Diablo IV - Launch Live Action Trailer: Saviors Wanted
Blizzard has released "Saviors Wanted", a new live action trailer for the launch of Diablo IV. The terrifying live action film has been shot by Oscar winning director Chloé Zhao and co-director Kiku Ohe.

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  1. tromage2's Avatar
    Meh bad CGI when you go life action the lack of detail shows pretty fast.
    I mean the summoning of the undead just feels out of place.
  1. rhorle's Avatar
    The marketing and cinematic departments are definitely bringing their A game with all the stuff they keep doing to promote Diablo 4.
  1. Relapses's Avatar
    Chloé Zhao is not exactly on the short list of directors I'd have thought to direct a D4 trailer but here we are. It's alright, though some of the CGI is turbo dogshit.
  1. Khaza-R's Avatar
    A bit corny with the shots of the actors staring into the camera. Gave off a bit of a 90s vibe for some reason.

    Still I think it was fun and enjoyed it.
  1. kranur's Avatar
    Nice that they're trying to promote it, not horrible but the camera staring lol.
  1. Aleksej89's Avatar
    man if only as much $ went into gameplay design department.
  1. tehBob's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tromage2 View Post
    I mean the summoning of the undead just feels out of place.
    How is that out of place? One of the necromancer spells to raise the dead. Just like the big fire snake is a wizard spell.
  1. Cosmic Janitor's Avatar
    Way too corny for my taste with people begging for salvation, especially when the game is a glorified vehicle for people to satisfy their addiction to loot-showers. Diablo also never had the "heroic story" vibe this is aiming at, but that may just be me.
  1. sociald1077's Avatar
    D2 did it better.

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