World Map (Cataclysm)
World Map (WotLK)
Screenshots (Beta)
These screenshots are from late builds of the Beta. Some of the content might be missing but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on live servers!
Lvl NameRewards Objective
2The First QuestTest Thrall wants you to kill something.
9Through Fire and FlamesBreak the chains to free the wolves from the burning stables.
9Crossroads Caravan PickupSpeak with Halga Bloodeye at Far Watch Post to escort the next Crossroads Caravan to Grol'dom Farm.
9Preserving the BarrensReport to Kargal Battlescar at Far Watch Post in Northern Barrens.
9Warchief's Command: Northern Barrens!Report to Kargal Battlescar at Far Watch Post in the Northern Barrens.
10Drag it Out of ThemUse the Grol'dom Net to ensnare a Razormane Pillager and drag it back to Togrik at Grol'dom Farm.
10By Hook Or By CrookQuestion the nearby Razormane prisoner. If he's not there or unconscious, Togrik can revive him for you.
10The Tortusk TakedownKill the Razormane leader, Tortusk.
10Grol'dom's Missing KodoFind a missing Grol'dom Kodo somewhere within Thorn Hill in Northern Barrens.
10Animal ServicesGather 5 sacks of Stolen Grain from the Razormane camps on Thorn Hill.
10The Kodo's ReturnSpeak with Kranal Fiss at Grol'dom Farm to ensure that his missing kodo arrived safely.
10The Grol'dom MilitiaSlay 6 Razormane Pillagers.
10A Growing ProblemBring Tonga's Eyes to Thunderhead Summit southwest of Ratchet.
10In Fungus We TrustPlant a Fungal Culture near the Stagnant Oasis and observe the results.
10Who's Shroomin' Who?Deliver Helbrim's Research to Sashya at Ratchet in North Barrens.
10Samophlange RepairWalk the Broken Samophlange over to Brak Blusterpipe within the encampment.
10Return to SamophlangerTake the Re-engineered Samophlange Wreckage back to Sputtervalve at Nozzlepot's Outpost.
10Read the ManualAssemble the Samophlange Manual.
11Crossroads Caravan DeliveryTalk to Rocco Whipshank at Grol'dom Farm and escort his caravan all the way to Crossroads.
11A Little DiversionKill 8 Kolkar Centaur.
12King of Centaur MountainKeep Gorgal Angerscar alive as he starts some trouble with the centaur, and help him to slay Kurak.
12They Call Him Swiftdagger. He Kills Harpies.Locate Darsok Swiftdagger in Northern Barrens.
13The Purloined PayrollSpeak to Gazrog near the entrance to Ratchet.
13Investigate the WreckageFind the wrecked caravan near the road between Ratchet and Crossroads and search the area for clues.
13The Stolen SilverKill 8 Sunscale Ravagers, 4 Sunscale Scytheclaws, and locate the Stolen Silver.
13Flushing Out VerogGather 4 pieces of Centaur Intelligence from around the Stagnant Oasis.
14Club FooteGet the Ship Schematics from Chief Engineer Foote at the Broken Keel Tavern in Ratchet.
14Love it or LimpetPlant a Limpet Mine at the thinnest part of the hull of the Bellipotent.
14Ammo KerblammoDestroy 5 Theramore Ammunition Stockpiles along the coast.
14Find Baron LongshoreFind and speak to the notorious pirate Baron Longshore.
14The Baron's DemandsIf you trust him, talk to Baron Longshore to free him from his manacles.
14A Most Unusual MapGet the Tattooed Head from the entrance to the Alliance compound.
14Gazlowe's FortuneGazlowe wants you to dig up his buried treasure from atop the cliffs overlooking Ratchet.
14Raging River RideBoard Horton Hornblower's Riverboat northeast of Ratchet and get a riverboat ride to Nozzlepot's Outpost.
14Take it up with TonyTalk to Tony Two-Tusk on Fray Island in Northern Barrens.
14Glomp is Sitting On ItKill Glomp and grab Glomp's Booty.
14Guns. We Need Guns.Gather six Heavy Dwarven Rifles.
14Mutiny, Mon!Use the Pirate Signal to summon Tony Two-Tusk and his crew to the Maiden's Dagger. Help him to defeat Alicia Cuthbert below decks.
14Waptor TwappingUse Kala'ma's "Waptor Twap" to capture 5 Wittle Waptors.
16Deathgate's ReinforcementsReport to Regthar Deathgate at his outpost west of Crossroads in Northern Barrens.
Screenshots (Updated Alpha)
These screenshots are from older versions of the Alpha. They are mostly here to show the improved water engine and/or major changes made to the zone since the first alpha build.
Screenshots (Alpha)
Alpha screenshots are an early preview of the expansion. A lot of stuff could be missing depending on the zone and the quality of the water might be slightly lower than what you will get in the final game. All zones will eventually have up to date screenshots with improved graphics and monsters/NPCs.

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