Illidari Council


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The Illidari Council encounter is the 8th and second to last fight inside of the Black Temple. Many people will compare this encounter to the High King Maulgar fight in that your raid must tank and manage many seperate bosses, each with unique abilities and interactions, all at the same time. There is a somewhat steep learning curve and retard check component to this fight in that players need to think on their feet, move when prompted and healers MUST have fast reflexes. As well, this fight has a notoriously unforgiving pull to it, and without multilpe hunters present, you may find yourself struggling with initial positioning and threat. Furthermore, these mobs all have 1 linked HP pool of 7 million health, so you will see each one at the same exact amount of health throughout the course of the fight. When 1 dies, they all die.

Raid Compostion:

-1 Main Tank on Gatihos The Shatterer

-2 Off Tanks- 1 on Lady Malande, 1 On Veras Darkshadow

-1 Mage Off Tank on High Nethermancer Zerevor

-8-9 Healers- 2 on Gaithos Tank/Melee, 1 on Malande Tank, 1 on Veras Tank, 1 on Zerevor Tank, 3-4 on raid healing.

-Melee- 4-6. 1 Rogue must have arena PvP gloves for interupting Malande at ranged distance using deadly throw.

-Ranged- 6-9. 1 Lock, 2 hunters, 1 shadow priest, 1 elemental shaman are the CORE of the raid setup and all have SPECIAL duties. Additional locks improve raid damage, same with boomkins and select others.

Abilities (from

Veras Darkshadow

Deadly Poison

1000 Nature damage inflicted every 1 second for 4 seconds. Hits for 5000 Nature damage when it expires. Not cleansable.


Finishing move that consumes the Deadly Poison on the target and deals 4,250 to 5,750 poison damage.


Same as the rogue ability. Lasts 30 seconds.

High Nethermancer Zerevor

Arcane Bolt

Inflicts ~ 15000 Arcane Damage to the current target. 2 seconds casttime.


Calls down a pillar of flame anywhere in the room, burning all enemies in a selected area of 10 yards radius for 4,625 to 5,375 fire damage and an additional 2,806 to 3,194 every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.


Calls down a blizzard anywhere in the room that lasts 12 seconds, inflicting 4,375 to 5,625 frost damage every 2 seconds to all enemies in a selected area of 10 yards radius. It should be noted that once caught in Blizzard first tick comes after 2 seconds and not immediately so its entirely possible to not get any damage by it if player moves out of it fast enough.

Dampen Magic

A self buff that reduces magic damage taken by up to 75% and healing by up to 500.

Arcane Explosion

Arcane Damage 8550-9450 in 10 yards. Only use if someone in 10 yards distance. (Resistable)

Gathios the Shatterer

Hammer of Justice

Stuns an enemy for 6 seconds. Targets a random raid member within range. This has a 10-40 yard range, in that it will only be used on players between 10 and 40 yards from Gathios the Shatterer.

Seal of Command

A self buff which gives Gathios a chance to deal additional holy damage equal to 70% of normal weapon damage. Lasts 30 seconds. Judging this Seal deals 6,175 to 6,825 holy damage. shares cooldown with Seal of Blood. It is possible to spell reflect Judgment of Command.

Seal of Blood

A self buff which gives Gathios ability +800 holy damage for each of his attack. Lasts 30 seconds. Judging this Seal deals 10800 total holy damage over 9 secs. shares cooldown with Seal of Command. Unlike Judgement of Command this ability can not be spell reflected.


Deals 2,250 every 3 seconds for 21 seconds in a 10 yard radius from Gathios. Used roughly every 30 seconds.

Blessing of Spell Warding

The target becomes immune to magical damage for 15 seconds. It can be cast on any of the other 3 bosses, however 90% of the time it is cast on Lady Malande. shares cooldown with Blessing of Protection.

Blessing of Protection

The target becomes immune to physical damage for 15 seconds. It can be cast on any of the other 3 bosses, however 90% of the time it is cast on Lady Malande. shares cooldown with Blessing of Spell Warding.

