The Trading Post - May 2023 Rewards
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New items are in full bloom at the Trading Post for the month of May. You’re bound to find something new to add to your collection.

Visit T&W (Tawney and Wilder) just outside the Mage District in Stormwind or the Zen’shiri Trading Post next to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar to check out all the latest items they have available.

Here’s What’s in Stock for May

Item Type: Pet
Cost: 600 Trader's Tender

High Priestess’s Ceremonial Drape
Item Type: Cloak
Cost: 50 Trader's Tender

Huntsman’s Recurve Bow
Item Type: Bow
Cost: 50 Trader's Tender

Sharpened Shank
Item Type: Dagger
Cost: 50 Trader's Tender

Ensemble: Vagabond’s Snowy Threads
Item Type: Hood and Cloak
Cost: 100 Trader's Tender

Ensemble: Wanderer’s Snowy Trappings
Item Type: Hood and Cloak
Cost: 100 Trader's Tender

Sunbleached Grimskull Cinch
Item Type: Belt
Cost: 100 Trader's Tender

Well-Worn Grimskull Cinch
Item Type: Belt
Cost: 100 Trader's Tender

Merciless Trapper’s Staff
Item Type: Staff
Cost: 150 Trader's Tender

Crimson Bicorne
Item Type: Helm
Cost: 175 Trader's Tender

Black Iron Blunderbuss
Item Type: 2-Hand Rifle
Cost: 200 Trader's Tender

Lost Crown of the Arcane
Item Type: Helm
Cost: 200 Trader's Tender

Tiercel’s Wing
Item Type: 1-Hand Sword
Cost: 200 Trader's Tender

Fang of the Mountain
Item Type: 1-Hand Sword
Cost: 400 Trader's Tender

Ensemble: Kvaldir Scout Leathers
Item Type: Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Belt, Pants, Boots, Bracer, Gloves
Cost: 750 Trader's Tender

Ensemble: Vestment of the Honored Valarjar
Item Type: Helm, Shoulder, Robe, Belt, Pants, Boots, Bracer, Gloves, Cloak
Cost: 850 Trader's Tender

This Month’s Bonus Reward

Mount- Savage Green Battle Turtle

Complete activities to fill the bar at the top of the Traveler’s Log found in the Adventure Guide (Shift-J)***, and you’ll receive this month’s bonus reward— the Savage Green Battle Turtle Mount.

How it Works

Get Tender Every Month

At the first of each month, players with an active account in good standing will receive 500 Trader’s Tender automatically every month from a chest called the Collector’s Cache. If you don’t have active game time on your account or aren’t a subscriber at the start of a new month, don’t worry. Your Tender will be awarded on the first day of the month when you do have game time or an active subscription. This will be the same amount for everyone, regardless of how you pay for your game time.

The Traveler's Log

Complete monthly activities listed in the new Traveler’s Log. Each month features a rotating, themed set of activities. These activities provide the opportunity to earn up to 500 additional Trader’s Tender. There’s only a set amount of Tender you can earn each month through completing activities, so you won’t need to complete all the ones in the log each month. You’ll be able to pick and choose from a variety of fun in-game activities to easily earn Tender. Players can choose to earn by continuing to play the game as they already do, such as completing quests, competing in battlegrounds, participating in holiday activities, and even running Mythic+ dungeons. But you can also choose to take part in activities uniquely designed for the month.

Freeze an Item

Before the month comes to an end, if you haven’t purchased that one “must-have” item yet, don’t worry. You can “freeze” an item so you can purchase it later. When you freeze an item, it will stay available month over month until it is purchased or replaced.

If this month’s offerings didn’t have the items you wanted, you can hang on to your Trader’s Tender to spend later. It won’t go anywhere, and unspent Tender will continue to accumulate each month.

What a Tender Moment

As a way of saying “Thank you” to the community for continuing to play World of Warcraft with us, we are awarding a bonus 500 Trader’s Tender to players who purchase Dragonflight and add it to their account†. This bonus Trader’s Tender will also be rewarded retroactively to players who have already purchased Dragonflight. Players can collect this bonus Trader’s Tender from their Collector’s Cache.

Learn more about the Trading Post in our previously published news post on the official site.

*The Trading Post feature is not available in WoW Classic titles.
**Requires World of Warcraft Subscription or Game Time
***Requires Level 10 to access the Adventure Guide.
†Bonus Trader’s Tender is granted only once per account.
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  1. stoffe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Stormbringer View Post
    Wait, seriously? Not even normal mount speed on top of that? Ugghhh. Well, at least it looks cool, I guess... but damn that's disappointing.
    Yeah only swim speed sadly. the buff say ''Increases swin speed by 100%'' And when you mount it on land it runs super slow
  1. Val the Moofia Boss's Avatar
    Have to agree that this month's trading post items are forgettable.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    The "Ensemble: Vagabond’s Snowy Threads" is much more gray in the game than the image provided by Blizzard indicates. Very disappointing.
  1. exsanguinate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by THEORACLE64 View Post
    I guess there’s no accounting for poor taste then
    Might be. Some looks good but not enough to spend
  1. Chilela's Avatar
    Alright, here we go:

    Uhhhhh... Wow. There's not a single thing here that I actually LIKE that's reasonably priced. There's a few items that are borderline good, but nothing I can comfortably put into this category.

