Townlong Steppes



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Level Name Rewards Objective
89My Husband...Meet up with Suna Silentstrike at Longying Outpost in the Townlong Steppes.
89First Assault
Pick one:
Kill 6 Osul Sharphorns.
89Seeing Red
Pick one:
Kill 8 Osul Marauders or Osul Spitfires.
89Running RampantScare 8 Long-Haired Yaks or Steppebeasts.
89Perfect PitchCollect 8 Dark Pitch.
89Pitching In
Use Ban's Explosives to destroy 6 Osul Ballistas.
89Ranger RescueUnlock Drywood Cages to save 4 Longying Rangers and Lin Silentstrike.
89The ExileKill Urang, Ku-Tong, and Battat.
89Jung Duk
Pick one:
Plant the Shado-Pan Banner on the Ceremonial Pile, then kill Jung Duk.
89In Search of SunaSpeak to Ban Bearheart after arriving at Hatred's Vice.
89Dust to DustUse the Shado-Pan Torch on 20 Palewind Villagers.
89Slaying the ScavengersKill 8 Ashfang Hyenas.
89Totemic ResearchCollect 9 Palewind Totems.
89What Lies BeneathSpeak to Yalia Sagewhisper to begin the ceremony.

Then, activate the Totem of Kindness, the Totem of Tranquility, and the Totem of Serenity.
89Last Toll of the Yaungol
Pick one:
Take Xiao Tu to the smoke trails at Hatred's Vice.
89Spiteful SpiritsKill 10 Spiteful Spirits.
89Hatred Becomes Us
Use the Totem of Harmony to exorcise sha spirits from 8 Crazed Shado-Pan Rangers. Defeat the Seething Hatreds to purify your allies.
89The Point of No Return
Pick one:
Find Suna Silentstrike.
89Gao-Ran BattlefrontSpeak to Lord Taran Zhu at the Gao-Ran Battlefront in the Townlong Steppes.
89A Delicate BalanceSpeak with Orbiss in the Sumprushes.
89A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My SoulSlay Dmong Naruuk, the shaman who holds Orbiss hostage.
89The Torches
Pick one:
Obtain 6 Mist-Shaman's Torches.
89GolgossSummon Golgoss by planting the Mist-Shaman's Torches into the Peat Clump in the Upper Sumprushes.
89ArconissSummon Arconiss by planting the Mist-Shaman's Torches into the Peat Mound in the Upper Sumprushes.
89The Death of Me
Pick one:
Remove the spear from Orbiss.
89Golgoss HungersObtain 10 Snarlvines.
89Arconiss ThirstsObtain 4 Clotted Rodent's Blood.
89Orbiss FadesObtain 8 Gushing Mists by walking through mist geysers in the Upper Sumprushes.
89Mists' Opportunity
Pick one:
Slay Jahesh of Osul.
89A Foot in the DoorKill 8 Osul Chargers.
89Behind the BattlefrontMeet with Taoshi at Dampsoil Burrow.
89Unwelcome IntrudersKill 12 Krik'thik Deep-scouts with Taoshi's help.
89Breach in the DefensesUse the Shado-Pan Flare to aid in killing 10 Krik'thik Scentlayers.
89The Restless Watch
Pick one:
Deliver return orders to Scout Wei-Chin, Scout Long, Scout Ying, and Scout Jai-Gan.
89Returning from the PassReport in to Taran Zhu at the Gao-Ran Battlefront.
89The Endless Swarm
Pick one:
Kill 12 Krik'thik attackers at the Gao-Ran Battlefront.
89Improvised Ammunition
Pick one:
Recover 16 Volatile Dread Orbs from the Ambermarsh.
89Cutting the SwarmUse a Dragon Launcher to kill 50 swarming mantid.
89Terror of the Dread Wastes
Pick one:
Defeat Norvakess, the Terror of the Dread Wastes.
89Along the Southern FrontRide with Taran Zhu and Taoshi to Dusklight Hollow.
89Enraged By Hatred
Pick one:
Kill 9 Seething Fleshrippers.
89Trap SettingRearm 8 Shado-Pan Spike Traps.
89Treatment for the TroopsCollect 10 Violet Citron.
89Back on Their FeetHeal 8 Injured Gao-Ran Blackguards.
89Rummaging Through the Remains
Recover 20 Krik'thik Limbs.
89Thieves and Troublemakers
Kill 10 Agitated Nettleskins.
89In the Wrong Hands
Recover Initiate Chao's Sword.
89The Taking of Dusklight Bridge
Pick one:
Help Lao-Chin the Iron Belly hold the far side of the Dusklight Bridge.