Chromatic Resistance Aura

Increases the resistance of all 3 other bosses to all schools of magic by 250 for 30 seconds. 1 minute cooldown. share cooldown with Devotion Aura.

Devotion Aura

Gives 20% additional armour to all 3 other bosses for 30 seconds. 1 minute cooldown. share cooldown with Chromatic Resistance Aura.

Unable to land a crushing blow.

Lady Malande

Empowered Smite

Inflicts 5,463 to 6,037 holy damage. 2 second casting time. It has infinite range, can be used on anyone in the room, and is cast roughly every 30 seconds. Cannot be reflected.

Divine Wrath

Consumes an enemy in flames, burning it for 5,000 holy damage and an additional 2,500 fire damage every 2 seconds over 8 seconds. Can be cast on any raid member inside the room.

Reflective Shield

Shielded against physical and magical damage, absorbing a maximum of 25,000 damage. Half of the damage absorbed is reflected back to the attacker. While the shield holds, spells will not be interrupted by physical attacks (edit: In the live-patch 2.2 it is possible to interrupt spells with melee-attacks, like kick and pummel from a rogue or a warrior). Lasts for 20 seconds or until removed.

Circle of Healing

Heals all 4 members of the Illidari Council for 95,000-105,000. 2.5 second casting time, 20 second cooldown.

The Pull:

Z=Zerevor L=Lady Malande G=Gathios V=Veras


Your mage tank will do the actual pull via casting a heavy damage spell on Zerevor. As well, this mage should be BOPed so that the other council members do not instantly zerg and kill him. Furthermore, your mage will not have yet spell stolen Zerevor's protective shield and will take enormous damage if it isn't spellstolen ASAP. Thus, healers should stack HOTs, PWS and be ready to keep the mage during the first few vital seconds of the fight. Your mage must pull at 35+ yards distance, or else they risk body pulling the council, which will usually lead to a quick wipe.

A minimum of 1 MD is necessary on the Gathios tank as he will start killing players almost right out the box if he is not fixed on a tank. Second and third MD's help enormously on the Veras and Malande tank, but are less needed. The Veras tank can run up to grab him as he should be running towards the Zerevor healer as soon as they are pulled. So long as that healers is wearing plate, they can survive a few hits. Malande however mostly casts at the start and nearly any player should be able to soak at least 1 divine wrath with proper healing. Ideally, you will have 3 MD's but if you do not, use them in this order of priority: Gathios, Veras, Malande. Furthermore, if you have a feral druid off tank, they can usually pull their own mob from ranged distance using moonfire.

Raid Layout:

MT=Main Tank OT= Off Tank R= Ranged H= Healer ROT= Ranged Off Tank M= Melee Z=Zerevor L=Lady Malande G=Gathios V=Veras


Throughout the fight, the vast majority of the raid will be situated around Gathios as he is the only mob being DPSed more or less. The raid healers will still need to be in a centralized location in order to reach everyone in the raid in order to heal through Veras' Vanish and poisons. Gathios himself will be juggled amongst three positions during the fight due to flamestrikes and cconsecrates. Zerevor will remain on the left side of the room chain nuking his target and applying blizzards on the raid the whole time. Malande will stay near where she starts and will require 1 tank, 1 rogue, 1 shaman healer and 1 elemental shaman/mage being situated near her in order to fulfill the interuption role of this fight. Veras and his tank will remain on the left side of the room until he vanishes, at which time the tank must use an ability to retap Veras (moonfire/Fearie Fire for druid, Intercept for warriors) as soon as he reappears and then drag him back to the left side of the room. Due to the congestion on the Gathios/right side, players MUST stay spread out as much as they can and ALWAYS stay away from flamestrikes and blizzards. Due to these two abilities and the high healing demanded by Gathios, the healers assigned to him MUST be spread away from each other in order to not be affected by the same blizzard/flamestrike at the same time which would force them to move and cause a lapse in healing.


