WoW Hotfixes - December 6, 2023
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  • Throne of the Tides
    • Updated the model used by the Ink of Ozumat to reduce the visual effects at its base.
  • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope
    • Smolderon
      • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes gain multiple stacks of Ignited Essence from 1 Living Flame.
      • Fixed an issue where a Seeking Inferno could explode twice on Mythic difficulty.
    • Tindral Sageswift
      • Fallen Feathers now spawn 6 feathers on Mythic Difficulty (was 4).


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Large Renown bag of Dragon Isles Supplies to always unintentionally contain a Dream Wardens Tabard.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Gift of Urctos to fail to grant its bonuses.


  • Fixed an issue preventing “Something Different” from being properly completed by PvP Brawls.
  • Fixed an issue causing a Hunt choice to be unintentionally greyed out for “Aiding the Accord: The Hunt is On”.

Season of Discovery

  • Grizzby will no longer rob you of your extra quest items.
  • Ashenvale PvP
    • The lieutenant and general NPCs in the Season of Discovery Ashenvale PvP event now have much higher health.
    • Generals are now immune to damage until all of their lieutenants have been defeated.
    • While no lieutenants are dead, generals and their nearby allies gain 1000% increased damage.
    • The Horde general's chain lightning will now hit up to 40 targets.
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  1. Zka's Avatar
    "Updated the model used by the Ink of Ozumat to reduce the visual effects at its base."
    No shit. There are like 100 other effects in WoW that are telegraphed piss poorly. How about working a tiiiiny little bit more on this problem?
  1. Biomega's Avatar
    But would it be WoW without same-on-same color effects with fuzzy edges and pointless visual pollution?

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