Chris Metzen Returns as Full-Time Executive Creative Director of Warcraft Franchise
Blizzard has announced that Chris Metzen has transitioned from his advisor role to full-time executive creative director of the Warcraft franchise.

Chris Metzen officially responded to the news and is excited to share what the team has been working on soon:

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  1. Easo's Avatar
    I am happy, I think. Hopefully he doesn't burn out and brings some sense to lore insanity that happened during Shadowlands.
  1. LemonDemonGirl's Avatar
    Chris Metzen
  1. Huntermyth's Avatar
    i never felt this hyped for a game in many many years.

    p.s : i hope thrall makes a comeback. somehow.
  1. Goat7's Avatar
    I mean it cannot get any worse right?

    Here is to hope *cheers*
  1. Zodiark's Avatar
    "I can’t wait for y’all to see where we’re headed."

    Well can't be any worse than where we've been...
  1. panda040's Avatar
    I hope this helps to turn the games story into an actually engaging tale and not the current boring, childish, woke ridden snorefest that it is today. but who am i kidding, the old wow was way to masculine and blizzard needs to keep their D.E.I metrics up.
  1. jk1895's Avatar
    They should have brought back Ghostcrawler. Nobody needs Metzen. I didn't notice whether he was there or not. Superfluous.
  1. Mendzia's Avatar
    Danuser is still here so even GIGACHAD like Metzen won't save this game.
  1. mingarrubia's Avatar
    Great news.
  1. Mojo03's Avatar
    It's cool and all, but I'm done with the story after like a day into a new patch.

    The games lack of compelling things to do and weak reward system, are the real problems it has.

    And Ion and Activision are still running that part...
  1. Arikara's Avatar
    It is an improvement, but without purging the existing cretins like Danuser, it will make no difference.

    Metzen is old, and seemingly run out of ideas. He cannot recapture the glory of Wc3 at this stage, alone, in a sinking ship determined to run itself aground.
  1. flan1337's Avatar
    Soon (TM) 10char
  1. Zenfoldor's Avatar
    I'm good with it. Bring more old devs back.
  1. Foulfrost's Avatar
    I do not think the father of WoW can still save his dead child. It's all too late. But I commend him for wanting to try. Good luck, Chris. We all know you'll need it...
  1. Skylarking's Avatar
    I'm sensing abit of metzen mania going on here
  1. gobarj's Avatar
    No matter what direction WoW takes, there's always players that will like one thing and others that won't. Live with it.
  1. Lupinemancer's Avatar
    I am so hyped for Blizzcon this year.
  1. RobertMugabe's Avatar
    LOL nice one MMOC!

    Really hyped for Metzen's comeback. WoW can finally be WoW again.
  1. Clozer's Avatar
    Will we return to World of Warcraft or will it stay the furry-infested happy lizardmen show? Guess we will see in 2 years.
  1. vincink's Avatar
    I will bring my money back if Metzen can set (or reset) the game's lore back on track.

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