Dealing With The Council Memebers, Mob by Mob:

Gathios The Shatterer- Tank him on the right side of the room, try to establish a few places to drop the consecrate so that melee will know where it goes in order to avoid it better. Melee need to be mindful of movement and causing parries after the tank head out from Blizzard, Flame Strike or Consecrate. I suggest just stopping till his back is positioned away and he is nearly locked in location. Your tank with THE MOST mitigation should tank him and use spell reflect on the direct damage judgement which is cast every other round. Assign 1 shaman and 1 other helaer to watch the melee and the tank here. They should be positioned closer to the tank without LOS issues from the ramp. The shaman will need to pay close attnetion to melee and chain heal off of the MT as much as humanly possible.

High Nethermancer Zerevor- Assign one mage with high stam and a druid or pally to watch this player. The must spell steal fast and shield themselves from the first nuke as they wont have the spell stolen aura. healers should stack the mage with hots and pws prior to the pull. This guy more or less just hangs out on the left side of the room, opposite Gaithos and just spell steals and holds aggro. Zerevor himself will nuke the hell out of the raid with flamestrikes and blizzards which is where his real difficulty comes into play.

Veras Darkshadow- Things can get tricky with this guy if he gets BOP'ed from Gaithos after he vanishes. As is, healing his poison is tricky as it is not dispellable. Raid healers should shield and heal whoever gets poisoned ASAP. The real trick here is picking Darkshadow back up after he vanishes. We use a druid tank for the job as they can moonfire, faerie fire or use any of their offensive ranges isntant attacks to pull darkshadow back to them after a vanish. His aggro does not reset on vanishes, but he does ignore his primary aggro target untill they retap him. When BOPed, only spells work, which makes warriors sorta shitty for tanking him. Whoever tanks Darkshadow should need only one healer and he is generally tanked near the center-left side of the room so that he can never vanish out of the tanks reach. If you have a warrior tank Veras, make sure they have prepared special macros for intervene/intercept and auto attack all at the same time in order to quickly protect whoever Veras targets and regain their tap ASAP.

Lady Malande- Another tricky part of the fight. Both her wraths and heals cause major issues and are both, thankfully, intteruptable. We use a warrior tank with a rogue as back up when she ISN'T BOPED and a elemental shaman and a resto shaman healer as the alternate group when she is BOPED. This way, there is always a 2 man rotation on her abilities, actively locking her out. Heals take priority over wraths and you can expect a few to fly out. This function of the fight should take communication priority in vent as each interruption group must know when they are up, just in case they didnt notice her immunities shift. As well, your rogue should use PVP gloves for ranged deadly throw interruption in case he has to move out during a blizzard or flamestrike on top of Lady Malande. Your ele shaman should pay close attention and assist during those times if the magic shield isnt up. Now, if a wrath does go out, the shaman healer should be the first to know and should que up a heal for that person. Wrath+second ability can mean death here as Wrath initially doles out 5K damage and ticks for 10k more over the course of 8 seconds. Raid healers MUST be aware of this.

Raid Healing

Raid healing is truly the toughest part of this fight, hands down. There isn't much you can do about players with slow reflexes who like to play in Blizzards and Flame Strikes, but there is a lot that can be done in terms of keeping these players as well as Wrathed players and Envenomed players alive. I suggest keeping at least 1 priest, 1 paladin and at least 1 more of any other class on raid healing. YOUR QUICKEST AND BEST HEALER CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE HERE. Make sure your healers are using unit frames which CLEARLY show DEBUFFS over raid frames such as grid. I cannot stress how important it is for your healers to be able to SEE the debuffs on player's frames as it will greatly improve their ability to spot and target a player who will need heals. Failure to quickly see Veras' poison on a raid member with 2-3 seconds will lead to their deaths, period. This also applies to Divine Wrath which will dump 15K damage into a player over the course of 8 seconds, 5k upfront, 10k from the dot. It may be wise to have 1 healer play "clean up" and take care of all the players who have been hit by flamestrike/blizzard while the reamining healers stop doing that particular job as soon as they see Wrath or Poison inc on a player.

