WoW Hotfixes - December 5, 2023
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  • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • Aberrus Class Set bonus: Heart Strike and Blood Boil deal 10% increased damage (was 20%) and have a 5% chance (was 10%) to grant Vampiric Blood for 5 seconds.
    • Unholy
      • Virulent Plague damage increased by 15%. Not applied to PvP combat.
      • Epidemic damage increased by 12%.
      • Festering Strike damage increased by 20%.
      • Festering Wound damage increased by 12%. Not applied to PvP combat.
      • Ghoul Sweeping Claws damage increased by 15%.
  • Demon Hunter
    • Havoc
      • Fel Rush damage reduced by 12%.
      • Immolation Aura damage reduced by 12%.
      • Fel Barrage damage reduced by 12%.
      • Fixed an issue when talented into A Fire Inside that caused any cast of Immolation Aura beyond the first to not enforce its intended global cooldown.
  • Druid
    • Restoration
      • Ferocious Bite damage decreased by 20%. Not applied to PvP combat.
      • Rip damage decreased by 15%. Not applied to PvP combat.
      • Rake damage decreased by 10%.
      • Shred damage decreased by 10%.
  • Evoker
    • Devastation
      • All damage spells increased by 5%.
      • Regenerative Magic increases Leech by 5% (was 3%).
      • Draconic Legacy increases Stamina by 8% (was 6%).
  • Hunter
    • Beast Mastery
      • Fixed an issue where Blessing of Autumn did not properly affect the cooldown of Call of the Wild.
      • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope 4-piece set bonus:
        • Dire Beast's Kill Command damage reduced by 30%.
        • Beast Cleave gained by Dire Beast effectiveness reduced by 30%.
    • Marksmanship
      • Fixed an issue where the Windrunner's Guidance buffs would fall off when exiting combat.
  • Monk
    • Mistweaver
      • Mana Tea now reduces the mana cost of spells by 25% (was 50%).
      • Upwelling can now stack up to 15 times (was 18).
      • Essence Font healing decreased by 10%.
      • Invigorating Mist healing decreased by 10%.
      • Calming Coalescence now increases the absorb amount of Life Cocoon by 2% per stack (was 3%).
      • Vivify primary healing increased by 5%.
      • Ancient Concordance now increases the chance for Blackout Kick to reset Rising Sun Kick by 12% (was 10%).
    • Windwalker
      • All ability damage increased by 6%.
  • Paladin
    • Holy
      • Crusader Strike now costs 0.6% base mana (was 1.6%) and deals 25% increased damage.
      • Hammer of Wrath now costs 0.6% base mana (was 1%) and deals 20% increased damage.
  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • All healing reduced by 3%.
      • All damage reduced by 3%.
    • Holy
      • All healing increased by 4%.
      • Burning Vehemence now causes Holy Fire to deal 75% of its initial damage to nearby enemies (was 60%).
      • Amirdrassil 2-piece set bonus: Renews caused by Serenity now last 18 seconds (was 14 seconds) and Renews caused by Sanctify now last 6 seconds (was 5 seconds).
  • Rogue
    • Assassination
      • Kingsbane damage reduced by 15%.
      • Blindside effect chance reduced to 15% (was 20%) and 30% against low-health targets (was 40%).
  • Shaman
    • Resolved an issue causing Innervate to give a greater mana spent bonus to High Tide than intended.
    • Restoration
      • Healing Surge now costs 4.4% base mana (was 4.8%).
      • Chain Lightning damage increased by 20%.
      • Acid Rain damage increased by 10%.


  • Imminence of Krag’wa’s Executor is now available for 450 Trader’s Tender (was 500).
    • Developers’ notes: This was a pricing bug, and we’re working on a second hotfix that should refund 50 Tender to players who purchased the set before the price reduction. That refund will come as soon as possible this month.

