World Map (Cataclysm)
Lvl NameRewards Objective
83Easy MoneyAccompany Adarrah's caravan into Uldum.
83Premature ExplosionationAssist Harrison Jones at the Khartut's Tomb.
83Just the TipObtain the Sultan's Staff, then use the Elaborate Disc to create the Shaft of the Stars.
83Field WorkCollect 10 Ancient Tablet Fragments.
83On to SomethingAccompany Harrison Jones to the Chamber of the Stars.
83The Thrill of DiscoveryExplore the Chamber of the Stars.
83Do the World a FavorKill 12 Mangy Hyenas.
83Tipping the BalanceSpeak to Harrison Jones in the Chamber of the Stars.
83After the FallCollect the Orb of the Morning Star, the Orb of the Evening Star, Orb of the North Star and the Orb of the Shooting Star.
83Do the HonorsUse the Orbs of the Stars near the mechanism in the Chamber of the Stars.
83Be PreparedCollect 6 Rope Pieces.
83Under the Choking SandsRescue 8 Orsis Survivors.
83Minions of Al'AkirSlay 6 Scions of Al'Akir.
83Lessons From the PastAcquire the Broken Goggles.
83By the Light of the StarsCollect 7 Suspended Starlight.
83The Prophet HadassiFind the Prophet Hadassi in Orsis.
83The Prophet's Dying WordsFind the Sacred Receptacle.
83Colossal GuardiansObtain the Stone of the Moon and the Stone of the Sun from the Colossal Guardians.
83The Scepter of OrsisObtain the Scepter of Orsis from the Sacred Receptacle.
83Just a Fancy CockroachKill 5 Amethyst Scarabs, 5 Sapphire Scarabs, 5 Turquoise Scarabs, and 5 Emerald Scarabs.
83Send Word to PhaorisSpeak to King Phaoris at Ramkahen in Uldum.
83The Vizier's VoteSpeak to Vizier Tanotep at the Akhenet Fields in Uldum.
83Tanotep's SonObtain the Vir'Naal Delta Map from a Neferset Guard.
83Neferset PrisonGo to the Neferset Prison Camp and find the whereabouts of Tahet.
83The Pit of ScalesRescue Tahet at the Pit of Scales in Uldum.
83The High Council's DecisionSpeak to King Phaoris at Ramkahen in Uldum.
83The High Priest's VoteSpeak to High Priest Amet at the Vir'naal Dam in Uldum.
83The High Commander's VoteSpeak to High Commander Kamses at the Ramkahen Legion Outpost in Uldum.
83Fortune and GloryKill the Obsidian Colossus.
83The Curse of the TombsSlay 6 Crazed Diggers and Mekgineer Mixeltweed.
83Artificial IntelligenceSpeak to the A.I.D.A. terminal at the Surveyor's Outpost in Uldum.
83A Disarming DistractionDisarm the First, Second and Third Bomb Clusters and deactivate 4 Unstable Bomb Bots at the Tomb of the Sun King.
83Core Access CodesObtain the Core Access Codes from Twizzleflux the Insane.
83Hacking the WibsonHack the Wibson Mainframe on top of the M.A.C. Diver.
83GnomebliterationObliterate 1000 Crazed Gnomes.
83Stopping the SpreadDestroy 6 Slitherer Eggs.
83Trespassers in the WaterSlay 8 Stillwater Slitherers.
83The Root of the CorruptionGo to the northeastern source of the Nilos River and slay Scalemother Hevna.
83Ancient WeaponsRetrieve the Ancient Tol'vir Armaments
83That Gleam in his EyeSpeak to Harrison Jones at the Obelisk of the Sun.
83I've Got This GuyKill 10 Schnottz Air Troopers.
83They Don't Know What They've Got HereCreate the Titan Activation Device.
83IgnitionRecover the Lens of the Sun.
83Tailgunner!Use the tailgun to defend the Schnottz Bomber.
83Traitors!Hide behind the Neferset Frond and Uncover the Neferset Secret.
83Smoke in Their EyesBurn Stacks of Hay inside the Lost City of the Tol'vir in Uldum.
83Budd's PlanObtain 6 pieces of Neferset Armor.
83Eastern HospitalityBelloc Brightblade wants you to mingle with the guests at Schnottz's Landing.
83A Favor for the FurrierCollect 5 Desert Coyote Pelts.
83FashionismBelloc Brightblade wants you to collect 10 Trooper Uniforms.
83The Desert FoxSchnottz wants you to bring him the Desert Fox.
83IdolatryCommander Schnottz wants you to collect 8 Well-preserved Idols.
83Dirty BirdsYou are to slay 8 Diseased Vultures.
83Angered SpiritsCommander Schnottz wants you to use the L.P.A.C. to collect 5 Furious Spectral Essences.
83Gobbles!Schnottz wants you to speak with him when you are prepared to witness the ritual.
83Make Yourself UsefulCommander Schnottz wants you to persuade 6 Slacking Laborers to get to work.
83BattlezoneCommander Schnottz wants you to man one of the siege tank turrets and use it to defeat 7 Decrepit Watchers, then report back to him.
83Missed Me By Zhat Much!Speak to Commander Schnottz when you are ready to accompany him out of the burning building.
83Lockdown!Commander Schnottz wants you to observe the guests in Schnottz's Landing.
83Sending a MessageCommander Schnottz wants you to kill Captain Margun, Captain Cork, and Captain Kronkh
83Firing SquadSpeak to Commander Schnottz.