Interuption Rotations on Malande:

Ideally, you will have a resto shaman, ele shaman, rogue with pvp gloves and a warrior tank on this job. The 2 shamans are the caster interupt group while the warrior and rogue are the melee interupt group. 90% of the blessings from Gathios will wind up on Malande, making her immune to either magic or physical damage for 45% of the fight each. Thus, you need both types of ability interuption. These players should have a pre-established rotation in order to know who is interupting what and when. Due to the low CD of eathshock, the ele shaman and healer can interupt damn near everything on their own when it is their turn during a BOP. The warrior and rogue are bound to let a few casts slip by over time, although it is possible that this does not happen. Regardless, your players MUST be ready and able to call out when something is slipping through, especially the divine wrath ability. If raid healers are not made aware of divine wrath being landed, and are not informaed as to WHO it is landing on, expect to lose a player.

As well, there is a silent partner for this process, 1 warlock. You willl NEED curse of tounges here so make sure you have 1 lock refreshing it throughout the entire fight. Again, since she is magic immune for a good portion of the fight, there are times where it may drop off during the magical blessing on her and the physical interupters may miss something. CALL IT OUT.

Last point, if there is a flamestrike or blizzard over her, the tank and rogue must move out, yet again causing a chance for something to slip through. The rogue can deadly throw interupt one cast, but there is a large chance something will go off after that point. Sometimes your shamans can save you here though, depending if she is BOPed or not.

Avoiding Blizzard And Flamestrike:

More or less, this is the top priority for every last player in the raid as this is the only form of raid damage mitigation and personal survival that is totally in each player's individual control. If you are having a hard time seeing these abilities TURN YOUR SPELL EFFECTS UP. Players who die from just one of these abilities continually should be replaced as they either lack the situational awareness to do this fight, or just plain old suck otherwise. It is imperative that any player in the path of Blizzard moves away. BLIZZARD IS NOT STATIC IN LOCATION, it will move around and you must make sure you are clear of it. Furthermore, don't stack on other players as this just makes you an even more likely and destructive bullseye for a flamestrike or blizzard. If you are a talented player, you can potentially get out of the way of these abilities before they land on a 5k tick on you, although this is unlikely. Just remember, NO MATTER WHAT, your first priority is to NOT DIE FROM THESE 2 ABILITIES. Stay spread, stay on your toes, know where you are going to move before you have to, period.

The Instagib On A Raid Member:

An unfortunate reality of this fight is that the stars and moons will allign on occasion and spell out instant death for someone. My precisely, sometimes a combination of Blizzard, Flame Strike, Veras/Poison and/or Divine Wrath will all target and pop on one player. Any of two of these abilities can spell out instant death for any player sub 10K HP, 3 means instant death for the most part. For this reason, druids can be a real help on this fight as they are great not only for raid healing, but also for getting players back in action with battle rezzing and innervates.

Gathios And The Instagib:

If ever your Gathios tank simply plummets to 0 HP in under a second, it is time for you to check yoru raid parsers for parries from the melee. As Gathios is moved quite a bit during the fight and his front meridian is frequnetly exposed to the melee, players MUST be careful to not attack his front. I suggest that melee watch what they are doing as carefully as possible as 1 wrong parry can mean your tank's ass in under a second's time.

Threat Is Not An Issue:

Your tank's spell reflected threat will not show up on any threat meter currently built, which is extremely important to understand. After 2-3 spell reflects, your tank will have amassed nearly 20-30k threat which will go undocumented. At this time, your raid can truly push the DPS as hard as they like and your tank can focus more on debuffing Gathios, not turning their back to him and being ready to pop cool downs for survival. Over the course of the fight, your tank should get somewhere around 100K extra threat from Spell Reflected the physical damage judgement, know that.

And that is all people, if you have any comments, questions of concerns, feel free to post them on the Raidguru Forums

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