Player versus Player
  • Death Knight
    • Unholy
      • Rotten Touch's effectiveness reduced by 40% in PvP combat.
  • Druid
    • Restoration
      • Amirdrassil 4 set bonus now casts Nourish at 50% effectiveness (was 100%) in PvP combat.
      • Mastery: Harmony is now reduced by 15% in PvP combat.
  • Hunter
    • Marksmanship
      • Survival of the Fittest now reduces damage taken by an additional 10% in PvP combat.
      • Exhilaration now heals for 40% of max health (was 30%) in PvP combat.
  • Monk
    • Fixed an issue that caused Fortifying Brew's damage reduction to be higher than intended in PvP combat.
    • Mistweaver
      • Amirdrassil 2 set bonus: Chi Harmony now increases healing received by 15% (was 25%) in PvP combat.
      • Healing Elixir now heals for 10% of maximum health (was 20%) in PvP combat.
      • Yu'lon's Grace now creates an absorb for 1% of your maximum health (was 2%) in PvP combat.
      • Dampen Harm's minimum damage reduction is no longer increased in PvP combat (was 25%).
      • Fortifying Brew's damage reduction is no longer increased in PvP combat (was 30%).
      • Diffuse Magic now reduces magic damage taken by 40% (was 60%).
  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • Amirdrassil 4 set bonus: Now has a 100% chance to cast another Smite (was 50%) in PvP combat.
  • Shaman
    • Elemental
      • Lava Burst damage from the the Amirdrassil 4-piece set bonus is now reduced by 60% in PvP combat (was 50%).
    • Enhancement
      • Thorim's Invocation now increases Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning damage by 10% in PvP Combat (was 20%).
      • Lava Lash damage is now increased by 25% in PvP combat (was 12%).
      • Elemental Blast damage is now reduced by 6% in PvP combat (was 15%).
      • Stormweaver now causes Chain Heal and Healing Surge to gain 150% of the benefits of Maelstrom Weapon based on the stacks consumed (was 100%).
    • Restoration
      • Amirdrassil 2 set bonus: Effectiveness no longer reduced in PvP combat (was reduced by 50%).
  • Rogue
    • Subtlety
      • Shadow Blades extra Shadow damage reduced to 15% (base 20%) in PvP combat
      • Thief's Bargain (PvP Talent) cooldown reduction value reduced to 20% (was 33%)
  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • Fel Obelisk (PvP Talent) now increases attack and cast speed by 10% (was 20%).
      • Master Summoner (PvP Talent) reduces the cast time of Call Dreadstalkers, Summon Vilefiend, and Summon Demonic Tyrant by 15% (was 20%).
      • Antoran Armaments now increases your Felguards damage by 10% (was 20%) in PvP Combat.
      • Doom Brand from the Amirdrassil 2-piece set bonus is now undispellable.
      • The debuff duration reduction for Doom Brand from the Amirdrassil 2-piece set bonus is no longer reduced in PvP combat.
      • Damage effects from the Amirdrassil 2-piece and 4-piece set bonus are now reduced by 40% in PvP combat (was 50%).
    • Destruction
      • Flame Rift damage from the Amirdrassil 4-piece set bonus is no longer reduced in PvP combat (was 50%).
  • Warrior
    • Fury
      • Rampage now deals 40% additional damage in PvP combat (was 30%).
      • Execute now deals 50% additional damage in PvP combat (was 40%).
      • Crushing Blow no longer deals reduced damage in PvP combat (was 20%).
      • Raging Blow deals 15% additional damage in PvP combat.
      • Annihilator deals 15% additional damage in PvP combat.

Season of Discovery

  • Seal of Martyrdom will no longer grant mana to nearby allies who are not in the Paladin's party or raid.
  • Shamanistic Rage will no longer grant mana to nearby players who are not in the Shaman's party or raid.
  • It is no longer possible to have two copies of the Mangle debuff active on a target.
  • Multiple Rogues can now have the Saber Slash bleed active on a target. If the Rogues have the Deadly Brew rune, they can each have a Deadly Poison periodic damage effect active on the target.
  • Pattern: Phoenix Bindings temporarily removed from the merchant faction vendor while we work to resolve an issue with the recipe.
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  1. Cynical Asshole's Avatar
    The MM hunter PVP "buffs" are hilarious. So now you die .3 seconds slower than before.
  1. slime's Avatar
    So many Blood tanks these days. Definitely a needed nerf.
  1. Disen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    So many Blood tanks these days. Definitely a needed nerf.
    it's not a dk nerf tho, it's last season's set nerf.

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