April Fools 2024 - World of Warcraft Community Round-Up

World of Warcraft 10.6.2 Patch Notes
World of Warcraft 10.6.2 Patch Notes have been leaked!

MrGM - Reins of the Noble Mallard
MrGM has obtained Reins of the Noble Mallard, a new duck mount for defeating the Noblegarden World Boss Daetan Swiftplume.

Ellie - New World of Warcraft Features
Ellie has datamined new features coming to all World of Warcraft versions, highlighting the key additions through feature cards.

SilSihulm - Return to Blackrock Mountain in Patch 10.2.7
SilSihulm caught a glimpse of the official post for Patch 10.2.7 Dark Heart.

Echo - Swift Spectral Tiger on the Trading Post
Echo shared an early preview of the Trading Post item listings for April, showing Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger available for 420 Trader's Tender!

Raider.IO - Raid Bosses and Dungeons Renamed
Raider.IO has renamed several raid bosses and dungeons to more accurately reflect the encounters.

Wowhead - Dragonflight Season 5 Mythic+ Datamining
Wowhead has datamined some Mythic+ changes for Dragonflight Season 5.

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  1. Villager720's Avatar
    Honestly the Blackrock Mountain 10.2.7 hoax patch sounds really good.
    RIP Chromatic scales & Blackrock orc customizations.
  1. Plehnard's Avatar
    That Draenei heritage armour would have had a lot of fans
  1. leothar's Avatar
    Can we just cancel april fools next year?
  1. Azadina's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by leothar View Post
    Can we just cancel april fools next year?
    Next 200 years preferably. It's such a worn out and obsolete custom.
  1. schmonz's Avatar
    I never expected that.
  1. Luthorite's Avatar
    These are all dreadful...
  1. Val the Moofia Boss's Avatar
    I was taken in for a moment really thinking there was going to be a new questline, not an April Fool's joke.

    The I remembered how the Odyn and Gilneas storylines were handled. It would have been another disappointment.
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    everything bar the df season 5 gave me a little gigle
  1. Jervaise's Avatar
    I'm so in love with the wow community. People of course are complaining even about the April Fools stuff.
  1. NoiseTank13's Avatar
    ngl was kinda stoked for allied races in sod
  1. AlexeiPavlov's Avatar
    Absolute 0 fun... seriously. Especially about TBC servers. Still hate blizztards for removing tbc.

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