Season of Discovery Class Tuning - April 16, 2024
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Throughout the beginning of phase 3, we’ve closely monitored in-game progress, feedback from the community, and bug reports.

With scheduled weekly maintenance next week, we’ll make the following class adjustments.

  • Starsurge no longer consumes Clearcasting procs from Omen of Clarity.
  • Skull Bash rune moved to the Hands slot (was the Leg slot).
  • Lacerate rune moved to the Leg slot (was Hands).
  • Lacerate threat increased substantially.

  • Light’s Grace rune moved to the Bracer slot (was Helm).

  • Focused attacks now generates 3 additional energy (up from 2)

  • The Internal Cooldown for Overcharged has been increased to 3 seconds

  • Life tap now grants mana return to warlock pets as well
  • Unstable Affliction’s damage has been increased by roughly 120%
  • Warlocks with Metamorphosis active and the Master Demonologist talent will now gain increased threat generation when they summon an Imp or Felguard (was decreased threat generation).

  • Victory Rush heal increased to 30% of the Warrior’s health (was 10%).
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  1. Grinning Serpent's Avatar
    Kinda surprised it took so long to see VR bumped. 30% is maybe too much but 10% was definitely not enough. P1 was a pain in the ass to level a Warrior in if you weren't funneled gear.
  1. RobertMugabe's Avatar
    Feral tank is finally playable as intended XD
  1. Dackstrus's Avatar
    So it's been months now. Outlaws are still forced to use roll the bones with no base UI. I wonder if they'll ever fix the problem. I know i refuse to give them money until then, and i can't even tell them directly because i'm not subbed. Doesn't matter i bought the expansion and played a few months. My opinion is worthless, and so is my money.

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