Patch 10.1 PTR - Embers of Neltharion Campaign Chapters 3 and 4
Today we are taking a look at chapters 3 and 4 of the main campaign for Embers of Neltharion. There are a total of seven chapters in the main campaign. Keep in mind this is a work in progress, so things may change before release. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

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Patch 10.1 PTR - Embers of Neltharion Campaign Chapter 3: Sundered Legacy
  • The chapter starts with Ebyssian letting you know that he is concerned about his brothers' bickering, though he knows he has to set is aside to help Emberthal. You suggest Honeypelt be your guide to the titan vault down here, but she explains that her scent hasn't marked that route yet. She suggests Tuberros take you there.
  • She asks Perisimona, Tuberros's husband, where he is, but the Niffen remarks that she was just arriving to tell the group that Tuberros went to the vault and was kidnapped by cinder-smelling scale people.
  • Emberthal knows the Sundered Flame must be behind it, and Ebyssian asks Perisimona to guide them there. Sabellian reminds Ebyssian that anything found in the vault is his birthright, and the old Tauren dragon assures him that he wants nothing from Neltharion.
  • Sabellian needs food and drink to clear his head, and asks Honeypelt to join him while you set off.
  • At the Crystal Fields, Emberthal fills you in that Tuberros was guiding a client from the Dragonscale Expedition here, but the Sundered Flame attacked. She asks you to save him while also finding out why the Sundered Flame are here.
  • In the Sundered Flame Camp you find various scrolls detailing Neltharion's time here. Scalecommander Sarkareth believes that an artifact was hidden in Nal ks'kol and he wants it. This is the titan vault that Neltharion claimed south of here. Sarkareth's research has given him a clue on how to reach Aberrus, and discovers that the vault contains all of Neltharion's plans and bases.
  • Another note reveals that Neltharion was being whispered to, and he says it has freed him from the veil of lies. He plans to research in Aberrus and bar it from anyone he doesn't trust. The key to the lab is hidden in Nal ks'kol.
  • The final step is rescuing Tuberros and Rannan Korren from the camp. They thank you, with Rannan recognizing you. Tuberros cuts the reunion short by saying you all need to leave and he can smell his grubnector nearby.
  • When you are safe outside the camp, you find out Grubnector is what Tuberros calls Perisimona as a pet name. With everyone collected, you begin to head to the vault. Emberthal thinks the Niffen and Rannan should go back to the village, but they decide to stay as Rannan is a titan expect.
  • At the entrance, Rannan figures out that the door needs six Buzzing Orb Cores to open, and sends you to collect them from the nearby defense orbs.
  • Rannan is still denied access, and even Ebyssian cannot unlock it. Emberthal comments that this is taking too much time, and the vault recognizes her voice. It opens and you head inside while the Niffen and Rannan stay at the entrance.
  • Before you can get too far, Winglord Dezran and a few Sundered Flame attack. You defeat him, but Emberthal refuses to kill him. She is aware that Sarkareth is manipulative and hates that her fellow Dracthyr as willing to die for him. You confront Sarkareth inside while Ebyssian stays with Dezran.
  • Commander Sarkareth has gotten hold of the Oathbinder artifact, which is a gauntlet that causes Emberthal and all Dracthyr to go into a stupor. You are left to fight him alone.
  • An unimplemented cutscene shows Emberthal shake off her stupor and join you as Sarkareth reveals that he has been hearing the voice of Neltharion. Emberthal realizes that something is wrong with him and offers help, but he uses a teleporter to escape, leaving behind two of his Sundered Flame guards.
  • The remaining members agree to join Emberthal, who now pities her fallen friends. Ebyssian tells you to meet him back in Loamm. He knows that Sarkareth finding the Oathbinder artifact means that there is more to discover about his father's twisted legacy down here.
  • Back at Loamm, Wrathion and Sabellian are still arguing about who deserves to become the aspect. Ebyssian scolds them for acting like whelps over a tarnished legacy rather than starting a new one, leaving the two dragons to ponder what he says.

