Ancient Mana
Ancient Mana is a currency primarily earned and spent in Suramar.


Ancient Mana Cap


Level Type Name Cost
110Other Enchanted Firecrackers25 × 
1Explosives and Devices Illusion Bomb25 × 
1Other Shimmerfield Crystal50 × 
110Other Souvenir Elekk100 × 
110Other Souvenir Raptor100 × 
110Other Souvenir Murloc100 × 
105Other The "Devilsaur" Lunchbox1000 × 

Curious Coin
Curious Coin is a currency that can be used to purchase items from Xur'ios.

  • Xur'ios sells the recipe items listed below always and randomly rotates through one of the non-recipe items daily.
  • Curious Coin can be looted from dungeon bosses, emissary caches, the weekly Mythic+ dungeon chest, treasures, and rare spawns.

Level Type Name Cost
110Blacksmithing Plans Recipe: Flamespike1 × 
110Enchanting Formula Formula: Soul Fibril1 × 
110Inscription Technique Technique: Straszan Mark1 × 
110Engineering Schematic Schematic: Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix1 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Leather Love Seat1 × 
1Other Ingram's Puzzle50 × 
110Junk Mote of Light50 × 
100Shoulder Boon of the Nether50 × 
110Other Krota's Shield50 × 
110Other Gjallar's "Horn"50 × 
40Mount Arcadian War Turtle150 × 

Seal of Broken Fate
Seal of Broken Fate is the new bonus roll currency in Legion.

  • Currently there are only two known sources for the Seals: Gold and Order Resources
  • Gold - 1,000, 2,000, 4,000
  • Order Resources - 1000, 2000, and 4000

Level Name Currency
110Sealing Fate: Order Resources
 Seal of Broken Fate
110Sealing Fate: Stashed Order Resources
 Seal of Broken Fate
110Sealing Fate: Extraneous Order Resources
 Seal of Broken Fate
110Sealing Fate: Gold
 Seal of Broken Fate
110Sealing Fate: Piles of Gold
 Seal of Broken Fate
110Sealing Fate: Immense Fortune of Gold
 Seal of Broken Fate

Sightless Eye
Sightless Eye is a currency farmed in the Dalaran Underbelly and used to purchase a variety of items, including recipes and a mount.

  • You can kill various NPCs and boss NPCs around the underbelly and loot some Sightless Eyes.
  • Some of the items sold for Sightless Eyes will summon a large number of mobs that everyone nearby can attack to loot Sightless Eyes.
  • The Wild Mana Wand may be helpful if you want to loot additional eyes from a boss NPC.
  • There are chests that spawn which contain eyes, but keep in mind that the Underbelly is a PvP area so other players will also want the chest!
  • You can fish up some Sightless Eyes from the Swirling Whorls pools that spawn.
  • The Unwritten Legend item can also be used to gain Sightless Eyes.

  • One of the bigger rewards from farming Sightless Eyes is the Ratstallion mount. You need to loot 20,000 Sightless Eye to earn it.
  • If you want a preview of the mount, the Crate of Ratstallion Harnesses will let you ride him in the Underbelly.
  • There are many Rank 2 and Rank 3 profession patterns sold for 250 and 500 Sightless Eyes, including some for toys.
  • You can pick up the Sewer-Pipe Jelly pet for 250 Sightless Eyes.
  • Thuni has a limited supply of different Trade Materials.

Name Points Reward
Underbelly Tycoon Loot 20,000 Sightless Eyes in Dalaran's Underbelly.
Mount Reward: Ratstallion

Level Type Name Cost
1Companion Pets Sewer-Pipe Jelly250 × 
1Other Portal Key: Sewer Guard Station50 × 
1Other Portal Key: Black Market100 × 
1Other Portal Key: Inn Entrance100 × 
1Other Portal Key: Alchemists' Lair100 × 
1Other Portal Key: Abandoned Shack100 × 
1Other Portal Key: Rear Entrance100 × 
105Food & Drink Mana Banana15 × 
110Food & Drink Rat Hands25 × 
105Food & Drink Thuni's Patented Drinking Fluid15 × 
110Food & Drink Underjelly25 × 
1Other Underbelly Banquet650 × 
1Other Young Mutant Warturtles1500 × 
1Other Fel Chum350 × 
1Other Croc Mojo175 × 
1Other Screecher Whistle175 × 
1Other Imp-Binding Contract225 × 
1Other Widowsister Contract250 × 
1Other Wild Mana Wand175 × 
1Other Crate of Ratstallion Harnesses950 × 
110Blacksmithing Plans Recipe: Leystone Waistguard250 × 
110Blacksmithing Plans Recipe: Leystone Waistguard500 × 
110Blacksmithing Plans Recipe: Demonsteel Waistguard500 × 
100Enchanting Formula Formula: Leylight Brazier250 × 
110Engineering Schematic Schematic: Gunpowder Charge250 × 
110Jewelcrafting Design Design: Sorcerous Shadowruby Pendant250 × 
110Jewelcrafting Design Design: Twisted Pandemonite Choker250 × 
110Jewelcrafting Design Design: Subtle Shadowruby Pendant250 × 
110Jewelcrafting Design Design: Vindictive Pandemonite Choker250 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Warhide Belt250 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Warhide Belt500 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Dreadleather Belt250 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Dreadleather Belt500 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Battlebound Girdle250 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Battlebound Girdle500 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Gravenscale Girdle250 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Gravenscale Girdle500 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Flaming Hoop100 × 
110Leatherworking Pattern Recipe: Leather Pet Leash50 × 
110Tailoring Pattern Pattern: Silkweave Cinch250 × 
110Tailoring Pattern Pattern: Silkweave Cinch500 × 
110Tailoring Pattern Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Cinch250 × 
110Tailoring Pattern Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Cinch500 × 
110Tailoring Pattern Clothes Chest Pattern: Dalaran Citizens250 × 
100Leatherworking Pattern Skinning Technique: Legion Gutting250 × 
110Inscription Technique Technique: Glyph of Shadow-Enemies100 × 
110Inscription Technique Technique: Glyph of Flash Bang100 × 
110Inscription Technique Technique: Glyph of Critterhex100 × 
110Inscription Technique Technique: Glyph of the Voidlord100 × 

Timeworn Artifact
Timeworn Artifact is a currency turned in for Honor.

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