Faction Rewards
Level Type Spec Slot NameFactionReputation
85QuestGreater Inscription of Unbreakable QuartzTherazaneExalted
85QuestGreater Inscription of Charged LodestoneTherazaneExalted
85QuestGreater Inscription of Jagged StoneTherazaneExalted
85QuestGreater Inscription of Shattered CrystalTherazaneExalted
346FingerPhysical DPSFingerTerrath's Signet of BalanceTherazaneRevered
346FingerMeleeFingerGorsik's Band of ShatteringTherazaneRevered
346FingerTankFingerFelsen's Ring of ResolveTherazaneRevered
346FingerSpell DPSFingerDiamant's Ring of TemperanceTherazaneRevered
85QuestLesser Inscription of Unbreakable QuartzTherazaneHonored
85QuestLesser Inscription of Charged LodestoneTherazaneHonored
85QuestLesser Inscription of Jagged StoneTherazaneHonored
85QuestLesser Inscription of Shattered CrystalTherazaneHonored
85MiscellaneousTabardTabard of TherazaneTherazaneFriendly
Zone Lvl NameReput Objective
Deepholm81Rocky Relations250Find Diamant the Patient at the northeast edge of the Jagged Wastes.
Deepholm81Loose Stones500Use the Delicate Chain Smasher to release 6 Quartz Rocklings.
Deepholm81Hatred Runs Deep500Kill Dragul Giantbutcher and 12 Twilight Cultists at Lorthuna's Gate.
Deepholm81Unsolid Ground500Gather 6 Jade Crystal Clusters, combine them, and shatter them within the Lorthuna's Gate encampment.
Deepholm81Violent Gale500Find Felsen the Enduring and follow his instruction towards the entrance to the Crumbling Depths.
Deepholm81Depth of the Depths500Find the Painite within the Crumbling Depths.
Deepholm81A Rock Amongst Many500Return to Diamant at Lorthuna's Gate with the Painite Chunk.
Deepholm81Entrenched250Seek out Kor the Immovable among the Shuddering Spires.
Deepholm81Making Things Crystal Clear500Collect 8 Chalky Crystal Formations.
Deepholm81Intervention500Kill 12 Jaspertip rockflayers.
Deepholm81Putting the Pieces Together500Aid 6 Dormant Stonebound Elementals in reforming.
Deepholm81Clingy500Bring Pebble to the large crystal formation in the Shuddering Spires.
Deepholm81So Big, So Round...250Speak to Kor to find out what kind of food Pebble might like.
Deepholm81Petrified Delicacies500Gather 12 Petrified Stone Bats for Pebble.
Deepholm81Rock Bottom500Kill Gorgonite.
Deepholm81Steady Hand250Speak to Terrath the Steady at the Pale Roost.
Deepholm81Don't. Stop. Moving.500Rush at least 5 Opalescent Guardians east by ground, out of the Pale Roost, to the stone circle near Therazane's Throne.
Deepholm81Rocky Upheaval250Speak to Gorsik the Tumultuous upon the Crimson Expanse.
Deepholm81Doomshrooms500Destroy 10 Doomshrooms.
Deepholm81Gone Soft500Kill 8 Fungal Behemoths.
Deepholm81Unnatural Causes250Speak to Gorsik the Tumultuous in the Crimson Expanse.
Deepholm81Wrath of the Fungalmancer500Speak to Earthmender Norsala, then kill Fungalmancer Glop.
Deepholm81Shaken and Stirred500Kill 8 Verlok Pillartumblers in the lower section of Verlok Stand.
Deepholm81Corruption Destruction500Retrieve 8 bags of Verlok Miracle-Grow.
Deepholm81Hard Falls500Kill 6 Stone Drakes.
Deepholm81Fragile Values500Retrieve a Stonework Mallet.
Deepholm81Resonating Blow500Defeat Aeosera.
Deepholm81At the Stonemother's Call250Speak to Therazane, the Stonemother.
Deepholm81Audience with the Stonemother500Attend the Audience with the Stonemother.
Deepholm81The Stone Throne150Seek out Therazane at Therazane's Throne.
Deepholm81Lost In The Deeps250Find Pebble within the Crumbling Depths and lead him safely out of the tunnels.
Deepholm81Our Part of the Bargain250Speak to Therazane on the Halcyon Egress.
Deepholm81The Stone March500Kill 15 Twilight Precipice Cultists.
Deepholm81The Twilight Flight500Defeat Zoltrik Drakebane.
Deepholm81Therazane's Mercy500Defeat Boldrich Stonerender and High Priestess Lorthuna.
Deepholm81The Binding500Kill High Priestess Lorthuna.
Deepholm81Fear of Boring250Kill 10 gyreworms.
Deepholm81Motes250Recover 10 Motes of Painite.
Deepholm81Underground Economy250Use Ricket's Tickers to gather 3 Deep Alabaster Crystals, 3 Deep Celestite Crystals, 3 Deep Amethyst Crystals, and 3 Deep Garget Crystals.
Deepholm81Soft Rock250Kill 8 Fungal Behemoths.
Deepholm81Fungal Fury250Destroy 10 of the newly sprouted mushrooms in the Crimson Expanse.
Deepholm81Through Persistence250Retrieve a Bag of Verlok Miracle-Grow from the Verloks upon the Crimson Expanse.
Deepholm81Lingering Twilight350Hunt down a Twilight Drakerider on a Crystalwing Stone Drake.
Searing Gorge46Rise, Obsidion250Use the Altar of Suntara, then slay Lathoric the Black and Obsidion.
Deepholm81Glop, Son of Glop350Speak to Earthmender Norsala, then kill Fungalmancer Glop.
Deepholm81The Restless Brood350Defeat Aeosera.
Deepholm81Beneath the Surface250Recover an Enormous Ruby Crystal Cluster.
The Stonecore82Wayward Child500Slay Ozruk.

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