    High Priestess's Ceremonial Drape - As a rule of thumb, if I call a 50 Tender item bad, it's a real stinker. You can't really go wrong with something that's borderline free. I'm hard-pressed to think of many mogs it would actually work with, but it's at least kinda pretty on its own?
    Huntsman's Recurve Bow - See my previous point about 50-tender items. I do have a soft spot for higher-res "simple" weapons, but Bows are a very easy weapon type to find "simple" transmogs for. Pick basically any Vanilla leveling bow and you're good. And that's why I can't tier it higher.
    Sharpened Shank - This is borderline Good. It at least stands out a decent bit compared to other "simple" daggers, and the price is good, but it's missing that "something". Not sure what, though.
    Ensemble: Vagabond's Snowy Threads / Ensemble: Wanderer's Snowy Trappings - Oh look, another pair of Cloak with or without hood. White's pretty easy to combo with other pieces, so I will give it that. The Threads do feel borderline overpriced, however.
    Sunbleached Grimskull Cinch/Well-Worn Grimskull Cinch - An actual new model apparently, that's neat. Plus, it could work well with a good couple of sets. Only thing really setting these back is the abundance of other "flashy" belts out there. Both are borderline Good overall.
    Black Iron Blunderbuss - I do like this recolor, and if it was a bit cheaper, I'd throw it into Good. 200 feels like a tad much.
    Lost Crown of the Arcane - This is a pretty recolor of the Ragnaros headpiece. However, similar to the Blunderbuss, 200 is a bit much, especially for a slot that's less visible, albeit not by a lot.
    Tiercel's Wing - Arakkoa stuff is neat. I COULD bump it up to good, but I'd need to see it in action to make that decision.
    Ensemble: Vestment of the Honored Valarjar - I really, REALLY like this recolor. If it didn't basically eat the entire month's worth of tender, it would be solid. But 850 is just too harsh to really go for.
    Savage Green Battle Turtle - That is one detailed turtle mount. If it is indeed swim speed only, that effectively means it's a (relatively) easy-to-get niche mount. So I can't knock it too hard just because of that.

    Pippin - To Pippin's credit, it's a recolor of a pet that isn't exactly super easy to acquire, with a moveset more akin to a pet that also isn't exactly super easy to acquire. However, 600 is still pretty steep for what is, again, a recolor.
    Merciless Trapper's Staff - It's an okay mog I guess, but 150 feels a bit steep for what it is.
    Crimson Bicorne - There's plenty of pirate hats already available. Get one of those instead.
    Fang of the Mountain - 400 Tender is over-the-top for a recolor of a fairly underwhelming sword model.
    Ensemble: Kvaldir Scout Leathers - 750 Tender for this? Credit where credit's due, it's one of the relatively few Leather sets that actually looks like, well, leather, but that's about all I can say of it.

    Overall, nothing truly amazing, but a decent bit of almost-good. If I were a buyer, I'd possibly swipe up the headpiece, maybe the gun. But this does feel like a "Save-up" month.
  1. VMSmith's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    Have to agree that this month's trading post items are forgettable.
    This might be a little more accurate, IMO.
  1. Phaelia's Avatar
    I only bought the pet. I thought about the recolor of the Valor raid but at the end of the day it wasn’t worth the price. Hoping next months is better.
  1. HitRefresh's Avatar
    Turtle is very overdetailed, doesn't really match the game...
  1. Alanar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SinR View Post
    EU got a special surprise with the Medivh Transmog.

    Problem is that the items were still encrypted so it showed up at blue/white cubes for the helm and weapon and neon green for the cloak.
    And then making it purple, way to go blizz. Derp.

    I wasnt expecting much from this, ita better then what I had in mind.
  1. JSoup's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by loras View Post
    This, plus the gun.
    I'm not 100% sure about it yet, but definitely gonna see if i like it enough.

    Also i still have that starry horse in the freezer, i am still not sure i actually want it, i have plenty of tender. But on the other hand: Horse-in-a-freezer jokes.
    I'd really like to get the rest of the basic look weapons (love that simple recurve bow), but it adds up to a bit more than the last two months. And I sense this is a set up to dropping something expensive everyone will want in the coming months. As for the horse, I actually had it. Got it in a discounted mount bundle back during MoP.

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