Mythic Dungeon International Dragonflight Season 3 - Group A
The Mythic Dungeon International has returned for Dragonflight Season 3! Tune in on Twitch and YouTube to witness eight teams speedrunning dungeons, with the fastest four teams qualifying to compete in the Global Finals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cateran100 View Post
    Not like I agree with him but you are wrong as well...He said why the speedlevelling is not an esport yet? And it is not....
    There has been some competitions in WoW HC involving leveling for X amount of hours, there also have been leveling tournament + duel at the end of leveling period. With cash prize I believe too.

    Not really a conventional e-sport, but tournaments. People do competitive leveling and compete between themselves even if not being on a single broadcast, so I fail to see how that is much different to be honest. If anyone watched there would be pet battle e-sports too, but there is no viewership in it.

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