Rare Elites Daily Farming List
The community has recently discovered that rare elites drop gear that can scale up to 385 item level (based on your bag item level), making them another source for gearing up your character.

Before going ahead and starting to farm rare elites, here are a few reasons why you might NOT want to do that:
  • Rare elites can take quite a while to find, some of them have long spawn timers
  • Some elites don't have a large loot pool, your character may receive weapons and armor used by other classes
  • Some of the Obsidian Citadel elites have a shared loot pool, which can result in duplicate items
  • Your character needs to be around 265-370 ilvl in order to have a chance at receiving upgrades
  • Gear is not guaranteed to scale up, even if you have 370 ilvl or higher
  • 350-385 ilvl gear is easily replaceable by loot from Mythic +7 Keystones

In case you are done with everything for the week or want to gear up an alt without clearing dungeons, then farming rares (350-369 loot) and rare elites (350-385 loot) may be used as an alternative method to get some gear.

For this activity we recommend using HandyNotes: Dragonflight, an addon that tracks rares and rare elites, tells you how to spawn them, shows what loot they can drop, and more!

Rare Elites TomTom Waypoints

The Waking Shore Rare Elites
/way #2022 28.5 58.8 Battlehorn Pyrhus
/way #2022 26.9 76.4 Captain Lancer (spawns after the Dragonbane Keep event)
/way #2022 26.3 57.9 Cauldronbearer Blakor (patrols around the area)
/way #2022 30.5 51.5 Char (cave entrance)
/way #2022 31.7 54.6 Death's Shadow (deliver 20 Restored Obsidian Keys to Sabellian)
/way #2022 33.1 76.2 Forgotten Gryphon
/way #2022 32.6 52.4 Morchok (deliver 10 Restored Obsidian Keys to Igys the Believer)
/way #2022 21.8 58.9 Rasnar the War Ender (spawns left side in the Obsidian Throne)
/way #2022 30.7 61.1 Rohzor Forgesmash
/way #2022 24.0 57.6 Shas'ith (clearing the vault weekly event)
/way #2022 33.1 55.5 Turboris (in a small cave)
/way #2022 30.0 55.4 Worldcarver A'tir (farm 3 Wurmling Bones and then place them at the Wurmling Bones pile)

The Azure Span Rare Elites
The Brackenhide Hollow rares will be announced in chat and on screen if you are in the area.
/way #2024 14.1 31.0 Blisterhide
/way #2024 14.1 37.5 Gnarls
/way #2024 16.2 33.6 High Shaman Rotknuckle
/way #2024 10.9 32.2 Snarglebone
/way #2024 55.0 34.2 Spellwrought Snowman

Thaldraszus Rare Elites
In order to spawn the Ancient Protector in Tyrhold, players have to power up 4 Titanic Reactors.
/way #2025 59.1 58.7 Ancient Protector
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  1. Huntaer's Avatar
    Ok i just gotta ask, what are these hastag numbers #2024 and #2022? just /way and coordinates seem to work too. What's it for ?
  1. Lumy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Huntaer View Post
    Ok i just gotta ask, what are these hastag numbers #2024 and #2022? just /way and coordinates seem to work too. What's it for ?
    That's the zone id, for the waypoints in the Azure Span you can either use "The Azure Span: Dragon Isles" or just shorten it with #2024.

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