Patch 10.1 PTR - Embers of Neltharion Campaign Chapter 4: The Ancient Bargain
  • Chapter 4 begins with Sabellian saying that now that you are finished with Emberthal, locating Fyrakk should be the priority. He has discovered a massive caldera as the western edge of Zeralek and thinks it should be investigated.
  • At Igira's Watch, Ebyssian states that the whispers have grown louder here. He asks how Sabellian is faring, and the drake says that he is managing. He has dealt with the dark beckoning all his life, but is surprised it still persists after N'zoth has been defeated.
  • Ebyssian remarks that he didn't expect to find Djaradin here, though he had heard whispers of their elders slumbering beneath the earth. He tells you to inspect nearby Flamesight Totems to find a way to activate the Greater Flamesight Totem atop the guard tower, as these allow the forces to use farsight to guard the area.
  • After collecting runes from the totems, you need to defeat an elite Djaradin named High Seer Jhatal and her two corehound pets to get a Greater Flamesight Rune. You use it on the totem atop the guard tower to use its farsight. Across the lava, you see two Djaradin elders, Gholna and Vakan, who have been awakened. Another one named Igira still slumbers. Sabellian points out that the shadowflame is being infused in the caldera's lava, and the Primalists are trying to now wake Igira.
  • The two black dragons suggest we learn more about what we are up against, as the Djaradin believe waking their elders will help them defeat the dragonflights. Sabellian scouts ahead while Ebyssian joins you.
  • You find a bunch of artifacts that link Iridikron to making an alliance with these Zaqali Djaradin paid for in the blood of dragons. You also find some relics that are not Zaqali or Primalist in nature, leaving Ebyssian to believe that the Zaqali may have discovered Neltharion's vault. After reading a prayer tablet to the Djaradin elders, you reconvene with Sabellian in a cave where he has slain a corehound.
  • Sabellian suggests you take out the Zaqali priest and Primalist guarding the caldera, Shrinekeeper Qanosh and Earthrender Ku'siva, to collect whatever they are guarding as it is probably important in their plan.
  • Earthrender Ku'siva assures the Djaradin that the last elder will be awakened by Fyrakk, but the priest is becoming impatient. He says that they have waited centuries for their elder's freedom, and the Primalists must make good on their bargain.
  • After defeating them, Ebyssian flies you out of the caldera. A cutscene will detail that you have to escape because the lava in the center for the area erupts in flame as Fyrakk emerges covered in shadowflame. He unleashes it, and Sabellian is injured in the process. Ebyssian gets you both out of there.
  • Ebyssian wonders if Iridikron knew the shadowflame was down here, and asks you to inspect Sabellian's arm. He is in pain, but wants you to go stop Fyrakk. Ebyssian, however, wants to help him first as he will not lose his brother to this.
  • Ebyssian believes that shadowflame can be cleansed by collecting vacant elemental cores and a Zaqali Flame Totem. He asks you to gather them for him.
  • After collecting what is needed, you head to a nearby shrine and help Ebyssian cleanse the shadowflame from Sabellian. You then throw the tainted cores back into the lava, and Sabellian worries that this will just further empower Fyrakk.
  • You then put a stop to the awakening of Igira before Sabellian requests you gather a Zaqali spear to slay Fyrakk. He tries to attack the incarnate with it, but the empowered proto drake laughs it off and launches a shadowflame elemental at you, forcing you to defeat it.
  • Fyrakk then shatters the magic imprisoning Igira and Ebyssian raises the earth itself to shield you from the shadowflame raining down.
  • In a cutscene, Ebyssian then tries to fly you and Sabellian to safety but Fyrakk orders Igira to throw a massive spear at him, puncturing his side and causing you all to crash land. He is alive, but severely injured. Fyrakk assumes you are dead and flies towards Loamm, burning everything in his path.
  • You try to remove the spear, but it doesn't work. Sabellian cauterizes it so that you can pull it out, and then Ebyssian tells you to destroy remaining patches of shadowflame as they can't be allowed to fester. You do so by dragonriding through them.
  • You find the village covered in shadowflame. You rescue survivors while also helping Ebyssian put out the flames, waiting for him to gather his strength in between each cleanse.
  • You then rescue Honeypelt, who is crying over her dead assistant. After escaping, Sabellian blames himself for the destruction of the village, but Ebyssian assures him that Fyrakk would have done this regardless of Sabellian's actions.
  • Wrathion returns at this time, wondering what happened while he was gone. Ebyssian says now is not the time to jest, and asks you to meet him back at the Seat of the Aspects to let them know what happened.
  • There, Alexstrasza demands to know why Fyrakk emerged from Zaralek in a blazing trail of destruction. You inform them what happened, and Ebyssian insists that corruption is Deathwing's legacy, but it is not the black dragonflight's as a whole. He has faith that they can withstand the threat, and Alexstrasza trusts him.
  • Finishing this chapter unlocks world quests and other activities in Zaralek Caverns.

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  1. Addiena's Avatar
    Ebyssian is the leader the Black Flight needs not the one it wants, he would make a fitting aspect. Better at any rate than the two posers fighting over dead daddy's scraps.
  1. bigglestick's Avatar
    daddy ebyssian is gonna be my aspect choice if i had a vote lol

    great leaders do not seek power but have power thrust upon them and i could see sabellion and wrathion deciding neither are ready and it should be ebyssian you could see the two in the last bit of chapter 3 above
    Back at Loamm, Wrathion and Sabellian are still arguing about who deserves to become the aspect. Ebyssian scolds them for acting like whelps over a tarnished legacy rather than starting a new one, leaving the two dragons to ponder what he says.
    while the dragon queen Alexstrasza out of the 3 seems to also prefer ebyssian i suspect she would be nervous allowing either wrathion or sabby get aspectral powers with there history and would be watching them like a hawk

    either that or we could see a triad of power for the black as the black have history of being corrupted perhaps they should have all 3 as leaders as a way to make sure the black cannot all be led astray by one corrupt dragon... though i am not sure how that would work when we talk about the actual aspectral power unless there is a way to split it 3 ways which i doubt
  1. Foulfrost's Avatar
    Cauterising a wound while the weapon is still jammed into it is the dumbest thing you could do. Now, by pulling it out, you will just open the wound again, and the skin around it is already cauterised so you'll just bleed. But whatever I guess.

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