World Map (Cataclysm)
World Map (WotLK)
Screenshots (Beta)
These screenshots are from late builds of the Beta. Some of the content might be missing but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on live servers!
Lvl NameRewards Objective
44Ruumbo Demands HoneyCollect 10 Deadwood Honey Globs from the hives in Deadwood Village using Ruumbo's Honey Stick.
44Ruumbo Demands JusticeSlay 15 Deadwood furbolg of any type.
44Dance for Ruumbo!Do a silly dance for Ruumbo.
44The Corruption of the JadefireSlay 12 Jadefire Satyr or Jadefire Felsworn in Jadefire Glen.
44Do the Imp-PossibleWeaken Impsy and use the Enchanted Imp Sack to capture him.
44Touch the UntouchableUse the Phaseblood Potion at the Sigil of Tichondrius to shift into the nether, and search for the Claw of Tichondrius.
44See the InvisibleCollect 8 batches of Cursed Ooze from the Ruins of Constellas.
44A Talking TotemSpeak with the Totem of Ruumbo near Deadwood Village.
44Fight the PowerSlay 8 Jadefire Rogues or Jadefire Shadowstalkers at the Ruins of Constellas.
44Break the UnbreakableSlay Xavathras.
44Crying VioletCollect 8 Crying Violets.
44Purity From CorruptionFill the Empty Canteen with water from the corrupted moon well in the center of Jaedenar.
44Dousing the Flames of ProtectionUse the Purified Moon Well Water to douse the four Braziers of Protection within Shadow Hold.
44Forces of JaedenarSlay 4 Jaedenar Hounds, 4 Jaedenar Guardsmen, 6 Jaedenar Adepts, and 6 Jaedenar Cultists.
44The Inner CircleSlay 4 Jaedenar Warlocks, 4 Jaedenar Darkweavers, 4 Jaedenar Enforcers, and 4 Jaedenar Legionnaires.
44The Demon PrinceSlay Prince Xavalis.
44Twin TemptressesSlay Moora and Salia.
44Shadow Lord Fel'danSlay Shadow Lord Fel'dan.
44Lord BanehollowSlay Lord Banehollow.
44Culling the CorruptedCollect 10 Corrupted Pelts from Angerclaw Bears or Felpaw Wolves.
44An Arcane AllySpeak with Arcanist Delaris at the Ruins of Constellas.
44Jaedenar AwaitsDeliver the Arcanist's Herbs to Greta Mosshoof at Wildheart Point.
44Open Their EyesUse Delaris's Prism to terrify 20 Jadefire Imps.
44Feathers for Grazle
44Warchief's Command: Felwood!Report to Tenell Leafrunner at the Emerald Sanctuary in Felwood.
44Hero's Call: Felwood!Report to Tenell Leafrunner at the Emerald Sanctuary in Felwood.
45The Tainted OozeSlay 8 Tainted Oozes.
45A Slimy SituationCollect 7 Emerald Shimmercaps.
45Winna's KittenCollect Kitty's Eartag from Winna's Kitten.
45Hazzard DisposalUse Kitty's Eartag to get Winna Hazzard's attention, and then slay her.
45Cleanup at Bloodvenom PostSlay 6 Bloodvenom Slimeslaves.
45Whisperwind GroveSpeak with Tender Puregrove at Whisperwind Grove.
46Wanted: The Demon HunterSlay Feronas Sindweller.
46A Destiny of Flame and SorrowRelive Illidan's battle with Arthas.
46Buzzers for BabyKill 10 Ironwood Buzzers to feed the Seedling Protector.
46Seeking SoilBring the Seedling Protector to 7 patches of Rich Soil.
46Singin' in the SunGuide the Sapling Protector to 5 shafts of sunlight in Irontree Woods.
46The Last ProtectorDefeat the Withered Protector.
46Rejoining the ForestBring the Fluorishing Protector back to the hill in the center of Irontree Woods.
46These Roots Were Made For Stompin'Slay 10 Irontree Stompers.
