopefully--Azuregos.
15Easy is BoringConvince Azuregos to return to the world of the living and rendezvous with Kalecgos.
15Turning the TablesSpeak to Anara to return to the world of the living, then meet with Kalecgos at the Northern Rocketway Terminus.
15The Trial of FireComplete the Trial of Fire by standing in the fire runes without getting hit by flame for 10 consecutive bursts.
15AbsorbentCollect 20 Simmering Water Droplets from the Vile Splashes east of the Ruins of Arkkoran.
15Full of Hot WaterObtain a Globe of Boiling Water from a Scalding Water Lord at the Tower of Eldara.
15Dressed to ImpressPut on your new wizard hat and then speak to the Image of Archmage Xylem just northeast of the Northern Rocketway Exchange.
15Farewell, MinnowSpeak to Sorata Firespinner in Bilgewater Harbor.
15Azshara BluesMeet with Kalec in Bilgewater Harbor.
15The Pinnacle of LearningSpeak to the Image of Archmage Xylem at the base of the Arcane Pinnacle.
15The Blackmaw ScarSlay 8 Talrendis Biologists and gather up Blackmaw Intelligence from one of the bodies.
15A Pale BrewGather up 10 samples of Briaroot Brew from outside Blackmaw Hold.
15Diplomacy by Another MeansGather a Blackmaw Meeting Agenda at Blackmaw Hold, and kill a Talrendis Ambassador to collect her Ambassador's Robes.
15The Blackmaw DoublecrossWear the Ambassador Disguise and talk to Andorel Sunsworn to teleport into Blackmaw Hold. Speak with Ungarl to wreck the negotiations, then kill 4 Blackmaw Warriors and 4 Blackmaw Shaman on your way out.
15Fade to BlackKill Twilight Lord Katrana and Malicion in Sable Ridge.
15The Trial of FrostComplete the Trial of Frost by gathering 20 Essence of Ice without getting hit by Frostburn.
15The Trial of ShadowComplete the Trial of Shadow by luring 20 Weeping Souls into the shadow runes without getting touched.
16Amberwind's JournalSlay Lorekeeper Amberwind at the Darnassian Base Camp and retrieve her journal.
16Arcane De-ConstructionSlay Apprentice Investigators and Apprentice Illuminators to collected 10 Attuned Runestones.
16Hacking the ConstructSpeak with the Arcane Construct at the Darnassian Base Camp and utter the words of arcane power.
18Where's My Head?You've been sent to meet with the goblin assassin Slinky Sharpshiv at the base of the northern tower of Talrendis Point.
18Lightning Strike AssassinationTalk to Slinky Sharpshiv to ascend the tower and assassinate Captain Grunwald. Collect Captain Grunwald's head.
18Grounded!Find Bombardier Captain Smooks at the southernmost night elf tower at Talrendis Point.
18Rigged to BlowArm the three Explosive Charges located around the base of the southern-most tower at Talrendis Point.
18Push the Button!Detonate the explosives!
18Blacken the SkiesMount a Grounded Wind Rider and fly over Talrendis Point. Destroy 6 Talrendis Glaive Throwers and bomb the Command Center.
18Let Them Feast on FearFight your way across Talrendis Point, slaying 12 Talrendis Defenders and 6 Talrendis Sentinels.
18Commando DropSlay 5 Talrendis Lorekeepers and locate a Lorekeeper Summoning Stone somewhere within Talrendis Point.
18The Conquest of AzsharaSlay Commander Jarrodenus in Talrendis Point and collect his head.
18Probing into AshenvaleSpeak with Kulg Gorespatter in Ashenvale.
18Airborne AgainSecure a ride to Valermok with the Airborne Priests in the eastern portion of Bilgewater Harbor.
84Ready the NavyInvestigate the Hull of the Foebreaker.
84Beating the MarketTrack down a Bilgewater Foreman somewhere in Bilgewater Harbor and knock him around a little.
84Ready the Air ForceLook for Fleep at her junkyard within Bilgewater Harbor in Azshara.
84Smoot's SamophlangeFind Smoot somewhere in Bilgewater Harbor. Tackle him and get the Induction Samophlange.
84Pre-Flight ChecklistTalk to Captain Krazz at Bilgewater Harbor in Azshara.
84Twilight SkiesAccompany the Horde air fleet to Twilight Highlands. Catch your Zeppelin from the tower at the Southern Rocketway Terminus in Azshara.
84Ready the Ground TroopsSearch Bilgewater Harbor and convince 12 AWOL Grunts to report for duty.
84Twilight SkiesCheck in with Friz Groundspin at the Southern Rocketway Terminus in Azshara.
Screenshots (Alpha)
Alpha screenshots are an early preview of the expansion. A lot of stuff could be missing depending on the zone and the quality of the water might be slightly lower than what you will get in the final game. All zones will eventually have up to date screenshots with improved graphics and monsters/NPCs.

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