World Map (Cataclysm)
World Map (WotLK)
Screenshots (Beta)
These screenshots are from late builds of the Beta. Some of the content might be missing but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on live servers!
Lvl NameRewards Objective
19[DEPRECATED] Battle of HillsbradTake Darthalia's Sealed Commendation to Bragor Bloodfist in the Undercity.
19Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!Report to High Executor Darthalia at Southpoint Gate in Hillsbrad Foothills.
19Welcome to the MachineHand out 3 Quests.
19Trouble at AzurelodeReport to Captain Keyton at the Azurelode Mine in Hillsbrad Foothills.
19Human InfestationCapture 8 Hillsbrad Humans.
19Glorious HarvestRecover 60 Creeper Eggs.
19Past Their PrimeKill 8 Infested Bears.
19Thieving Little Monsters!Recover 6 Forsaken Camp "Supplies."
19Trouble at the Sludge FieldsReport to Warden Stillwater at the Sludge Fields in Hillsbrad Foothills.
19No One Here Gets Out AliveAssess the situation at the Sludge Fields.
19Discretion is KeyKill Citizen Wilkes and Clerk Horrace Whitesteed.
19Little Girl LostFind Johnny "Jenny" Awesome at the Sludge Fields in Hillsbrad Foothills.
19Coastal Delicacies!Feed the Hungry Mine Spider 12 Murlocs from the Western Strand.
19Muckgill's Flipper or Something...Deliver Muckgill's Flipper back to Captain Keyton at the Azurelode Mine in Hillsbrad Foothills.
19Deep Mine RescueEscort Dumass to Safety!
19Do the Right Thing"Save" 15 Human Seedlings.
19The Battle for HillsbradDeliver the Battle for Hillsbrad to Warden Stillwater at the Sludge Fields in Hillsbrad Foothills.
19For Science!Recover 6 Flesh Samples.
19Freedom for LydonRecover Lydon's Cage Key.
19ProtocolKill the Ray-Getz-Kalaba Monstrosity.
19Burnside Must FallKill Magistrate Burnside.
19A Blight Upon the LandTake the Head of Warden Stillwater.
20Trouble at SouthshoreSpeak to Serge Hinott at the Ruins of Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills.
20Studies in LethalityRecover 250 Blight Samples.
19Do it for TwinklesKill the Blacksmith Verringtan.
19Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!Report to High Executor Darthalia at Southpoint Gate in Hillsbrad Foothills.
20Green LivingRecover 8 Used Blight Canisters.
20Angry Scrubbing BubblesKill 5 Angry Blight Slimes.
20Trail of FilthKill Chet the Slime-Breeder.
20Helcular's Rod Giveth...Use Helcular's Rod to Empower 8 Dark Rangers.
20Helcular's CommandKill 15 Bloodfang Forsaken Hunters.
20Can You Smell What the Lok'tar is Cooking?Find Kingslayer Orkus at the Ruins of Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills.
20*Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle*Help Kingslayer Orkus get out of the water.
20Stormpike RendezvousLearn about the Stormpike Rendezvous from Orkus.
20Kasha Will Fly AgainGather 8 Mudsnout Blossoms.
20Terrible Little CreaturesKill any 10 Gnolls at the Nethander Stead.
20Preemptive StrikeKill any 15 Naga at the Eastern Strand.
20[DND] ORKUS QUEST FLAG [DO NOT LOCALIZE]Gather 8 Mudsnout Blossoms.
20The Road to PurgationAccompany Kingslayer Orkus to Purgation Isle.
20They Will Never Expect This...Kill 8 Stormpike Dwarves and 8 Bloodfang Sentries on Purgation Isle.
20Heroes of the Horde!Steal the Alliance Battle Plans and Become Heroes of the Horde.
20Flower PowerSurvive a Massive Wave of Zombie.
20Ghouls Hate My GrainsSurvive 2 Massive Waves of Zombies.
20Someone Setup the Pumpkin BombSurvive 2 Massive Waves of Zombies.
20Lawn of the DeadDefeat Warden Stillwater.
20Basic BotanySurvive a Massive Wave of Zombies.
20Tending the GardenSurvive 2 Massive Waves of Zombies.
20Unstoppable Onslaught
21The Heart of the MatterCollect 12 Beating Yeti Hearts.
21Yetimus the Yeti LordTake Yetimus' Twisted Horn.
21Humbert's Personal ProblemsRecover Humbert's Sword, Humbert's Helm, and Humbert's Pants.
21StagwichesRetrieve 8 slabs of Stag Meat.
21A Fighting ChanceSave 10 Hill Fawns.
21March of the StormpikeSee the March of the Stormpike.
21Breaking the HandPlant a Goblin Pocket-Nuke at Sofera's Naze, Corrahn's Dagger, the Headland and Gavin's Naze.
21Cry of the BansheeUse the Banshee Mirror to capture 10 SI:7 Agents.
21DecimationKill Captain Iceheart and 12 Stormpike Soldiers.
21InfiltrationKill Instructor Rufus, Drill Sergeant Magnus and Captain Crudbeard.
21Aid of the FrostwolfSpeak to Voggah Deathgrip at Alterac Mountains in Hillsbrad Foothills.
21Matters of LoyaltySpeak to Drek'Thar.
21Deception and TrickeryUse the Barrel of Water to Poison 30 Stormpike Trainees.
21DominationKill 10 Stormpike Engineers.
21Stormpike ApocalypseWitness the Stormpike Apocalypse.
23Eastpoint TowerSpeak to Nils Beerot at Eastpoint Tower in Hillsbrad Foothills.
23ExtinctionKill 12 Rampaging Owlbeasts.
23A Haunting in HillsbradSearch Dun Garok for evidence of a haunting.
23Silence of the DwarvesKill 10 Dun Garok Spirits.
23The Durnholde Challenge: ZephyrusKill Zephyrus.
23The Durnholde Challenge: TeraculaKill Teracula.
23The Durnholde Challenge: BloodvenomKill Bloodvenom.
23The Durnholde Challenge: InfernusKill Infernus.
23The Durnholde Challenge: D-1000Kill the D-1000.
Screenshots (Updated Alpha)
These screenshots are from older versions of the Alpha. They are mostly here to show the improved water engine and/or major changes made to the zone since the first alpha build.
Screenshots (Alpha)
Alpha screenshots are an early preview of the expansion. A lot of stuff could be missing depending on the zone and the quality of the water might be slightly lower than what you will get in the final game. All zones will eventually have up to date screenshots with improved graphics and monsters/NPCs.

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