New Shop Bundle - The Mrlgrl Pack
A new murloc bundle has been added to the Battle.Net shop. The price is $32.25 until May 27th.

  • Green Snugglefin Murloc Romper including: fintacular happy and angry hoods, pullover, sweatpants, slippers, mittens and backpack transmogs
  • Baby Murloc Satch-Shells back-slot transmog with 3 possible Murloc color varieties
  • Murkmorpher toy
  • Murkastrasza pet

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  1. Nzx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tromage2 View Post
    More silly stuff, when is blizzard going to make something serieus again??..?? Next month we get rainbow crap last month we got pink month before that we had valantine month this starts to become more and more stupid.

    I think a name change should happen from Warcraft to Clowncraft.
    Yeah fuck all this silly shit. When can I have big muscular oily men wearing big rock hard bones on their shoulders and dripping wet axes and why can't everything be black and edgy and big and muscular and oily and manly and gruffly voiced again?

    Did I mention muscular and oily? Oh god its so hot I mean edgy and warcrafty!
  1. ThatsOurEric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nephod View Post
    Me. I have left m+ groups where the other 4 use the turn-into-murloc-toy.
    What an insanely stupid thing to do. I hope you get kicked from plenty of other groups
    in the future.

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