Patch 10.1 PTR - Embers of Neltharion Campaign Chapters 5 and 6
Today we are taking a look at chapters 5 and 6 of the main campaign for Embers of Neltharion. There are a total of seven chapters in the main campaign. Keep in mind this is a work in progress, so things may change before release. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Note- There is a seventh chapter to the story, but it is not available to test and likely involves the defeat of Sarkareth inside the Aberrus raid.

Check out our previews for the previous chapters as well.

Patch 10.1 PTR - Embers of Neltharion Campaign Chapter 5: Inherited Sin
  • The next chapter starts with Ebyssian understanding Alexstrasza's concerns about Shadowflame and suggesting we head back to Zaralek Caverns.
  • Near Aberrus, Ebyssian suggests you explore the area to learn about the enemy's motivations. You spy on the Djaradin, who are restless to enter Aberrus and free their Elder.
  • You meet with Field Commander Ignax to assault the Djaradin to gain control of the area. After slaying Warchanter Ronvath and destroying some ballistas, you are able to mount Ebyssian and launch an attack on the Djaradin forces.
  • Field Commander Ignax alerts you that some dragon nests have been found to the east, so you go and investigate.
  • Atop the cliffs you run into a few Slitherdrakes and some dead drakonids and Djaradin. It looks like a battle took place here, and the drakonids carry the banner of Neltharion.
  • Ebyssian notices that these dragonkin are lead by Overseer Xymra, who is poaching the Slitherdrakes in the area. You must defeat him and put a stop to it.
  • Eliminating the threat ends the chapter and grants you the Winding Slitherdrake dragonriding mount.

Patch 10.1 PTR - Embers of Neltharion Campaign Chapter 6: Inevitable Confrontation
  • Knowing that there is a group of drakonids down here still loyal to Neltharion has complicated matters, and Ebyssian suggests you meet Emberthal at the Brimstone Garrison to help her put a stop to Sarkareth.
  • Before you leave, Ebyssian admits to you that he is sad to see Wrathion and Sabellian fighting constantly and unable to put their ambitions aside for even a moment.
  • Next, you help Emberthal delay Sarkareth until Ebyssian arrives and causes him to flee. He has been using a portion of the Oathbinder on a console to try and gain more of his maker's power. He refuses to stop using the Sundered Flame to do his bidding as he leaves.
  • Ebyssian believes now is the time to strike Aberrus, and has you meet with him to convince Sabellian. The stubborn drake doesn't believe Emberthal's cause is worth the blood of more black drakes, but Ebyssian explains that helping her will also help unravel the legacy of Neltharion. Sabellian finally agrees to help.
  • Wrathion doesn't need as much convincing and agrees to help secure Aberrus, though he fears what they will find inside.
  • Emberthal is surprised to see that everyone has come to help, and the group prepares to assault Aberrus. Completing this quest rewards you with Ensemble: Black Dragonflight's Vestments.
  • You secure the outer courtyard while collecting a few of Neltharion's weapons. You then meet Emberthal closer to the entrance to Aberrus.
  • Sarkareth has created a barrier to shield himself while trying to break into the laboratory, and it is up to you to destroy the connections to make him vulnerable.
  • You then confront him, but are attacked by a mechanical defender that you are forced to destroy, which allows him to escape inside of Aberrus. The chapter ends with Ebyssian telling you there is nothing left to do but follow Sarkareth and stop him.

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  1. Shockzalot's Avatar
    Ebyssian will become the Black dragon flight aspect, book it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shockzalot View Post
    Ebyssian will become the Black dragon flight aspect, book it.
    That's the vibe I'm getting from the recent story

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