Unlocking World Quests
You will need to unlock world quests once you hit Level 110:

  • Completing Uniting the Isles unlocks world quests.
  • You should be able to earn Friendly with all of the required reputations just by questing through the zones while leveling.
  • Unlocking world quests also rewards Flight Master's Whistle, which gives you a very quick ride to the nearest flight master.

World Quest Types and Rewards
There are lots of World Quests to do with all sorts of rewards:

  • These quests have a limited duration, with some as short as a few hours and others as long as a week.
  • The more challenging and rare a quest is, the longer it will stick around.
  • Quests are the same for everyone in the region, so you can invite your friends to help. NPCs are open tap.
  • One of the hidden artifact appearances is unlocked by completing 200 World Quests using a hidden artifact appearance.
  • Quests will give bonus reputation and a chance for additional loot during the World Quest weekly event, which replaced the Apexis Event.
  • Possible world quest rewards include:
    • Artifact Power and Relics
    • Rare quality gear, with the item level rewarded based on your item level
    • Rare quality PvP gear
    • Gold
    • Pet Battle-Stones and Charms
    • Order Hall Follower Equipment and Resources
    • Crafting Reagents, including Blood of Sargeras
    • Pets and Mounts
    • Reputation
    • A legendary item from the emissary cache
  • There are several different types of quests:
    • Regular, Rare, Rare Elite, Epic, Elite, and Epic Elite World Quests
    • Profession World Quests, including Herbalism, Skinning, Mining, First Aid, Fishing, Cooking, and Archaeology
    • Dungeon World Quests
    • PvP World Quests (Not required to complete Emissary quests)
    • Battle Pet World Quests
  • The quest icon helps to indicate what type of quest it is. Swords for PvP, Profession icons, Battle Pet icons, and then different rarity colors and borders around the normal quest icon. The dragon border usually indicates a group is required.

World Quest Emissaries
Each Legion faction has an emissary that will ask you to do quests for their faction.

  • One faction has a set of emissary quests every day, requiring you to complete four quests for that faction to earn some reputation and a cache of loot.
  • Each set of emissary quests will be available for three days, so you can have up to three at once.
  • The emissary cache rewards Artifact Power, Blood of Sargeras, Order Hall Resources, Order Hall Champion Equipment, and a chance at a legendary item.

World Quest Achievements
You will want to be sure to complete Variety is the Spice of Life, as it is one of the criteria for Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One.

Name Points
50 World Quests Completed Complete 50 World Quests.
200 World Quests Completed Complete 200 World Quests.
500 World Quests Completed Complete 500 World Quests.
1000 World Quests Completed Complete 1000 World Quests.
2500 World Quests Completed Complete 2500 World Quests.
5000 World Quests Completed Complete 5000 World Quests.
10,000 World Quests Completed Complete 10,000 World Quests.
Variety is the Spice of Life Complete 100 different World Quests.

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