Theramore's Fall
Turn the tide of the failed assault on Theramore and claim her riches! For the Horde! / Search for survivors among the ruins of the razed city. Heroes of the Alliance, be strong!

Horde: Garrosh’s siege on Theramore Isle – the strongest Alliance bastion remaining on Kalimdor – has failed! …or has it? In the dead of night, as Theramore’s defenders huddle within their walls, a small team of capable veterans infiltrates the island, making their way amongst the docked warships of the 7th Fleet. Their mission: To throw the Alliance forces into chaos while the Warchief’s army regroups. Burn their ships. Butcher their flight master. Sabotage their war machines. And rescue the captured Horde spy!

Alliance: As dawn breaks over eastern Kalimdor, a trio of adventurers step off a transport ship into a horrific scene: Theramore has been utterly destroyed! Horde forces scour the island for survivors while beleaguered peons scramble to load the many spoils of war onto orc warships. What has come to pass? Where is the Lady Proudmoore? AND WHO WILL BE MADE TO PAY?

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