89Joining the HuntRide with Taran Zhu, Taoshi, and Lao-Chin to Rensai's Watchpost.
89In Skilled HandsBring the Shado-Pan Crossbow Bolt Bundle to Hawkmaster Nurong.
89Hostile Skies
Shoot down 50 Kor'thik Swarmers and Voress'thalik.
89Devastation Below
Pick one:
Defeat Voress'thalik with the aid of Hawkmaster Nurong.
89Heroes of the Shado-PanReturn with Hawkmaster Nurong to Taran Zhu at Rensai's Watchpost.
89Buried BeneathLook through the spyglass in Rensai's Watchpost.
89The Motives of the Mantid
Pick one:
Slay mantid in Kri'vess so Tai Ho can look for clues on their bodies.
89Set the Mantid BackUse Gunpowder Casks to explode the Kri'thik Weapons and the Kri'thik Supplies in Kri'vess.
89The Wisdom of NiuzaoSpeak with Ogo the Younger at Niuzao Temple in the Townlong Steppes.
89Niuzao's Price
Pick one:
Kill the mantid of the Sra'thik Incursion so that Tai Ho can search their bodies for pieces of Niuzao's statuette.
89Natural AntisepticObtain 5 Full Mushan Bladders.
89The Terrible Truth
Pick one:
Investigate the Niuzao Catacombs, then slay the Dread Shadow that dwells within.
89Give Them PeaceGive peace to 10 Fear-Stricken Sentinels by closing their eyes and placing them on their bellies.
89A Trail of FearKill 12 Dreadlings within the Niuzao Catacombs.
89Bad YakHelp Bluesaddle replace his defective yak.
89Pick a YakUse the Yak Lasso on Wild Townlong Yaks, then fight against them to see if they are suitable for Bluesaddle.
89My Father's CrossbowObtain Ku-Yao's Crossbow.
89Father's FootstepsFind Father's Bedroll, Father's Shield, Ha-Cha, and Sentinel Yalo.
90Seeking FatherSearch for Sentinel Ku-Yao.
90The Unending Siege
Defeat 12 Sra'thik attackers at Niuzao Temple.
90Fallen Sentinels
Heal 8 Wounded Niuzao Sentinels above 50% health. You may use the Yak's Milk Flasks or your own healing spells and abilities.
90A Blade is a Blade
Obtain 10 Sra'thik Weapons.
90Paying Tribute
Obtain 6 stores of Niuzao Food. Your Niuzao Strongarm will carry the food for you.
90The Siege Swells
Defeat 25 Sra'thik attackers at Niuzao Temple.
90The Overwhelming Swarm
Defeat 4 Sra'thik Kunchong.
90In Battle's Shadow
Throw 10 Loose Stones up to Niuzao Stonemasons.
90The Big Guns
Destroy 3 Sra'thik War Wagons.
89The Field Armorer
Pick one:
Obtain 120 Rankbite Shell Fragments.
89A Proper PoulticeObtain 11 Mao-Willows.
89Taoshi and KorvexxisKill Korvexxis with the aid of Taoshi.
89Lao-Chin and SerevexKill Serevex with the aid of Lao-Chin the Iron Belly.
89Nurong and RothekKill Rothek with the aid of Hawkmaster Nurong.
89The Sha of Hatred
Pick one:
Defeat the Sha of Hatred.
89Taking StockGather 120 Shado-Pan Fire Arrows.
89Joining the FightBring the Quiver of Shado-Pan Fire Arrows to Lao-Chin the Iron Belly at Dusklight Bridge.
89Up In Flames
Pick one:
Kill 10 Kor'thik Timberhusks with the aid of Lao-Chin's kegs.
89Raising Spirits
Throw 8 Iron Belly Spirits to nearby Dusklight Skirmishers and Dusklight Rangers.
89Grounded Welcome
Pick one:
Kill 12 grounded Kor'thik Fleetwings.
89Choking the Skies
Burn 10 Kor'thik Fleetwing corpses.
90The Challenger's Ring: Snow Blossom
Challenge Snow Blossom and defeat her in the Challenger's Ring.
90The Mogu Menace
Kill 12 Shan'ze Serpentbinders or Shan'ze Beastmasters.
90Spiteful Sprites
Kill 30 Darkwoods Pixies or Darkwoods Charmers.
90Egg Rescue!
Collect 8 Cloudrunner Eggs.
90Little Hatchlings
Free 20 Cloudrunner Hatchlings.
90In Sprite Of Everything
Kill the Darkwoods Faerie.
90Onyx Hearts
Collect 4 Onyx Hearts.
90Dark Arts
Collect 8 Shan'ze Tablets.
