Smoldering Ember Wyrm
Drops in the Return to Karazhan dungeon.

Arcanist's Manasaber
Requires exalted with The Nightfallen and is rewarded from the Fate of the Nightborne quest. This quest currently isn't in the database, but may be part of the extended Suramar story in Patch 7.1.

Midnight's Eternal Reins
Drops from Attumen the Huntsman in the Return to Karazhan dungeon.

Falcosaur Mounts
Predatory Bloodgazer, Viridian Sharptalon, Snowfeather Hunter, Brilliant Direbeak are a reward of the Falcosaur pet quest line in Patch 7.1.

Ivory Hawkstrider
Requires Exalted with Talon's Vengeance, sold by Trinket in Highmountain for 10,000.

Darkwater Skate
Sold by Galissa Sundew on Darkmoon Island.

Prestigious War Steed / Wolf
The Reins of the Prestigious War Steed and Reins of the Prestigious War Wolf are a reward for completing the world PvP quests 20 times each.

Rockspine Basilisk
No known source, mount was still a work in progress when previewed.

Arcane Stormcrow
No known source. Similar to the Stormcrow mount that is still unused.

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