83Meet Me In Vir'sarSpeak to Harrison Jones at the Oasis of Vir'sar.
83Take it to 'Em!Mack wants you to investigate Khartut's Tomb.
83Crisis ManagementBelloc Brightblade wants you to reassure the guests at Schnottz's Landing.
83Kavem the CallousObtain the Neferset Key from Kavem the Callous.
83Escape From the Lost CityFree Prince Nadun and speak to King Phaoris at Ramkahen in Uldum.
83Impending RetributionSpeak to Nomarch Teneth at the Tahret Grounds, Sun Priest Asaris at the Seal of the Sun King, and Kasaf at Mar'at.
83Al'Akir's VengeanceSpeak to Prince Nadun at the Arsad Trade Post outside Mar'at in Uldum.
83Efficient ExcavationsBring 'Efficient Excavations' to Belloc Brightblade in Schnottz's Landing.
83Relics of the Sun KingObtain 4 Relics of the Sun King.
83Venomblood AntidoteFill the Antidote Vial with the the poison of 8 Venomblood Scorpid corpses.
83The Great EscapeThe Prolific Writer in Schnottz's Landing wants you to collect 6 Fresh Uniforms from Schnottz Sea Sailors.
83The Weakest LinkSpeak to Salhet at the Ramkahen Legion Outpost in Uldum.
83Shaping UpHelp Salhet slay 8 Bloodsnarl Hyenas.
83Salhet's SecretFind Salhet at the Southern End of the Sunwatcher's Ridge in Uldum.
83Salhet the TacticianSpeak to Salhet and slay 30 Bloodsnarl Scavengers
83Return to CampReturn to High Commander Kamses at the Ramkahen Legion post.
83The Element of SuppliesCollect 20 Hardened Crocolisk Hides.
83Ploughshares to SwordsRecruit 8 Ramkahen Laborers.
83Thieving Little PluckersSmash 30 Sand Pygmies with the Tehret Dynasty Mallet.
83Riding Shotgun!Accompany Harrison to the Oasis of Vir'sar.
83Friend of a FriendHarrison wants you to speak to Sullah at Oasis of Vir'sar.
83Two TentsAccompany Sullah to Sullah's Sideshow.
83Master TrapperSullah wants you to collect 5 Meat Scraps from the wildlife in Uldum.
83Reduced ProductivityKill 15 Schnottz Excavators or Schnottz Overseers.
83Missing PiecesCollect 7 Ancient Copper Scrolls.
83Stirred the Hornet's NestSpeak to Sullah at Sullah's Sideshow.
83Shroud of the MakersSabotage 7 Schnottz Powder Kegs.
83Schnottz So FastKill 10 Schnottz Elite Troopers in the Chamber of the Moon.
83Bad DatasAccompany Harrison Jones in the Chamber of the Moon.
83I'll Do It By HandDefeat the Titanic Guardian.
83Unlimited PotentialUse the Reinforced Cage to capture 5 Cavorting Pygmies.
83Camel TowUse Sullah's Harness to tame 3 Camels.
83Jonesy Sent For YouSpeak with Harrison Jones in the Oasis of Vir'sar.
83Myzerian's HeadTake Myzerian's Head to Sullah at Sullah's Sideshow.
83Lieutenants of DarknessSlay Scorpion-Lord Namkhare and High Priest Sekhemet.
83Sullah's GiftSpeak to Harrison Jones at Pilgrim's Precipice.
83Fire From the SkyKill 100 Schnottz Troopers while mounted on the Confiscated Artillery.
83Bleeding the EnemyObtain 10 Neferset Insignia.
83Salhet's GambitEscort the Ramkahen Ranger Captain to higher ground.
83The Secret of NahomObtain 8 Atulhet's Record Fragments.
83Punish the TrespassersSlay any 10 Neferset intruders at the Tombs of the Precursors.
83The Cypher of KesetObtain the Cypher of Keset.
83The Defense of NahomSpeak to a Ramkahen Sergeant and succeed in the Defense of Nahom.
83The Push WestwardReport to King Phaoris at the Neferset City Outskirts in Uldum.
83The Bandit WarlordSlay Warlord Ihsenn.
83The Fall of Neferset CitySlay Dark Pharaoh Tekahn at Neferset City in Uldum.
83Expel the Envoys
83Nahom Must HoldReport to the regiment at Nahom in Uldum.
83Be Prepared m/db/img/icons/inv_gauntlets_leather_cataclysm_b_02.png" alt="" width="16" height="16" />Collect 6 Rope Pieces.
83The Defilers' RitualStop the Neferset Ritual at the Murkdeep Cavern.
83Put That Baby in the Cradle!Speak to Harrison Jones at the Temple of Uldum.
83Three if by AirUse the Signal Flares at the Temple of Uldum.
83The Coffer of PromiseGive Brann Bronzebeard the contents of the Coffer of Promise.
83Tailgunner!Shoot down 15 Schnottz Aces.
Screenshots (Beta - Sandbox)
Screenshots (Updated Alpha)
These screenshots are from older versions of the Alpha. They are mostly here to show the improved water engine and/or major changes made to the zone since the first alpha build.
Screenshots (Alpha)
Alpha screenshots are an early preview of the expansion. A lot of stuff could be missing depending on the zone and the quality of the water might be slightly lower than what you will get in the final game. All zones will eventually have up to date screenshots with improved graphics and monsters/NPCs.

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