90Born Free
Free 6 Wild Cloudrunners from their chains.
90The Mogu Menace
Kill 12 Shan'ze Serpentbinders or Shan'ze Beastmasters.
90Riding the Storm
Use the Bronze Claws to mount 8 Shan'ze Cloudrunners. Attack them to free them of their corruption.
90Bronze Claws
Collect 20 Bronze Claws.
90Illusions Of The Past
Kill 3 Shan'ze Illusionists.
90Grave Consequences
Kill 24 Shan'ze Ancestors. Shan'ze Ancestors may be found inside Mogu Burial Urns.
90The Mogu Menace
Kill 12 Shan'ze Serpentbinders or Shan'ze Beastmasters.
90When The Dead Speak
Kill the Shan'ze Deathspeaker.
90Chose Fire Mage
90Chose Frost Mage
90Chose Priest
90Unlocked Yalia Sagewhisper
90The Challenger's Ring: Yalia Sagewhisper
Challenge Yalia Sagewhisper and defeat her in the Challenger's Ring.
90Through the Portal
Collect 1000 Ancient Arcane Powder.
90Assault Fire Camp Gai-Cho
Kill 16 Gai-Cho Yaungol, Earthtalkers or Pitchthrowers.
90Assault Deadtalker's Plateau
Kill 8 Deadtalker Corpsedefilers and 1 Deadtalker Crusher.
90Spirit Dust
Return 8 spirits to their remains at the Deadtalker Plateau in Townlong Steppes.
Kill Uruk at Deadtalker's Plateau in Townlong Steppes.
90The Deadtalker Cipher
Collect a Scroll of Spiritbinding Rites from the yaungol at Deadtalker's Plateau.
90The Enemy of My Enemy... Is Still My Enemy!
Use Highly Explosive Yauingol Oil Barrels to kill 100 mantid or yaungol on the Gai-Cho Battlefield.
90Cheng Bo!
Kill Cheng-Bo at Fire Camp Gai-Cho in Townlong Steppes
90Chose Prot Warrior
90Chose Arms Warrior
90Chose Brewmaster
90Unlocked Chao
90Unlocked Lao-Chen
90The Challenger's Ring: Chao the Voice
Challenge Chao the Voice, and then defeat her in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
90The Challenger's Ring: Lao-Chin the Iron Belly
Challenge Lao-Chen the Iron Belly and then defeat him in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
90Sra'vess Wetwork
Kill any 15 non-elite mantid near Sra'vess.
90The Bigger They Come...
Kill any 4 elite mantid at Sra'vess.
90A Morale Victory
Destroy the Southern, Central, Eastern and Western Idols at Sra'vess.
90Destroy the Siege Weapons!
Destroy the four mantid siege weapons at Sra'vess in Townlong Steppes.
Plant Shado-Pan Gas Bombs within the 5 targeted structures on Sara'vess.
90Friends, Not Food!
Rescue a Shado-Pan Trainee in each of the north, central and south Kunchong feeding pits.
90Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Swarmlord
Kill the Sra'thik Swarmlord at Sra'vess in Townlong Steppes.
90Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Hivelord
Defeat the Sra'thik Hivelord.
90The Challenger's Ring: Hawkmaster Nurong
Challenge Hawkmaster Nurong, and then defeat him in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
90The Challenger's Ring: Tenwu of the Red Smoke
Challenge Tenwu of the Red Smoke, and then defeat him in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
90Mogu IncursionsFind and kill the Shan'ze Spymaster.
90Surprise Attack!
Meet up with Ban Bearheart outside Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes, and put a stop to the Mogu Invasion there.
90Defense At Niuzao Temple
Speak to Ogo the Elder at Niuzao Temple in the Townlong Steppes.
90Defense At Niuzao Temple
Speak to Ogo the Elder at Niuzao Temple in the Townlong Steppes.
89The Shado-Pan OffensiveSpeak to Taran Zhu at Longying Outpost in the Townlong Steppes.
90Understanding The Shado-PanEarn Revered standing with the Golden Lotus.
89The Shado-Pan OffensiveSpeak to Taran Zhu at Longying Outpost in the Townlong Steppes.
90Understanding The Shado-PanEarn Revered standing with the Golden Lotus.
89Thinning the Sik'thik
Pick one:
Kill 12 Sik'thik mantid.
89The Search for Restless LengSearch Sik'thik Cages for Restless Leng.
88Beyond the WallSpeak with Taran Zhu at the Longying Outpost in Townlong Steppes.
90Remnants of Anger
Pick one:
Deliver the Claw of Anger to Ban Bearheart at the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.

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