World of Warcraft Lore Trivia Game - Stump Sean Episode 7
The official WoW Youtube channel has started a game where three WoW superfans square off in a trivia showdown for a chance to challenge Blizzard's very own Loremaster, Sean Copeland! Check out new episodes every Thursday.

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  1. Valhalladin's Avatar
    “We like to create our own characters in the way we dress”

    Couldn’t agree more. I want my fantasy character to reflect how I dress in real life too. That’s why I transmog the beefiest plate sets from Icecrown Citadel.
  1. Daronokk's Avatar
    Loremaster Sean? Who does this joker think he is? And as if Blizzard knows their own lore. What a joke. Blizzard is trying way too hard to validate their new employees. It's a hollow shell of a company owned by Activision. Please let the Microsoft takeover fail and see the company crumbling further.
  1. Stormwolf64's Avatar
    I get if people are confused in the final round. Often Sean is waiting until a question is asked, but last question there he pressed long before the question was asked.
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    Shouldn't let you buzz in before the question and options have been given >.<
  1. meowfurion's Avatar
    What is this cringe sh!t?
  1. SynDethroc's Avatar
    How do I get on this show? I'm confident I could win this; if anything the second round seems the hardest because it's always something ridiculous

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