46Nature and NurtureFill the vial at the moonwell in Whisperwind Grove and pour it on the ground between the dead ancient protectors in Irontree Woods.
46The Skull of Gul'danRelive Illidan's battle for the Skull of Gul'dan.
46The Fall of TichondriusRelive Illidan's battle with Tichondrius.
46Deceivers In Our MidstSlay 12 Jadefire Shifters in Jadefire Run.
46Navarax's GambitSlay the demon impersonating Arch Druid Navarax.
46The Fate of Bloodvenom PostSpeak with Kelnir Leafsong at Bloodvenom Post.
46The Shredders of IrontreeKill 9 Irontree Shredders.
46Collecting CorruptionCollect 8 Entropic Essences from Entropic Horrors in Shatter Scar Vale.
46Fel To PiecesCollect 9 pieces of Infernal Debris from Shatter Scar Vale.
46Hunting the DamnedSlay 6 Infernal Sentries.
46The Core of KroshiusObtain Kroshius' Infernal Core.
46Running their CourseSlay 8 Felrot Coursers.
46Squirrely CleanScrub 6 Tainted Squirrels.
46Weeding the LawnPull up 7 Whisperwind Lashers to check them for corruption.
47It's Time to Oil UpUse Darla's Grapple to collect Irontree Oil Cans and use them to oil 7 Irontree Shredders.
47A Flare FightUse Darla's Box of Megaflares to reveal 8 Talonbranch Prowlers and slay them.
47Turn it Off! Turn it Off!Shut off the Master Control Pump at the bottom of Irontree Cavern.
47Fire in the Hole!Slay Grolvitar the Everburning.
47Timbermaw HoldSpeak with Nafien at Timbermaw Hold in Felwood. Timbermaw Hold is to the east, past Felpaw Village.
47Slap and CapSlap 7 Panicked Workers to make them cap the oil gushers.
47Deadwood of the NorthKill 15 Deadwood Furbolg of any kind in Felpaw Village.
47Is Your Oil Running?Collect 10 Crude Tarballs from Oily Sludges.
47A Bomb DealCollect 8 Irontree Explosives from Irontree Cavern.
47Take it to the TreeSlay 8 Talonbranch Defenders.
47Stupid Drizle!Find Drizle in Felpaw Village.
47The Chieftain's KeyRetrieve Drizle's Key from Chieftain Bloodmaw.
47Drizle Safe
47Disarming BearsCollect 7 Deadwood Weapons from Felpaw Village.
47Wisp-nappingUse Darla's Wisp Magnet to collect 5 Talonbranch Wisps.
47Pikwik in PerilSpeak with Foreman Pikwik at Irontree Cavern.
47Back to BusinessTake a flight to Irontree Clearing and speak with Darla Drilldozer.
47The DenmotherTake a flight to Talonbranch Glade and speak with Denmother Ulrica.
47Enemy at our RootsSlay 8 Irontree Choppers.
47Into the ClearingSpeak with Alton Redding near Irontree Cavern
47Wisps of the WoodsUse the Swiftwind Switch to collect 5 Talonbranch Wisps.
47Oil and IronySabotage the Master Control Pump at the bottom of Irontree Cavern.
47Borrowed BombsCollect 8 Irontree Explosives from Irontree Cavern.
47BurnoutUse the Stolen Irontree Explosives to ignite 7 Oil Geysers in Irontree Clearing.
47Bloody WagesSlay 7 Panicking Workers.
47Report to the DenmotherSpeak with Denmother Ulrica at Talonbranch Glade.
47Feathers for Nafien
48The Timbermaw TribeSpeak with Nafien at the entrance to Timbermaw Hold.
Screenshots (Alpha)
Alpha screenshots are an early preview of the expansion. A lot of stuff could be missing depending on the zone and the quality of the water might be slightly lower than what you will get in the final game. All zones will eventually have up to date screenshots with improved graphics and monsters/NPCs.

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