Prep Your Dragons and Mount Up for Kalimdor Cup
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August 28 Update: The Kalimdor Cup is being extended an additional week; players can dash, dodge, and dive through the skies until September 4.

Mount up and rediscover the skies of Kalimdor with a new dragonriding racing event arriving in Azeroth.

"The Riders of Azeroth invite dragonriders to compete in races throughout Kalimdor! Talk to Lord Andestrasz in Valdrakken for more information."

When: August 15–28
Where: Begins in Valdrakken

With a total of sixteen races spread across Kalimdor, dragonriders will have a skyfull of options for challenging courses in Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations. Head to Valdrakken and speak to the Holiday Enthusiast outside the bank to pick up the initial quest.

Ahn'Qiraj Circuit Nordrassil Spiral
Ashenvale Ambit Razorfen Roundabout
Great Divide Dive Rocketway Ride
Desolace Drift Thousand Needles Thread
Durotar Tour Uldum Tour
Felwood Flyover Un'Goro Crater Circuit
Feralas Ruins Ramble Webwinder Weave
Hyjal Hotfoot Winter Wander

Rewards For a Fancy Flight

In addition to earning achievements for completing races, Kalimdor’s brave racers can earn a new currency, Riders of Azeroth Badges. These can be exchanged for unique items and rewards from Maztha in Valdrakken so that you can dash through the skies with panache.

Brand new dragon customizations:

New Drake Racer's transmog set:

If everything else has been purchased, you can repeatedly buy:

The sky’s the limit (unless you’re trying to beat the timer); may the winds be at your back as you go for the gold.
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  1. Feeline10's Avatar
    Do not see a breadcrumb quest in Valdrakken or Orgrimmar, though the races and currency are there
  1. Kallisto's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Feeline10 View Post
    Do not see a breadcrumb quest in Valdrakken or Orgrimmar, though the races and currency are there
    The quest is where you can change how your dragon looks in Valdrakken. Speak to lord Andestrasz
  1. Myranda01's Avatar
    The sky's the limit unless you want to dragonfly anywhere other than the races in Kalimdor, then the sky actually has a limit and it's not very much.

    Hope we get azeroth dragonflying soon
  1. Alohaitsjeff's Avatar
    The winter spring advanced is hard af
  1. Witchblade77's Avatar
    well... these races are vicious, especially compared to the ones in Zaralek caverns... I thought about trying for title, but I can NOT be bothered to put in the kind of practice that would be required of me to pull off silver consistently, let alone gold. I guess outfit will just have to suffice.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Head to Valdrakken and speak to the Holiday Enthusiast outside the bank to pick up the initial quest.
    I guess someone at Blizzard didn't receive the memo. Ignore the outdated information and head to the drake customization area in Valdrakken.
  1. Plehnard's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alohaitsjeff View Post
    The winter spring advanced is hard af
    Yeah, that's the one I'm struggling with as well. Closest to gold was 0.7seconds off and after that it's mostly 2-3 seconds. Don't know what I'm doing wrong there.
  1. Darknessvamp's Avatar
    So I just grinded these out in around 5-6 hours as well as did a few of the easier ones on alt in an hour for enough coins to buy everything finally having a day free to do them and thinking it was the last day prior to the update. Reverse Ahn'Qiraj Circuit race and all of the Un'Goro Crater Circuit races had to be the worse, Qiraj was timed ridiculously tight especially with the boost deadzone at the top plateau up the stairs halfway through and whoever designed the Un'Goro track has some twisted sense of humour sticking so many rings right next to boulder and hill hit boxes.
  1. Eapoe's Avatar
    PSA: to all who are struggling for these, invest some time learning the Flick Trick. It provides a butt load of momentum and makes the races much easier, even trivializing some of them.
    The way to do it is: face camera upward, press your Ascend button, right after you press Ascend quickly face camera down to where it’s basically straight ahead again (little past), and you can quickly adjust back to normal. You pretty much face your camera down at the same time as pressing Ascend (my finger was still on the button as I did it). This motion and button press is all within about a second total.
    Get that down and you’ll be getting to gold rather quickly. The hardest part afterwards is just using it at the correct time so you don’t slam into a tree branch or the ground.
  1. panda040's Avatar
    The transmog looks like shit

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