Pirate's Day Celebration - September 19
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Hoist sail and make way for Booty Bay because Pirate’s Day begins 19 September! A WoW Classic version of Pirate's Day will also be available for hardy heroes wishing to embrace the pirate's life.

Bring Your Sea Shanty to Booty Bay

Pirates have taken over the goblin town of Booty Bay and Captain DeMeza is recruiting any scurvy dog she can into her buccaneer ranks. Visit her or her henchmen in the capital cities if the pirate’s life is for you!

Feeling out of place in Booty Bay without a proper costume? Don’t worry. /Dance one little jig with the Dread Captain DeMeza and she’ll be impressed enough to press you into her crew and outfit you properly. If you get attached to your new look, you can do the quest You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!! Succeed, and you’ll get an Emergency Pirate Outfit (or five) for when Pirate’s Day is but a distant memory and your inner pirate is clawing to get out.

What good is a pirate without an avian companion on their shoulder? Captain DeMeza (for the exchange of a few shiny coins) can help you call forth a temporary companion named Petey to take with you wherever you sail.

From time to time the captain will shout for a brave party to take on a terror of the deeps–an elite shark known as Ol' Eary. Make sure you have a hearty crew with you or you could become just so much chum in the waters of the bay.

Join the Beach Party

Once you and your crew have helped the captain handle Ol’Eary, you can celebrate with the crew at a little beach party just south of Booty Bay. Those with the Feat of Strength "Advast Ye, Admiral" can also purchase a toy from Edward Techt–the Jolly Roger to show off their dedication to the cause.

If you’re really feeling generous, you can also purchase a Big Bag of Booty from Captain DeMeza and spread the wealth around to all your pirate pals in a burst of glittery glory.

New in Dragonflight

Avast ye! Go from a swabbing scallywag to old salt when you deck out your Highland Drake in a coffer-carrying saddle with the Pirate's Day Armor. Grab your loot from Dread Captain DeMeza in Booty Bay and use it at any Rostrum of Transformation located in the Dragon Isles. Ye savvy?

WoW Classic

Capital city commoners will be donning the latest swashbuckling fashion. Speak to any of them, and they'll set you up with pirate garb for one hour and give you the newest scuttlebutt. Apparently, Dread Captain DeMeza is riling up the crowd with talk of Pirate's Day.

Once in Booty Bay, look for Dread Captain DeMeza and her crew on the bank rooftop, and you can speak to her to raise a toast and become a pirate for the day. Doing so will grant you a 12-hour pirate costume buff, and you'll complete the achievement, The Captain's Booty.

When: September 19 (24 hours)
Where: Darnassus, Exodar, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Silvermoon City, Stormwind, Thunderbluff, and Undercity

Get out there, ye scurvy barnacles, and earn yer sea legs, aaargh!

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  1. Cynical Asshole's Avatar
    More shitty content for the mega casuals.
  1. rayvio's Avatar
    50k for the dragon clothes is beyond insane
  1. Firebeast's Avatar
    50K for that???roflamo
  1. ChairmanKaga's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rayvio View Post
    50k for the dragon clothes is beyond insane
    Seems pretty reasonable.
  1. Eapoe's Avatar
    I like the mog for the dragon. I just don’t like it enough for 50k for only 1 of the dragon mounts. Wonder if the other holiday theme ones will have the same price tag or be earned in other ways.
  1. Daedius's Avatar
    Be nice if we knew this in advance for a one day event... going to miss out cause I'm at work now doing a night shift. :/
  1. Illuminance's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Be nice if we knew this in advance for a one day event... going to miss out cause I'm at work now doing a night shift. :/
    There is an in-game calendar near the minimap that shows the start and stop times of all the events. I agree that the developers should have made their post at least one day in advance, though.
  1. Lolsteak's Avatar
    50k's fine, it's not like it's a lot of gold anyway
  1. panda040's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cynical asshole View Post
    more shitty content for the mega casuals.
    based and true
  1. johnnyd2's Avatar
    TFW The login/authentication issues are happening the same day as well X_X
    I got lucky and purchased the 50k gold customization before these issues, plus I got the other significant rewards (Other than the Bloodsail rep too) in previous years. But I feel bad for people who are screwed out of either doing the Pirate day quests/content or needed to get or even spend the gold for the 50k customization. Hopefulyl this can get fixed on time. If not, at least Extend the duration of Pirates day. Thank you.
  1. Eapoe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Be nice if we knew this in advance for a one day event... going to miss out cause I'm at work now doing a night shift. :/
    Not that it’s much better, but it did get a wowhead post around 22:00 CST yesterday.
  1. BUdoubleG's Avatar
    Blizzard, please make Petey a reusable toy like Pepe!
  1. tromage2's Avatar
    Pretty stupid to just sell an item for 50k....
    This event has like no updates for years and years and they just put an item on a vendor..... Could had involved some gameplay with dragonflying maybe its a crazy idea from me but selling an item is no update in my opinion.
  1. rayvio's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lolsteak View Post
    50k's fine, it's not like it's a lot of gold anyway
    for what it is, one customisation option for one dragon, it is overpriced. if it had been a full reskin or a new mount then that would be a good price. if there had been additional slots (like an optional pirate hat, optional parrot perched on dragons shoulder/flying alongside, etc) then sure
    I could afford it, sure. but I couldn't justify spending that much on it

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